Big O Tires Services and Repairs

When you drive on the road, tires are the only part of your vehicle that makes a connection with the road. Good tires are very important to ensure your safety on the road. You should not ignore tire services and repairs at any cost as big as they can result in severe safety hazards for you and others on the road.

Big O Tires Services and Repairs

Fortunately, you can experience the Big O Tires tire services and repairs to satisfy all your vehicle tires needs. You can rely on Big O Tires for your vehicle tires inspection or help you with the necessary tire repairs. If your vehicle needs tire replacement, you can easily choose the best suitable tires for your vehicle from a wide range of tire choices available at the Big O Tires.

1. Big O Tires Tire Installation Service

Are you having a hard time to find a new set of tires? A precise investigation of tires can get you the best time to ensure you and your family’s safety is not compromised at any cost. If your tires need replacement, don’t wait for the emergency situation and get them installed in time to prevent any safety hazards.

The expert technicians at Big O Tires have all the required knowledge and training for the proper installation and mounting of your wheels. There is no doubt in the fact that every vehicle requires specific tire balancing and particular care and attention to ensure proper wear and fit. The state-of-the-art tire machinery and equipment at the Big O Tires let you take the benefit of all the latest safety features accessible today.

There are two choices; you can either purchase new tires from Big O Tires discounted rate deals or purchase them from somewhere else and have the expert technicians at the big O Tires mount them for you. You will be happy to know that big O Tires have a big range of tire selections available to satisfy all your preferences. Moreover, you will find the very helpful and kind staff at all the Big O Tire stores who are ready to help you choose the best tires for your vehicle, on the basis of your vehicle requirements and manufacturer’s specifications. Undoubtedly, customer satisfaction and safety are the number one concern at all the Big O Tire stores.

How much does Big O charge to install tires?

New tire installation at Big O Tires ranges from $15 to $45, however, if you purchase new tires from Big O, you will receive free tire installation. Otherwise, the tire installation charges depend on your tire size, your area of residence, and your vehicle make. In the Tire installation service, the Big O Tires will mount and install the new tires on your vehicle wheels or rims.

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2. Big O Tires Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel alignment is actually a part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance services, however, it is often overlooked. Proper wheel alignment is important for your tires to wear evenly, on the other hand, unaligned wheels will make your tires wear much faster and will cost you unnecessary money for tire replacement.

Inner wheel alignment service at Big O Tires, the expert technicians will make an adjustment to the caster, camber, and toe of your vehicle. These are negligible and evident in your truck or car’s wheel positioning relative to the road. However, the wheel alignment service at Big O Tires will make all the minor and major adjustments to improve your vehicle’s affordability ride and comfort level.

Obviously you don’t want to purchase new tires every few months or even regularly correcting the vehicle’s tires from drifting off the road. However, if you constantly ignore the alignment maintenance service of your vehicle, you will end up having extra wear on your tires and paying an additional amount for tires replacement. Therefore, schedule your wheel alignment services regularly throughout the year how to prevent the additional costs of Tire Replacements every other month.

At Big O Tires, the latest machinery and state-of-the-art equipment are available to the expert technicians to perform your wheel alignment. Also, they have all the required knowledge and training to ensure all major and minor adjustments in wheel alignment to give you a truly enjoyable and safe driving experience.

Big O Tires wheel alignment service

The Big O Tires wheel alignment service in clothes:

  • A thorough examination of your vehicle steering and suspension system components by a team of expert and professional Big O Tires technicians.
  • Accurate wheel alignment using computer-generated measurements from computerized equipment.
  • A detailed computerized wheel alignment evaluation report based on your vehicle manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Wheel alignment specs get as close to the factory specifications as possible.
  • You should perform all the suspension and steering assembly repair and replacement before performing The Wheel Alignment service.
  • If your vehicle requires wedge adjustment for shim kits, you have to pay for it separately.

How much is wheel alignment at big o tires?

The price of wheel alignment at Big O Tires ranges from $90 to $300. The front end wheel alignment is between $90 to $200 for a car and between $105 to $300 for the truck. Whereas, the lifetime wheel alignment package at the Big O Tires is $200 for a car and $300 for a truck. Similarly, a 6-month tire alignment warranty package for a car with unlimited miles is $125 and a 6-month tire alignment warranty package with 6000 miles for a truck is $140.

The table below summarizes the wheel alignment prices at the Big O Tires:

[table id=7 /]

Is the tire-alignment free with new tires at big o tires?

No alignment is not a part of tire installation at the Big O Tires. However, if you purchase new tires from the Big O Tires, you will receive free tire installation and free lifetime wheel balancing. The price of Tire alignment at the Big O Tires ranges from $100 to $200. Although, in most cases, you don’t need a wheel alignment with a new tire installation. You should check the old tires while taking them off as an indicator of if you need tire alignment or not. If you observe that your old tires have even wear and were rotated a short time ago, you do not need tire alignment.

How much does big o tires charge for front end alignment cost?

The front end alignment at the Big O Tires ranges from $90 to $235. For a car, the lifetime front-end wheel alignment with an unlimited mileage warranty is $200 while for a truck, the front-end wheel alignment with an unlimited mileage warranty is $300. Similarly, 6-month front-end wheel alignment packages for a car and a truck are $125 and $140, respectively. In six-month front-end alignment packages at the Big O Tires, the cars receive an unlimited mileage warranty whereas the trucks receive 6,000 miles warranty.

Should I do wheel alignment after new tires installation?

If you are buying tires, alignment is always recommended. The alignment is very important because if your tires are pointed in the wrong direction you have caster, camber, and toe, which are the three axes of alignment. Tow is when your tires pointing towards each other or away from each other, Caster which is where the tire fits in the wheel well in relation to the strut which is forward or back, positive or negative. Finally, Camber is how the tires actually tilt in or away from each other. It is a definite thing that if you do not get an alignment with your new tires, your tires will not last near as long.

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3. Big O Tires Tire Rotation Service

Good tires are important because that is the only thing between you and the road. When you have good tires they are going to normally have a really good tread. Tread is very important because that’s what dissipates of water if you are in a rainstorm. You definitely want to have a good quality rubber compound. When you go to top-quality tires that are known to have good rubber, your braking is a lot better, your cornering is a lot better and your wet weather traction is a ton better.

Keep in mind that your tires will start wearing differently from the moment you put them on your vehicle. That’s what tire rotation is important, which involves moving your tires to different locations on your vehicle to ensure that they wear evenly. If you don’t change your tire locations for how long time on your vehicle, there are high chances that some of your tires would quickly wear than the others. Most importantly, the tire tread could also wear unevenly, then either inside or outside tread wearing faster than the opposite side and greatly reducing the life of your tires.

In the tire rotation service at the big O tires, the expert technicians will check your tread depth and other essential details of your vehicle tires and will recommend you accordingly.

Rotating your tires at regular time intervals is highly recommended in order to ensure that your ride’s safety and comfort are not compromised. In the front-wheel-drive vehicles, a tire rotation will have even more influence, since both steering and torque gets power from the front tires of your vehicle.

Visit your nearest Big O tires store today, or simply call for an appointment, and let the expert professionals guide you to get the most life out of your tires.

Tire Rotation service at Big O Tires

The Big O Tires tire rotation service includes:

  • Rotating your vehicle’s tires as recommended by your manufacturer.
  • Expert advice professional Big O Tires technicians to get the maximum tread life of your tire.
  • Tightening-up of lug nuts up to the manufacturer’s torque specifications.
  • Tire pressure inspection.
  • Inflating your tire up to your car’s specification.
  • Complimentary vehicle inspection.

What factors control the rate of your tire wear?

The rate of your tire’s wear greatly depends upon the type of tires on your vehicle. If you compound tires, you will get a better road grip, however, the tires will wear faster. On the other hand, if you have harder compound tires, you will get increased longevity of your tires but at the cost of reduced road grip. The rate of tires wears also depends on your driving habits, driving conditions, your area of residence where you mostly drive your vehicle, and the frequency of your vehicle wheel alignment. If you take care of your vehicle wheel alignment and perform it on specified time intervals, you will surely get increased tire tread life.

How often you should rotate your tires?

You should make sure that you rotate your tires in 5,000-6,000 miles. If you think about how a car works, so when you turn your tires it’s leaning into one side so you are going to rub the edges off of your front tires. So, they are going to start showing just a little bit of wear on the outside edges.

What are the benefits of a regular tire rotation?

Regular tire rotation it’s very important to get the following benefits:

  • To increase your tire’s tread life.
  • Enable even tread wear for all your tires on your vehicle.
  • Help in achieving excellent fuel mileage.
  • Guarantee you improved tire performance.
  • As a whole, regular tire rotation give you a pleasant and smooth drive experience.

How often should I rotate my tires?

You should rotate your tires every 3000 to 7,000 miles, or as recommended by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. Another good approach is to rotate your tires during each oil change. Or otherwise, you can simply visit your nearest trusted tire shop such as the Big O Tires, and ask the expert technicians to tell the actual physical condition of your tires. In that manner, you will identify precisely if your tires need rotation or not.

What are the notable symptoms that show my tires need rotation?

One simplest method is to tell the irregular wear between the rear and the front wheels of your vehicle. Another notable symptom is if you feel vibrations in your steering wheel at high speeds. If you observe these symptoms, your tires may need wheel balancing or tire alignment. However, only tire rotation can end such problems. Similarly, you should keep an eye if one of your tires is losing pressure faster than the others. This can’t be due to a flat tire but it is important to know the exact problem before you perform tire rotation. You should perform repairs and replacement before performing the tire rotation.

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4. Big O Tires Snow Tire Installation

Some customers prefer to change the tire rims with each new season. Snow tires should be installed as soon as the temperature falls below 7°C, don’t wait for the snowfall. Snow tires will give you better traction in the winter and will ensure the best road grip.

At the Big O Tire stores, the tires experts will help you to select the best suitable snow tires for your vehicle. Moreover, if you got your summer tires mounted and balanced from the Big O Tires then you will receive free winter tire mounting and balancing service. The service includes:

  • Removal of an old set of tires.
  • Installation of newly purchased tires.
  • Free mounting and balancing of snow tires, if you had installed and purchased them at the Big O Tires for the previous season.

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5. Big O Tires Tire Balancing Service

You must have balanced tires for safe driving on the road. That’s why the wheel balancing service balances the weight of your wheel and tire evenly around the axle of your vehicle. Even if there is a tiny difference in balance, even less than an ounce, can generate vigorous vibrations in your tires that have to turn thousands of times per minute. If you multiply these vibration frequencies with four tires, you can imagine how terrible these vibrations would ultimately become.

In the same way, you will feel these offensive vibrations on your steering wheel, and in the worst case, the passengers inside the passenger cabin can also feel the vibrations. If you ignore tire balancing for longer periods of time, this can become a serious threat to your safety on the road. Unbalanced wheels can also cause severe damage to your wheel bearings, wheel assembly, and shocks.

The wheel balancing service at the Big O Tires includes:

  • Removal of the wheels of your vehicle.
  • Unmounting the old dies from your wheels.
  • Inspection of the wheels of the vehicle.
  • Mounting and sealing new tires.
  • Balancing the tires using computer-controlled spin balancing state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Inflating each tire up to your manufacturer specifications.
  • Fixing the wheels on your vehicle now with the new tires on them.

How often should I balance my tires?

Expert Tire mechanics advice to balance your veins after every 3000 to 6000 miles of driving. Or otherwise, whenever you feel that your steering wheel or vehicle as a whole is making vibrant vibrations, you should get your vehicle inspected as earliest as possible and should perform wheel balancing.

What are some benefits of wheel balancing?

The most significant advantage of tire balancing is your vehicle comforter. It will also reduce terrible vibrations while driving, even after 50 miles per hour. Similarly, proper wheel balancing will maybe your tires wear evenly and increasing their tread life. Moreover, you want me to get fuel mileage out of your vehicle.

How much does Big O Tires charge to mount and balance a tire?

Big O Tires charge between $20.99 to $50 for mounting and balancing tires. They charge $20.99 for a car, $35 for SUV, and $50 for a light truck. The exact price will be decided by the size of your tire and your vehicle make. The larger the size of your tire, the more will be balancing and mounting price. It would be clear that mounting means fixing and installing tires on the rims while wheel balancing means to address to ensure the same wheel weight on all sides. You have to get both services simultaneously, you cannot balance without mounting a tire.

Do tires at Big O Tires come with lifetime balancing service?

Yes if you purchase the tires from the Big O Tires, they will give you a FREE lifetime wheel balancing service. On the other hand, you have to pay between $20.99 to $50 depending upon the size of your tire and your vehicle make, $20.99 for a car, $35 for SUV, and $50 for light trucks. Moreover, you will also receive entire vehicle inspection, free mounting, and dismounting tire services, add free lifetime tire rotation service if you purchase the tires from the Big O Tire stores.

6. Big O Tires Flat Tire Repair Service

You cannot escape from some unfortunate moments of life, flat tires are among them. You simply cannot ignore damaged roads out there, and your tires have to bear all the potholes, nails, screws, broken glass pieces, or anything else that can damage and puncture your tire. Big O Tire flat tire repair services are the best in the business. The expert technicians at the Big O Tires can solve everything including a punctured tire, slow leakage in the tire, or valve stem leakage in your tire. The Big O Tires expert tire repair team has all the training and knowledge to get you back on the road safely.

Undoubtedly, having a flat tire on the side of the road is really frustrating and scary. However, when you come to know that you are not alone at Big O Tires are with you, you really feel yourself at home. The Big O Tires are only a call away, therefore, whenever you face this unfortunate incident of the flat tire, just call at 1-866-834-2652. As soon as the Big O Tires the call from you, they will immediately arrange a tow service to drive you to the nearest store and repair your flat tire and will balance it.

Also, it is important to mention here that changing your flat tire or repairing it requires special training and demands a lot of attention. Never try it yourself if you don’t have the flat tire repair training. However, the Big O Tires will immediately repair and balance your flat tire, and then remount it on the wheel within minutes to make sure you don’t lose more time of your important day.

Big O Tires Flat Tire Repair Service

The Big O Tires flat tire repair service includes:

  • Removal of your tire from the rim.
  • Complete inspection from inside and outside.
  • Repair damaged liner to ensure the seal is airtight again.
  • Repairing and filling the puncture.
  • Remounting the tire on the wheel.
  • All tire treadwear evaluation on your vehicle.
  • Performing computerized machine-based tire balancing.
  • Checking your spare tire to ensure you are ready for the next unfortunate flat tire incident.

Do big o tires fix flats for free?

Yes, the Big O Tires offers Lifetime FREE flat repair for all the tires installed by them. In case the tires installed by the Big O Tires get a nail, screw, or broken glass piece, they will patch your tire for free. However, the Big O Tires follow tire manufacturers repair guidelines, which prohibit the Big O Tires to repair anything on the shoulder or sidewall of the tire for Free. The only place where you get a free flat repair is it near the middle of the and around the belt of the tire. Similarly, your tires should be within the mileage warranty of the Big O Tires and should not have a lot of wear to make the flat repair risky.

How much is flat tire repair service at the Big O Tires?

At the Big O Tires, the cost of flat tire repair is $5 to $40 for a standard tire and $30 to $60 for a run-flat-tire (specifically designed to drive safely even when flat). The exact price of a flat tire repair service will be decided by the size of the tire and the make of your vehicle. For some vehicle makes such as Audi, the standard flat tire repair service at the Big O Tires is $111 to $192 while run-flat tires repair service for $247 to $327.

7. Big O Tires TPMS/Tire Pressure Monitoring System Services

Tire pressure monitoring system or TPMS is a safety system that gives you warning alerts about the reduced tire pressure on your vehicle. It is therefore important for you to have a properly functioning TPMS system to ensure your and other’s safety on the road. If you suspect that your TPMS system is not functioning properly, you should get it checked by your automotive mechanic. The Big O Tires offers excellent TPMS services, in the year 2019 the Big O Tires perform more than 1 million TPMS services for their valued customers.

The Big O Tires TPMS service package includes the following two services:

  1. TPMS/Tire Pressure Monitoring System Check-up Service
  2. TPMS/Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor Replacement Service

a. Big O Tires TPMS/Tire Pressure Monitoring System Check-up Service

You must ensure that your vehicle has properly inflated tires to give you stable driving experience, optimum road traction, and to ensure proper working of steering and braking systems of your vehicle. At the Big O Tires, the team of expert certified technicians check for any possible fault in your TPMS system and then repair all the errors to ensure your TPMS system function properly. The Big O Tires TPMS or tire pressure monitoring system check-up service includes:

  • A complete examination of all the TPMS system sensor batteries.
  • Tire pressure inspections.
  • Adjusting your tire pressure up to your manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Big O Tires complete vehicle inspection service.

b. Big O Tires TPMS/Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor Replacement Service

Your TPMS can stop working properly due to multiple reasons such as battery failure, sensor impact, or sensor collisions. If someday your tires are properly inflated body point that your TPMS light is still on, you should have your TPMS system checked from your nearest automotive technician to repair any possible faults. The Big O Tires TPMS or tire pressure monitoring system sensor replacement package includes:

  • A complete inspection of all your vehicle’s TPMS sensor batteries to know the exact fault.
  • Removal of the faulty tire.
  • Old and damaged sensor removal from the faulty tire.
  • Appropriate and accurate installation of a new TPMS sensor.
  • Precise programming of the newly-installed TPMS sensor by expert Big O Tire technicians.
  • Newly fixed tire pressure checking and inflating it to the factory recommended pressure settings.
  • Wheel rebalancing using a computerized wheel balancing machine up to the recommended setting from the manufacturer.
  • Special Big O Tires complimentary vehicle inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Why I frequently see my TPMS light-on on my dashboard?

If you frequently observed your TPMS light on, you should get your tire pressure monitoring system inspected as soon as possible. Actually in the fluctuating TPMS light indicate a significant reduction in air pressure of your vehicle’s tires. However, some vehicles in the TPMS keep blinking even after you inflate your tires up to the recommended air pressure settings. This can also indicate a flat tire or small leakage in your tire. If you observe that you are TPMS light stays on continuously, you might have a problem with the tire monitoring pressure system sensor. Visit your nearest Big O Tires store and let the certified and expert technicians identify the exact problem with the tire pressure monitoring system.

What are the possible consequences if I observe my tire pressure monitoring light blinking and I don’t fix the problem immediately?

If you observe that your tire pressure monitoring light keeps turned on continuously, you should have your TPMS system inspected as earliest as possible. If you don’t fix your problem immediately, you may have to face one of the following consequences:

  • Very reduced gas mileage because of the faulty or leaking tires.
  • Frequent tire punctures and blowouts.
  • Severe reduction in handling and steering capability of your vehicle.
  • Very uneven and irregular wear on your tire due to continuous under-inflation.

8. Big O Tires Free Air Pressure Check Service

With your seriously busy schedule, it is quite easy to overlook your tire pressure. Over-inflated or under-inflated tire not only affects your vehicle’s handling capability and gas mileage but also becomes a big threat to your safety on the road. Moreover, this also actually decrease the life of your tires.

If you believe that your tires have low pressure, or you observe warning signs on your tire pressure monitoring system at your instrument panel, make sure to visit your nearest Big O Tires location as soon as possible to have your tire pressure checked. You will receive free of charge tire air pressure check service. Also, the expert tire technicians will make sure there are no signs of deterioration on your tires, and then return you to the road with appropriate PSI.

If you observe one of the following signs, you should check your tire air pressure:

  • Squealing noise from your tires when you turn.
  • Deflation or roundedness are the sides of your tires.
  • Flashing or blinking tire pressure monitoring system light on your instrument panel.

At the Big O Tires, the Expert Tire technicians will perform the following free of charge services:

  • Air pressure checking service of all the four tires on your vehicle.
  • Precisely checking for over or under-inflated tires.
  • Thorugh examination of all four tires.
  • Identification of any signs of pressure-related damage on the tire such as premature tread wear or small leaks.
  • Inflating your tire up to the PSI as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

Why it is important to have properly inflated tires?

Proper inflation in your vehicle tires for several reasons including:
Increased vehicle safety and handling.
A prominent increase in gas mileage.
Notable degrees in tread wear of your tires.
Safe and reliable braking distance.
Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

How frequently should I check my tire pressure?

You should not ignore and come for the earliest tire pressure check as soon as you observe the tire pressure monitoring system light coming on. Also, if you observe a notable decrease in your fuel-efficiency or you recognize your tires are unusually soft, you should have your tire pressure checked immediately.


Rubber is the core of all the automobiles since everything on the road runs on rubber. That’s why the Big O Tires are the best in the business providing top quality and exciting tires. As a driver, you must understand everything about tires and how to purchase the most suitable tires for your vehicle. It’s not only the appearance of the tire that matters, but there are few things that contribute to the safety and comfort of your ride. Therefore, it is very important for you to choose the best rubber tire for your investment.

There is no doubt in the fact that the automobile industry has gone through several new technological and innovative advancements in the last few decades. The same is the case with the tire industry, huge research and testing are going on throughout the world to improve the handling and safety of your vehicle. The car manufacturers are working day and night to discover new styles and patterns to make your drive more comfortable and safer, and of course, significantly improving the fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

Responsible driving and proper maintenance can maximize the life of your tires and improve your vehicle gas mileage. You should make it your habit to inspect your tire’s treads at least once in a month, this will give you exact information when your tires need replacement. If you are interested to purchase new tires for your vehicle, you should check the CR treadwear ratings of different tire brands available in the market. After that, select those tires which promise you an extended service life.

Why purchase tires from the Big O Tires?

At the Big O Tires, you will not only receive a set of tires, but you will receive a full-fledge tire service which includes lifetime free tire balancing, lifetime free flat repair, free lifetime tire rotation service, stem valve/TPMS reseal kits, putting Tire mounting/dismounting service and free vehicle inspection service. Furthermore, an expert associate from the Big O Tires will help you select the most tire for your vehicle on your Vehicle Manufacturer specifications, your driving style, your type of vehicle, and where when, and how you travel most frequently. After that, the expert associate from the Big O Tires then if you get accommodations that are best for your vehicle. In other words, the Big O Tires simply want to earn your trust because for the Big O Tires trust is a big deal, they care for your requirements and respect your desires.

Understanding Tire Specifications

All those tire specifications written on the sidewalls of your tire do really matter, but of course, are very confusing. But as a driver and knowledgeable customer, you should understand all these numbers and codes. Every character and number has a specific meaning, the following diagram explains it in detail.

big o tires service and repairs

  1. P stands for Passenger Tire (if there is no letter at the beginning, this means Euro-Metric Tire)
  2. Width of the tire in millimeters (215mm in this case)
  3. Aspect Ratio or the ratio of height to width (65 in this case). The bigger the aspect ratio, the bigger will be the tire’s sidewall.
  4.  R stands for the radial tire (tires with rubber-coated steel belt layers).
  5. The diameter of the rim in inches (15-inch diameter in this case)
  6. The load index in pounds or KG(maximum load which this tire can carry with proper inflation, 95 KG in this case). And Speed Rating in miles/hr or KM/hr (The maximum speed capacity of this tire. H-Rating, in this case, means maximum speed capability of 130 mph or 210 km/h)
  7. Tire ID number in the U.S. DOT ( Approved from Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in the United States)
  8. Snowflake (approved for winter season driving).
  9. Manufacturing Brand (Big O Tires brand, in this case).
  10. Tire ply material and composition.
  11. Treadwear, temperature grades, and traction (In this case, Tread Wear 220, Traction A-grade & Temperature A-Rated).
  12. Maximum load ratings in pounds (1300 pounds in this case).
  13. Tire Model.
  14. Maximum recommended inflation pressure in PSI (35 PSI in this case).

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Where to locate the manufacturer’s recommended tire size?

You can find the recommended tire size from your manufacturer on a placard placed inside your vehicle. Different manufacturers place this placard at different places inside the vehicle. However, you can find it at the following common places:

  • Your vehicle driver side front door.
  • Driver side rear door.
  • “B” pillar on the driver side (located near your door hinge).
  • Passenger side door “B” pillar.
  • Front door on the passenger side of your vehicle.
  • Side back door of the passenger side in your vehicle.
  • “C” pillar of the driver side (sometimes located near the door handle).
  • Your vehicle passenger side’s “C” pillar.
  • On the door of your fuel filler.
  • Hatch or trunk area in your vehicle.
  • Your glove box.
  • Front door on the passenger side.
  • Center console of your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle sun visor.

Tire Comparison Chart for Winter VS All-Weather  VS All-Season

P215 – 65 – R15, and other such numbers may look odd to you or maybe someone shouting during gameplay. But in reality, these specifications are numbers that are printed on the sidewalls all of your tires. They may be confusing to you in the beginning. However, as a driver and a knowledgeable customer, you should understand everything about these codes. The following tire comparison chart explained but all those specifications and numbers mean.

Tire Comparison Chart for Winter VS All-Weather VS All-Season


Common Tire Types

If you are interested to replace your tires, you should give attention to what is currently installed on your vehicle and then learn about more choices accordingly. In most of the cases, you will live to replace your tires with similar options with comparable size and speed ratings. From that information, you can use the ratings to find new tire models that are suitable for your vehicle and practicable in your residential area. You should also consider the parameter such as vehicle handling, ride comfort, and road noise in making the choice for your tire.

As clearly explained in the chart, the winter tires have optimized traction for extremely cold conditions, excellent design to provide perfect grip in ice and snowy conditions, and are designed with a top-quality compound that remains flexible even in extremely cold temperatures. On the other hand, the all-season tires have normal traction suitable for changing conditions, excellent design for wet and dry conditions, and made of regular tread compound with stiffens as the weather gets colder.

The All Seasons tires designed by the Big O Tires have longer tread life, offer greater comfort, and perform perfectly well in moderately wet, mild, or dry conditions with the temperature well above 7℃. The all-weather tires special design to accommodate milder winter, heavy rains, and fast melting, or light to moderate snow and slush. Winter tires, on the other hand, have a unique design to provide excellent performance in severe winter conditions, heavy ice and snowfall, and extreme temperature continuously below 7℃.

Tread Characteristics

The all-season tires have optimized tread design increase drive comfort and reduce road noise. Not suitable for the winter season since the tread channels will fill with snow and slush in winter. As a result, your tires will severely reduce road grip performance.

All-weather tires have a dynamic tread design and small silts called sipes. These sipes help to push slush and water away and grip snow nicely. The all-weather tires provide equally well performance in summer and warmer conditions. Winter tires have a dynamic tread design are a large number of small silts called sipes. These tires help to push water and slush away and grip the road snow nicely in winter.

Rubber Compound Characteristics

For all-season tires, a harder rubbing compound is used to ensure increased tread life. This rubber compound gives a poor performance in cold temperatures and winters especially below 7℃.

All-weather tires have a competitively softer rubber compound. The softer rubber compound provides better flexibility in temperatures above 7℃ to ensure the best road trip.  These tires perform excellently in a large number of conditions starting from snow and slush to wet and dry asphalt conditions.

Finally, the winter tires have the softest rubber compound. These tires have an excellent road trip in the snow. Also, they provide outstanding traction in extremely cold conditions, particularly 7℃ or below.


In the last few decades, tire technology has improved to a great extent. However, radial tires have finite tread life and depend on car type, tire type (such as high performance or all-season tires), weather, and road conditions, and your driving style. You may have to replace your tires only a few times throughout the life of your typical vehicle. It is a well-known saying that nothing lasts forever.

Available Tire Brands at the Big O Tires

Having good tires is important for your safety on the road. You should make sure that you always buy the right tires for your vehicle and your driving conditions. Tires have a great influence on your overall driving. Good tires can increase your ability to control your vehicle, provide quick stops, excellent goad grip, and traction, and reduce the overall road noise. Starting from regular Tire to best winter tires, you will find everything here at the Big O Tires. The Big O Tires offer the world’s best tire brands together under one roof. In the benefit of the lowest prices in the market how to keep yourself safe on the road.

The following brands are available on the Big O Tires online store and in-stores:

  1. Arctic Claw Tires
  2. Aspen Tires
  3. BFGoodrich Tires
  4. Big o Tires Tires
  5. Bridgestone Tires
  6. Carlisle Tires
  7. Continental Tires
  8. Cooper Tires
  9. Cordovan Tires
  10. Crosswind Tires
  11. Custom Tires
  12. Dick Cepek Tires
  13. Dunlop Tires
  14. Epic Tires
  15. Firestone Tires
  16. General Tires
  17. Goodyear Tires
  18. Hankook Tires
  19. LC Radial Tires
  20. Mesa Tires
  21. Michelin Tires
  22. Mickey Thom Tirespson
  23. Mud claw Tires
  24. National Tires
  25. Nitto Tires
  26. Performer Tires
  27. Pirelli Tires
  28. Sailun Tires
  29. Sumitomo Tires
  30. Toyo Tires
  31. Uniroyal Tires
  32. Vogue Tires
  33. Wild spirit Tires
  34. Yokohama Tires


Nothing can dress up your vehicle better than a decent and stylish set of rims. However, you must understand that your wheel rims have a lot of other greater purposes than simply improving your vehicle appearance. You should select the type of rims that resembles your driving needs and driving style.

For instance, if you want to drive in severe winter conditions, you should try a set of steel rims to make your investment more cost-effective. In this case, if you had previously used items, you should save it for better driving conditions so that the harsh weather conditions do not affect their performance and appearance.

Types of Rims Available at the Big O Tires

1.  Alloy Rims Wheels

Alloy rims are light rim wheels with enhanced and improved performance characteristics. Most importantly, the alloy rims are lightweight and increase the steering and cornering Precision of your vehicle. Moreover, the alloy rims decrease road feedback for the upgraded braking response of your vehicle.

2. Steel Rims Wheels

The steel rim wheels are competitively heavier and are suitable with a relatively low center of gravity. Steel wheels are the best in severe road conditions such as snowfall or off-road rough regions. However, steel rim wheels have lower performance capabilities because of their excessive weight.

3. Chrome Rims Wheels

Chrome rim wheels will add an attractive and charming finish to your vehicle appearance. They have the combined elegance and class of both steel and alloy rim wheels. Chrome rims wheels are mostly suitable for drivers who are really concerned about the cosmetic appearance of their vehicle. Chrome wheels have a very attractive appearance due to metallic mirror finish and provide strength and durability of robust steel. However, chrome rims wheels need special attention to retain their visual appearance.

4. Cast Rim Wheels

Aluminum is used for the manufacturing of cast rim wheels. The manufacturers use a special process of splashing molten aluminum into the mold in order to manufacture cast wheels. Moreover, the process of pressure casting or gravity is used to give them the shape of an attractive wheel.

5. Machines Rim Wheels

Machined wheel rims are one of the most favorites of car enthusiasts. The manufacturing process involves precise pressurizing, casting, spinning, and heating to fill the unit with molten aluminum. Also, machined rims use a unique industrial process for achieving the shape of an engaging wheel.

6. Forged Rim Wheels

These elegant forged rim wheels use the process of extreme pressure and heating to convert a solid piece of aluminum to the shape of a perfect wheel rim. As a result, a strong, light, and dense wheel is produced.

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Important things to consider when buying tires from the Big O Tires!

Whenever you decide to purchase the theme from The Big O Tires, and you should keep in mind your size, weight, and terrain requirements, as explained:

1. Size of the Wheel

Different wheel weight and sizes have different performance attributes and properties. If you are upgrading your current wheel size, make sure to check your owner’s manual to know the exact wheel size and weight allowed on your vehicle.

2. Weight of the Wheel

There is no doubt in the fact that the wheel weight has a severe influence on your vehicle’s overall performance. If you have very heavy wheels, they will reduce the handling of your vehicle and increase the safe braking distance from the next vehicle. On the other hand, lighter wheels performance and will improve the braking performance and maneuverability of your vehicle.

3. Terrain Requirements

When you decide to purchase new wheels for your vehicle, ask yourself a question, where do I drive most often? Your vehicle should be selected based on the driving conditions and your driving style.


You would always desire to get the maximum life out of the tires. Long-lasting tires will make your road safety more convenient. However, most of the tires available in the market today do not last more than 50,000 miles. It is because of the fact that they have to undergo a lot of unforeseen circumstances such as road potholes, varying environmental circumstances, and improper inflations.

Useful Tips

You can easily elongate the life of your tires just by following these simple steps:

  • Make it your habit to check your tire air pressure at least once in a month. Especially when the weather is cold, make sure your tires are inflated to the correct PSI placard on the driver’s door side or any other part of your vehicle. Don’t trust the pressure listed on the tire sidewall because that may be more than your manufacturer’s tire pressure specifications.
  • Carefully examine any damage such as crack, bulges, or cuts in the sidewall or tread of your tire. If you observe any of these symptoms, don’t delay it and replace your tires immediately.
  • Closely examine for any uneven tread wear of your tires. If you find uneven tread wear, you may have to check your vehicle wheel alignment, horny have to replace or repair worn-out suspension company. In this case, the best places to have your vehicle checked from a professional technician such as at the Big O Tires.
  • Check your vehicle suspension and wheel alignment before mounting new tires to avoid any further premature uneven tread wear of your tires.
  • Never place new tires that have more weight than the recommendations of your manufacturer. Again, you can easily find the weight capacity yesterday placard placed at the driver’s side or any other part of your vehicle.
  • Regularly measure the tread depth of your tires using a quarter. Your tread will have a depth of about 4/32 inches if the top of George Washington’s head is just noticeable when you place it in the tread groove. This depth is enough to offer you a good road grip, but, you should make up your mind for replacement because your tires are near the end of their life.