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In this post of Chegg coupons, we shall discuss the topic of chegg ereader.

Chegg eReader

Chegg eReaders will comfort you and treat you in a right way and we consider it as ‘nice guy’. It does not contain any exciting twists as well. According to Brent Tworetzky who is a product leader of Chegg, Chegg eReaders are designed for reading purposes not for studying purpose. It is because they want to create the environment or atmosphere that students want. These digital textbooks have the ability to replace the heavy and traditional books of a semester. We can quote the example of laptops which are taking place of notebooks. There are several companies in the market who are trying to convert their books to PDFs so they are making you burden free of those textbooks. It will be an easy task for you to hold the book without any weight.

Chegg has got the opportunity to serve its users who are more than 4.5 million using HTML5 Chegg eReader or digital textbook reader. It is compatible with any device and it has education tools too. Chegg has been working hard to establish a number of companies which can give comprehensive education products to the students.

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The company is offering textbook rentals with homework help and the objective is to help the students. Chegg not only serves the school students but also serving the higher education. The pages in the eReader are like the pages in the textbook and you can also add notes and highlight the text. You can use them for reference to your studies and it will connect you with homework help product. In addition, it will enable you to ask a question from Chegg community and they will answer your question. Chegg eReader is free of cost but Chegg textbooks are not free and it is available in HTML5. So you will be able to access it from Android app, iPads, Library computers and phones etc.

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You need one device to access to Chegg eReader because it is in HTML 5 version.

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