Harbor Freight Impact Sockets – is it a Good Choice?

Are you looking for a tool that can withstand the toughest jobs? Harbor freight impact sockets might be what you are looking for. These sockets have an extra thick wall design, which means they will never break or bend under pressure. In addition, these sockets are made from high-quality steel and come in various sizes to fit any job.

If you’re looking for harbor freight impact sockets, this blog post has everything you need to know about harbor freight impact sockets and how they can help make your job easier! We will also go over what impact sockets actually are, how they work, and why you should buy one from your local harbor freight store today!

Why Harbor Freight?

Harbor Freight is the place to go for your truck, car, and other equipment needs. If you’re looking for something that will last long enough but also won’t cost an arm and leg, then Harbor Freight has what you want! There is no other place where you can find such an assortment of tools and gadgets to help with just about any project. The best part? They’re all sold at a price that doesn’t break the bank!

Harbor Freight is the answer for all of life’s problems. From cars, plumbing, and furniture to tools, gardening supplies, and even pet items – this company has it all! Harbor Freight stores are just so big! However, the employees are super helpful – you’ll never feel lost or ignored here like some of those stores with people everywhere who won’t even make eye contact let alone help out anyone else waiting on them.

Why Harbor Freight Impact Sockets?

Unfortunately, not all impact sockets are created equal and Harbor Freight has some great options at very affordable prices.  Harbor Freight offers a wide range of different types of impact sockets from 3/8″ drive sizes all the way up to 10″ drive sizes. You’ll be sure to find a socket perfect for any job with these huge selections! With so many options, there’s no need to worry about whether or not your toolbox is complete without one because they come in multiple options.

Following are the main reasons why you should select harbor freight impact sockets:

  • The harbor freight impact sockets are a great choice for anyone who does not want to spend much money
  • They are made of durable steel with a chrome-plated finish and have an anti-slip rubber coating on the handles
  • These impact sockets come in various sizes, from 3/8 inch to 1 inch, and can be used with any standard socket wrench
  • Harbor freight is always looking out for its customers by providing them with high-quality tools at an affordable price
  • Impact sockets make getting bolts lose or tight a breeze because they use force instead of torque when tightening or loosening the bolt
  • The harbor freight impact sockets offer many benefits that other brands do not provide such as being easy to grip and lightweight

Everything about Impact Sockets

What are impact sockets?

Impact sockets are a type of socket designed to be used with an impact driver and provide superior grip on the inside surfaces. They have deep ribs which allow for insertion into tight spaces where other types might not fit or may strip threads. Impact sockets also offer increased durability because there is less stress put on them than traditional wrenches due to their use in high-torque applications such as automobile repair work.

So, if you’re looking for a tool to loosen stubborn bolts, then impact sockets are the answer. Impact sockets use kinetic energy and force to easily pop off those pesky nuts that get stuck on your car or bicycle.

Why should I use Impact Sockets?

Well, if you are lucky enough to have all standard sockets and set at a low torque then you may not need an impact socket. But many cars need to be tightened with higher torques or else they’ll come undone while driving! These high-torque impact tools provide the strongest grip on fasteners that have been loosened for any reason so just think: would you rather take chances in traffic, or drive safe knowing everything is secure when it shouldn’t be otherwise?

Impact sockets are designed to withstand heavy torque and use. The socket’s teeth grip the bolt head so that it does not slip or spin, drastically reducing rounding of bolts heads on difficult removal jobs. They’re durable! With their tooth design, they go deep into a fastener without slipping out – even in tough situations like removing rusted-on screws from metal panels with gross buildup clogging up everything else.

Types of Impact Sockets

1. Shallow Impact Socket

Shallow impact sockets are the most well-known type of socket and come in a variety of sizes depending on what you need them for. They’re considered basic or standard by many, and they can get into tight spaces thanks to a strong grip on nuts that sit up close to an inch away from the bolt shaft’s end. These sockets are versatile since you can use them for different tasks involving tough fasteners too! They have been used by mechanics, plumbers, electricians – anyone who needs to use tools that require smooth rounded surfaces.

Shallow impact sockets are one of the main types out there because they can be found at such large stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s as well as smaller ones like Ace Hardware. The price varies from store to store but is usually between $8-$12 per piece which isn’t too bad considering it will last an average person many years before wearing down or rusting over time when cared for properly with oil after each professional use!

You may struggle to find a suitable screwdriver if you often have long screws. Shallow sockets work well for shorter threads, but they are frustrating when dealing with longer ones that do not meet the depth requirement of 3/8 inch.

2. Deep Impact Sockets

Deep sockets are designed to screw into nuts that your average, “shallow” socket can’t. This is because deep sockets have a long way to go before they get stuck in the bolt head and don’t move anymore. In many cases, these types of tools will be 12 inches at least for lugnuts on car tires or bolts with exposed threads sticking out of them.

However, there are also shorter ones if you need less reach but still want something capable enough for all-purpose use around the house! Deep impact sockets were originally created as an instrument used by mechanics who wanted to make it easier when loosening large screws fastened near other objects such as pipes which often obstruct access from one side.

Deep impact sockets are a valuable tool in any trade, but they do not come without their drawbacks. They can be more expensive than shallow sockets and the hold is less tight on nuts or bolts heads which makes them a little harder to work with.

Tips for using impact sockets effectively and safely

Impact sockets have many uses but the most important thing you should know is how not to use them! For safety reasons, follow the following tip:

  1. Choose the correct size socket for your fastener because impact sockets are not interchangeable and they have different sizes so make sure you buy one with a corresponding number of square drive tools to match it.
  2. Never over-tighten an impacted bolt or nut when using this type of tool, as that will usually cause them to loosen on their own.
  3. Another piece of advice is never to use these types if your hands are wet.
  4. For safety reasons, always wear protective gear like gloves in order to shield yourself from injury.
  5. If there’s any chance someone may be around when you’re working with nuts/bolts then put up warning signs telling people what kind of work area they should avoid visiting during work hours.

Benefits of Impact Sockets

There are many benefits to impact sockets and if you don’t have one, they might be the best tool for your next project. They are not only beneficial for the professional mechanic, but they also offer a range of uses to car owners.

1. Highly Suitable for Impact

Who needs a hammer when you have an impact wrench? Impact sockets are the perfect, highly reliable choice for those who frequently work with these tools. You can use them on any project and they won’t buckle (or become damaged) under pressure from your tool!

2. Extremely Durable

Impact sockets are the durable, step-child of the socket world. Impact sockets typically cost more than your average impact tools because they’re designed to withstand a lot more force and wear and tear. They’re made out of either chrome molybdenum or impacting grade chromium-vanadium with carbonizing which absorbs extra shock as well as gives it that sleek black color we all know and love!

Impact sockets were created for heavy-duty use in situations where high levels of torque can be applied such as when you have an object stuck on something like rocks, roots, etc., so unlike basic chrome vanadium ones; these can take anything coming their way thanks to added strength from materials such as alloy steel (chrome) combined with Carbon

3. Adaptable to all situations

When it’s time for an impact, you’re going to need a socket that can handle the job. That is why these sockets are designed with great detail and care in order to provide durability as well as increased strength on all levels. Impact-grade chrome vanadium provides your needs while also giving you sleek black color along with its added benefits of carbonizing which makes this material so durable!

4. Quite a Safe Tool

Have you ever been worried about the impact of sockets slipping and causing a major problem? The locking pins on these locks will keep them securely in place. A flank drive design helps to eliminate cracking, making sure they’ll stay secure with an even lower risk of loosening.

5. Affordable Sockets

Impact sockets are the perfect way to get a large assortment of tools without breaking your wallet. These tough, non-chrome sockets typically cost less than chrome ones and you’ll be able to find one for every job easily! Doing home improvement work? Stock up on impact sockets because they’re usually cheaper than chrome ones and it won’t break your budget stocking up.

6. Help to remove stubborn bolts

Impact sockets can help remove stubborn nuts or bolts that won’t budge by being put in place with a hammer from above rather than below like on traditional socket sets.

7.  Better choice than regular ratchet wrenches

They also come equipped with teeth which gives them an advantage over regular ratchet wrenches because of their self-locking mechanism while turning so there’s no need to use two hands when tightening large wheel lug nuts on the roadside before driving off again! A classic example is trying to loosen rusty lugs at home without damaging expensive alloy wheels – these tools work great as long as you’re careful not to apply too much force against any delicate parts.

8. Larger grip to hold objects

They allow you to easily grip an object and apply force in any direction needed without having your hand slip off or get sore like it would if using standard ones.

9. Work nicely with impact wrenches

Impact sockets can be used on most nuts that work with impact wrenches too! This is great because some jobs require two people working together: one person could hold something down while the other works on loosening bolts – the weight of these tools makes this easy to do without risk of hurting yourself.

Disadvantages of Impact Sockets

The downside of using an impact socket is the risk and danger it poses. Impact sockets are tools for professionals to use in case of emergencies, which means they’re not as easy or safe to install by an untrained person. As we all know, an impact socket is a specialized tool that locks onto the head of hex-head fasteners. However, the following are some notable disadvantages of using an impact socket.

1. Bulky Size & Extensive Weight

For many people, the act of using an impact socket is a chore. Many think they are too heavy and bulky to use. Therefore, its major drawback is its size and weight which can make it difficult for smaller users or those with hand issues such as arthritis from gripping tightly enough. It is also hard on the hands because it is often made from hardened steel or iron.

2. Noisy Operation

Another disadvantage could be how loud these sockets tend to be because they use metal on metal contact; making them harmful if you’re working in close proximity with someone else who isn’t wearing ear protection.

3. Risky to operate

And last but not least, there’s always the chance your power tools will cause kickback shockwave when quick acceleration occurs – something any user would want to avoid!

4. Unsafe to use for a prolonged period

Blows to the body are a common injury resulting from using an impact socket. One’s hand is in constant danger of being crushed by having too much force applied onto it, and too many impacts can cause serious trauma. This type of tool shouldn’t be used for prolonged periods due to its high-risk factors- even professionals only use them sparingly!

Harbor Freight Impact Sockets

The impact sockets that Harbor Freight offers are a great set of additions to any home toolbox. They are inexpensive and can be used for many projects, including ones around the house like repairing plumbing or tightening loose screws on furniture. The rubber construction is durable and will last you through many jobs without breaking down. Impact sockets come in both imperial (inch) and metric measurements so they’re perfect for anyone from beginner DIYers to seasoned professionals.

Types of Harbor Freight Impact Sockets

Harbor freight impact sockets are a great, low-cost option for basic work. They are available in different sizes and styles to suit different needs and budgets. The three most common types of harbor freight impact sockets are hex drive, square drive, and 12 point sockets.

  1. The hex drive is the preferred style for automotive applications because it can be turned by hand without the need for an air wrench or torque wrench.
  2. Square drives have more surface area than hex so they’re better at removing stubborn nuts on rusty bolts that have been overtightened over time but require a torque wrench to tighten them back up.
  3. If you’re looking for high-quality workmanship then go with 12 point sockets as they offer superior grip strength when compared to other styles due to their extra contact points.

Harbor Freight Impact Sockets vs Snap-On

Harbor Freight and Snap-On are both big names in the world of tools. They offer products at very different price points, even though they’re often similarly made. When you compare their impact sockets head to head it becomes clear that Harbor Freights don’t have as much power or durability for heavy-duty work like construction projects which take a lot more force from sledgehammers than; tightening bolts on an engine block with hand ratchets is where harbor freight’s come into play, but when you need something guaranteed sturdy then snap on will be your best option.

Some people believe that Harbor Freight Impact Sockets are a good alternative to Snap-On impact sockets. They’re less expensive and can do the same job as their more pricey counterparts, but they have some drawbacks. For one thing, Harbor Freight’s products aren’t always made from high-quality materials; you may find yourself having issues with rusting or warping in just months of use. It also doesn’t help that most customers report receiving poorly packaged items which could compromise usability for years down the line if not handled carefully by your local store employees during the delivery or installation process.

Harbor Freight Impact Sockets vs Tekton

Tekton vs Harbour Freight impact sockets is quite a hotly contested debate amongst mechanics alike because they all want high-performance tools but cannot afford them so many will shift using cheaper equivalents like those made by these two companies respectively.

Major Differences between Harbor Freight Impact Sockets and Tekton

Both Tektons & Harbor Freights are budget-friendly options for the home handy person, however, there are some major differences, as listed below:

  • Quality. Tekton uses a higher grade of steel to make an impact socket. If you really want to get into some heavy-duty work it’s worth stepping up your game and picking up Tekton Impact Sockets. This is because these higher quality sockets have thicker walls which allow them to withstand excessive torque or shock without breaking like their cheaper counterparts might be prone to do in comparison.
  • Storage Cases. Tekton also offers much more value because they come with cases that provide great storage solutions, however, harbor freight ones do not include any such accessory whatsoever!
  • Adjustable square drive head. Tekton Impact Sockets have adjustable square drive heads so changing out different bits becomes much easier than dealing with those pesky ball joints on other brands – unless you’re not one who likes clicking ratchets anyways!
  • Variety. The Tekton socket set comes with both 1/2″ drive deep well sockets from 5-32 mm sizes as well as 3/8 inch standard impact sockets in 6 points, 12 points (x4), 15 points(X6). It also includes 36 bits made of chrome vanadium steel alloy designed specifically by Phillips & Torx plus Hex Key features at every size! Harbor Freight doesn’t offer much variety.
  • Light in weight. Tekton Impact Sockets are not only stronger but also light in weight meaning easy in the carriage.

It all comes down to what your needs might require either will work well as long as you understand the limitations each offers before purchase.

Harbor Freight Impact Sockets Warranty

Harbor Freight Impact Sockets are an excellent product for a home mechanic who does not want to spend too much money on the tools of his trade. The warranty is what really makes this purchase worth it because with one year you can replace your tool if anything happens to it without having to pay any extra fees or have proof that you were using the wrong type of material when repairing something. One great thing about Harbor Freights’ Warranty Policy: If there’s ever been damage done unintentionally by corrosion under normal use then they’ll replace them right away; no questions asked!

Ever since Harbor Freight started offering Impact Sockets lifetime Warranty, they have been a top seller for us. Customers are no longer afraid to invest in themselves and their tools with the assurance that these sockets will last them as long as possible if anything ever happens – it’s like buying insurance against your own toolbox!

FAQs about Harbor Freight Impact Sockets

Are harbor freight impact sockets any good?

No, they are not as strong and durable and as a result, you will only be able to use them for light applications such as oil changes where the extra strength is less important. They also wear out quicker than other brands that have better quality materials in order to keep up with daily usage needs.

Harbour Freight impact sockets are notoriously unreliable and have been known to break with just a few impacts. Professionals often recommend spending more money on higher quality equipment like Snap-on, Mac Tools, or Matco tools for jobs that require heavy-duty use such as automotive repair shops.

Is harbor freight impact sockets different?

Harbor Freight is known for its low-cost heavy-duty tools. They make do by cutting corners and manufacturing products that have lower quality than those manufactured at other places such as Snap-On or Mac Tools which both cost more money but also provide better customer service to go along with the price tag.

One of these cut corners they made was in creating an inferior quality ‘impact socket’ because it’s tough to keep up when production lines turn out 200+ pieces per minute instead of just 20! The materials used don’t get forged like higher-priced brands. They use cheaper raw materials and as a result, their impact sockets do not last as long or work as well.

How to use harbor freight sockets with impact drivers?

Follow these simple steps to use harbor freight sockets with impact driver: Firstly, it is a good idea that the socket matches your drill bit size and length as closely as possible so there’s no slipping when tightening or loosening bolts by hand. Secondly, before putting tools on any surface make sure all paint has been removed – for safety reasons! Lastly, remember that using an extension bar will reduce torque output significantly since some of its force goes into applying pressure from outside rather than pushing inwards like while drilling without one.

Who makes Harbor Freight Impact Sockets?

Harbor freight impact sockets were produced by numerous companies over time, including ones like Wagner Tool Company who produced them from 1997-2000 as well as Craftsman’s Impact Socket line in 1973 when they introduced their adjustable ratchet wrench set on an angle. The Harbor freight impact sockets are affordable at $3-$8 per socket; offer different sizes ranging from 5/16″ to 1″; come with a carrying case which allows you to carry 10 pieces total, and can withstand up “to 1250 ft./lbs.”

How to remove Harbor Freight Impact Sockets?

Many people find the best way to remove a Harbor Freight impact socket with an adjustable wrench. You might also want to lubricate it first by rubbing vegetable oil on your hands and onto the socket for easy removal.

Another way to remove a harbor freight impact socket is with a piece of pipe. Place the pipes over one of two ends on either side, then use your hands or another hard object like a hammer and hit it until you see movement inside. Make sure that there are no other pieces in this area as they can end up flying out when hitting them too much! Once everything has been cleared away from around the sockets make sure not to leave any tools lying around such as wrenches or hammers because these could accidentally fall into place which would cause more damage than necessary for removing impacted items.

What is Harbor Freight Impact Sockets Adapter?

The Harbor Freight Impact Sockets Adapter is a great way to convert your sockets from standard American sizes. A Harbor Freight Impact Socket Adapter is the perfect solution for people who are looking to save money on tools. This inexpensive product can be used in place of a socket wrench by simply bolting it onto an impact gun, and then using that tool as you would any other ratchet handle. All those hours spent struggling with stubborn bolts will now turn into simple minutes thanks to this small investment! You can use this handy piece of equipment at home or on the go for everything, and it’s perfect if you also have impact wrenches!

How to install an impact socket on a ratchet wrench?

Many people find the best way to remove a Harbor Freight impact socket is with an adjustable wrench. You might also want to lubricate it first by rubbing vegetable oil on your hands and onto the socket for easy removal.

To install an impact socket on a ratchet wrench, simply insert the square end of your wrench into one side and then attach the head to its corresponding slot. Then grab hold of each handle with both hands before twisting it in opposite directions.

Where to buy quality, affordable, high-quality impact sockets?

It is important to know where and what type of impact sockets will suit your needs before purchasing them. Here are some ways you can go about buying them:

  • Search for retailers that have in-store demos so that you’ll be able to test out the best socket sets before purchase.
  • Do research on online reviews sites such as Yelp or Amazon; these usually contain feedback from customers who have experience with different brands and models and offer an unbiased opinion.
  • Check traditional stores like Sears because they’re often among one of the largest sellers in the US.

Can you use impact sockets as a regular socket?

Although impact sockets are designed for a wide range of heavy-duty tasks, you can use them as regular sockets. Impact socket heads have extra protrusions on the sides to help with gripping bolts and nuts when loosening or tightening them during automotive maintenance and repairs.

Impact sockets are a type of specialized hardware that is typically used by professionals in automotive repair shops or metalworking facilities because they’re able to withstand heavy impacts from hammers without bending out-of-shape as ordinary standard steel tools would. However, these quirky pieces of gear also have another handy application: using impact socket wrenches as general-purpose wrench adapters around the house when dealing with tasks such as replacing an old faucet valve stem seal or installing new brake rotors onto your car’s axle rims.

What are Impact Sockets made of?

Impact sockets are usually made of steel, brass, or bronze. Sometimes, are made of a mixture of metal and plastic. They’re a great way to build up the strength needed for certain tasks like loosening bolts and nuts that have become rusted in place from years of out-of-doors use. Impact Sockets do not corrode or chip like steel does, making them ideal for heavy-duty jobs that require lots of torque.

What are Deep Impact Sockets used for?

Deep impact sockets are used for three major tasks. The first task is to make it easier to take apart a stripped bolt head, and the second task is loosening up stuck bolts that can’t be removed by hand because they were left in too long. Finally, deep impact sockets allow you better access when working on vehicles or machinery with tight spaces around them so your hands don’t get cramped while continuing work quickly.

How to remove Pittsburgh Impact Sockets from the packaging?

In order to remove Pittsburgh impact sockets from their packaging, you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver, wrench, and hammer. Always wear gloves when handling any loose parts or hardware so that oils on your hands don’t damage anything else in the process! Now let’s get started by opening up the box with just one edge of it exposed enough for you to reach inside easily with both hands while not damaging other items around it if they are stacked close together.

How to clean impact sockets?

You should always clean your impact sockets before and after use. You can either do this by rubbing the insides with a cloth that has been soaked in soapy water, or you can also just scrub them out using an old toothbrush. The best way to keep up on cleaning is to invest in some liquid soap for automotive tools which will handle most of these tasks automatically!

How to keep Impact Sockets from rusting?

There are many ways to protect impact sockets from rusting. One way is by using a natural oil such as olive or canola oil, which will coat the metal and prevent it from corroding. Another option is applying an anti-rust paste-like WD40 on the exterior of your socket before storing it away for long periods of time in humid environments that could cause corrosion due to sweat drip offs during use.

To avoid having rusty impacts sockets you should apply either WD 40 when not being used or some form of natural oils including olive and canola oils with any other protecting products needed for specific applications around them while stored away.

Harbor Freight Impact Sockets Reviews

It’s hard to find a good toolbox these days, but Harbor Freight has you covered with its wide selection of tools. One such set is the impact sockets from this company, which include 19 different pieces that will be perfect for any project around your car or home!

The best thing about them? They come in both metric and standard sizes so they’ll fit on anything. Plus each one includes an easy-to-read chart listing what type it is (standard/metric) along with its size measurement. Even more importantly where you can use it! You won’t have to worry anymore if the socket wrench fits because all are included here as well.

The Harbor freight impact sockets are a mix of three benefits; affordability, reliability, and lightweight composition. Especially when it comes to loosening rusted bolts without injuring your hands and lightweight design features which make this tool easy to transport anywhere on site. However, the quality is a serious concern, particularly when compared with the competitors such as Tektons and Snap-On.

Harbor Freight Impact Sockets Coupons

Harbor Freight is a discount home improvement store with outlets throughout the United States. They offer tools and equipment at affordable prices, but their best deal may be on impact sockets that can save you as much as $30 off of other retail stores’ price tags! Head to the Harbor Freight site or your local outlet today for these great deals in person so it’s easier than ever before to improve your garage workshop!

Furthermore, the harbor freight company is known for its tools and often has plenty of coupons available. This includes both discounts on purchases of new products, as well as sales items in the store that are still current models but were previously discounted to clear out inventory space. You should check online before purchasing anything to see if there’s a coupon or sale going together with it!


Impact sockets are an essential tool for any mechanic or home handyman. They offer the best grip and can reliably remove stubborn bolts without damaging them. Harbor Freight has a wide range of impact sockets available, with different styles to suit your needs, as well as warranties that won’t let you down in case they break on you!

If you’re looking for something more professional-grade than what Harbor Freight offers then we recommend checking out Tekton tools instead-but if cost is a major factor in your decision-making process then it’s hard to beat these value-priced options from Harbor Freight. For those who want deep impact sockets, there are also shallow versions available which may be preferable depending on the type of work being done.

Once you have found the perfect fit for your needs, it’s important to know how to use them correctly in order to avoid injury as well as maximize their lifespan. We hope that our post has helped give insights so that you don’t get “impacted” by making a wrong choice! Happy wrenching!

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