Pep Boys Brake Services and Repairs

Looking for the most trustworthy brake services in the town? Pep Boys Brake Services are indeed the best in the business today! 

If you observe that your brake warning light is flashing, or you are hearing squealing or grinding sounds, or you certainly come to a stop with a jerk, you may have problems with your brakes. Fortunately, you can use the opportunity of free brake inspection at the Pep Boys. You will find yourself comfortable to know that the Pep Boys offer brake service packages as low as $60 for rear or front brake service with lifetime shoes or pads.

9 Popular Pep Boys Brake Service Packages

Every brake service at the Pep Boys includes:

  • Quality service from a team of professional ASE-Certified technicians.
  • Entire brake system evaluation.
  • Brake shoes and brake pads warranty (1-year with Pep Guard or otherwise depend on service package)
  • Resurfacing rotor or drum through a state-of-the-art brake lathe machine.
  • Premium brake replacements parts, if required, such as Wagner, Akebono, etc.

pep boys every brake service inlude

1. Pep Boys Standard Brake Service Package

The standard brake service package at Pep Boys includes a complete brake system evaluation and inspection, and brake shoes or brake pad replacement. This package may also include off-vehicle resurfacing of rotors or drums on the serviced axles performed by the Pep Boys ASE-certified professional technicians. Standard brake service at Pep Boys includes:

  • $40 discount with the coupon.
  • ProStop Standard Pads comprising of special resistance formula for delivering reliable stopping power for the safe braking of your vehicle.
  • Selected Pep Boys locations also feature Wagner branded pads and shoes.
  • All Breaking replacement parts including Wagner brake pads and shoes and ProStop standard meet the OE or original equipment specifications.
  • The company offers a lifetime replacement warranty on brake shoes and brake pads.
  • Pep Boys signature labor warranty on 6000 miles or 6-month.

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2. Pep Boys Original Equipment Brake Service Package

The renowned Pep Boys Original Equipment Brake Service Package at the Pep Boys includes Wagner QuickStop Pad or ProStop platinum pad. It offers all the necessary elements to your vehicle as described by your vehicle manufacturer. It also includes longer labor warranties and standard brake service offerings. This package includes:

  • Application of Wagner QuickStop brake pad or ProStop platinum brake pads to your vehicle braking system as per requirements.
  • Guaranteed original equipment performance by ensuring a manufacturer defined friction formula.
  • Reduction in harshness and noise by the utilization of chamfered and slotted original equipment requirements of your vehicle.
  • Utilization of vehicle-specific braking formulas.
  • Deliver pedal performance and feel of your original vehicle prepared.
  • Lifetime replacement warranty on brake shoes and pads.
  • Pep Boys special 12000 miles or 12-month labor warranty.

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3. Pep Boys Premium Brake Service Package

The premium brake service at the Pep Boys offers the next level of brake system service and incorporate Wagner OEx brake pads. Maintaining a long brake system life demand for examining the proper functionality of your vehicle hydraulic braking components and replacement of faulty parts. Fortunately, the premium brake service package at a Pep Boys includes all the long labor warranties and brake service level offerings. This package includes:

Wagner OEx Ceramic Disc Pads for Passenger

  • Formulated with zero copper friction formula.
  • Customized Floor Designs having application-specific options.
  • Optimize debris release probabilities to ensure longer life of your braking system.
  • Advanced OE-quality multi-layer shim technology with five layers.
  • Suppresses all the vibrations and noises to guarantee the quietest Wagner brake operation in your vehicle.
  • 18000 miles or 18-month labor warranty.

Wagner OEx Pads for SUV’s, Pick Ups, and CUV’s

  • Comprised of slot designs and patented shape.
  • Coolest operation is guaranteed due to turbulent airflow.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Reduced vibrations and sounds because of application-specific design.
  • Improved and effective shim attachment to ensure optimized and quiet operation.
  • 18000 miles or 18-month labor warranty.

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4. Pep Boys Ultra-Premium Brake Service Package

The ultra-premium brake service package at the Pep Boys will use Akebono brake pads. It is worth noting here that Akebono brake pads are not available at all the Pep Boys stores, but have limited availability. Akebono has years of experience and uses advanced ceramic technology, this is the reason that Akebono is the chief of manufacturer today in the ceramic material productions for the automobile. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Akebono is the originator of ceramic technology. Akebono delivers premium quality brake pads that provide the safest braking experience and best performance. Today, Akebono Ceramic Industries is a trusted OEM supplier in the United States. This package includes:

  • Premium quality Akebono brake pads.
  • Guaranteed safest braking experience and top-class performance.
  • Akebono premium ceramic brake pads ensure a notable reduction in debris and dust for cleaner wheels.
  • Superior quality braking pads composed of the finest characteristic materials.
  • Increased rotor and brake pad life.
  • Akebono braking pads ensure the most efficient and smoothest braking experience.
  • These best-performing braking pads don’t demand break-in requirements.
  • Lifetime Akebono warranty on brake shoes and brake pads.
  • 18000 miles or 18-month labor warranty.

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5. Pep Boys Power Stop Brake Service Package

The famous Pep Boys power stop brake service package comprises of the Pep Boys basic brake service and the following:

  • Installation of rotor kit and performance brake pad as a one-price service package.
  • Evaluation of your vehicle braking system.
  • Recommendation from ASE certified professional Pep Boys technicians about any additional brake services based on the physical condition of your existing braking system components.
  • This package does not include the price of the brake kit.

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6. Pep Boys Complete Brake Service Package

If you’re looking for a full-service brake package, go complete. So, if it’s time for new brakes, come to the Pep Boys, book an appointment online, or call your local shop for the best brake service. When you choose this service package, you will receive the following:

  • Evaluation of your entire brake system from expert Pep Boys technicians.
  • Resurfacing of your rotors.
  • Installation of new lifetime brake pads.
  • New Hardware installation, if required.
  • Complete brake fluid exchange.
  • Fresh brake fluid can improve braking especially in a lot of stop-and-go driving.
  • You will also receive our longest labor warranties.
  • Expert recommendations from service advisors to help you choose the best brake pad for your car.

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7. Pep Boys Do-It-Yourself Brake Job Package

If you are doing your own brake jobs, obviously you want to get the best stop possible. But even after replacing your pads and rotors, you might still be experiencing pulsation. In many cases this pulsation will not show up for several months, so you may not make the connection to the original brake job. That’s because of the DTV or disc thickness variation that’s causing the problem. It takes a few thousand miles to develop on a new rotor. It used to be that the run-out the crate of his condition was caused by the rotor, not being machined properly.

Today the source is most often the hub to which the rotor itself has attached. The only way to eliminate this run-out is to use an on-car brake lathe for machining the rotor. The old bench leads to canceling the job more. In fact, because of this issue, almost all auto manufacturers now recommend an on-car rotor resurfacing.

Even after you install brand new rotors, excessive run-out may still exist and you may still need the service. The Pep Boys can help you do the job yourself and still get that perfect stop. When you do your brake work, if you measure run out beyond the manufacturer’s specifications, most of the time that’s two thousand’s of an inch or more.

The Pep Boys have the answer for you. They can machine them to precisely match your car with our state-of-the-art on-car brake later. After you finish your next brake job, bring your car to the Pep Boys, and the ASE-certified technicians will get you run out problem-solving.

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8. Pep Boys Precision Match Brake Service Package

If your brakes squeal and screech or vibrate while you stop, end that forever with the Pep Boys Precision Match Brake Service Package. The noise and vibration are caused by wobbling in the rotors. With standard brake service, your rotors are machine cut off the car then reinstall in your car. With precision match brake service, the Pep Boys custom cut the rotors while they’re mounted on your vehicle allowing us to match the rotors to your car, creating a perfect fit,. Then with premium Akebono ceramic brake pads and new brake hardware installed your vehicle will always stop smoothly, safely, and silently. The Pep Boys ensure the labor warranty for 30 months and the brake pads for life.

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9. Pep Boys Basic Plus Brake Package

If it’s time to replace your brakes, the basic plus package may be the right choice for you. One of our technicians will do a thorough brake system evaluation, they will resurface your rotors and then install new lifetime brake pads. Also, this package includes new lifetime brake hardware which maximizes the operation of your new pads to keep your car braking smoothly and quietly. You also get an extended labor warranty. If your brakes need to be replaced visit the Pep Boys, book an appointment online, or through a phone call.

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Pep Boys Additional Brake Services

At the Pep Boys stores, you will find the following additional braking services at additional cost:

  1. Brake Hardware.
  2. Brake Fluid Exchange.

1. Pep Boys Brake Hardware

You will receive the following additional privileges with the Pep Boys Brake Hardware along with the basic brake service:

  • Only $20 with scheduled basic brake service.
  • Extend the labor warranty to 6,000 miles or 6-months.
  • Decrease brake pedal squeal and braking vibrations.

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2. Pep Boys Brake Fluid Exchange

With the passage of time, your vehicle brake fluid becomes contaminated and polluted. This is dangerous because it can dangerously decrease the life of your vehicle’s essential braking system components. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your brake fluid level. The Pep Boys offer a premium brake fluid exchange package with the application of quality, new brake fluid to keep your brake system components intact. If you avail the Brake Fluid Exchange Service along with your basic braking service at the Pep Boys, you will additionally receive:

  • Only $40 with a scheduled basic brake service package.
  • Extend the labor warranty to 6-months or 6000 miles.
  • Top Class braking system service performed by ASE certified professional Pep Boys technician.
  • Increase the longevity of essential braking system components such as wheel cylinders, hoses, and calipers.
  • Replacement of previously contaminated brake fluid with quality new brake fluid as specified by your vehicle manufacturer.
  • Greatly reduce the risk of costly braking system repairs.

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Pep Boys On-Car Brake Lathe Service

There’s no doubt in the fact that if you want the best fit, you simply need the best machines available. , fortunately, the Pep Boys on-car brake lathing service has a special design to offer your vehicle with the best fit with the braking system. The brake lathe machine available at the Pep Boys has the ability to collect all the thickness variations on the rotor. It will also increase the longevity of your braking system. The Pep Boys on-car lathe guarantee very precise resurfacing. This package includes:

  • $40 per axle and without a brake job $80 per axle.
  • Courtesy brake system inspection.
  • Measurement of the lateral runout.
  • Determination of the machine to the exact limits of your rotor.
  • The resemblance of the rotors to your vehicle performed by experienced ASE-certified Pep Boys technicians.
  • Guaranteed reduced noise and vibrations by using the state-of-the-art on-car brake lathe machine.
  • Very smooth braking and stopping by ensuring an exact match of rotors to your vehicle.
  • Elimination of all lateral runouts to ensure reduced pedal pulsations, less than 1000 of an inch, and reduced vibrations.

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Pep Boys Brake Service Pricing Policy

  • The term ” price as low as” shows the lowest price after mail-in rebate.
  • The Pep Boys company policy is that the mail-in rebate is not valid for commercial, special orders, or fleet purchases.
  • All the braking service prices will not be valid in any other promotion or discount or coupon.
  • The braking service prices at the Pep boys include the prices for the replacement parts such as OEX pads & Thermo-Quiet.
  • The Wagner premium brake service package also includes the price for basic labor.
  • The price for any brake service package may change depending on your choice of brake shoes or brake pads, vehicle model, and make.
  • The Pep Boys company will charge additional shop supply fees, except California, New York, and other states where prohibited.

Also, check the Pep Boys Service Guarantee/Price Match policy for more information on pricing.

Pep Guard/Pep Boys Labor Warranty

Pep Boys labor warranty

Pep Guard is a part of the Pep Boys standard Protection Program. This program will help you to get the extended warranty on service labors or other replacement parts that you purchased from Pep Boys. It will help you to save a lot of money. The Pep Guard program has two different options:

The Pep Boys’ Pepguard Limited Extended Labor Warranty (ELW)

The pepguard limited extended labor warranty from Pep Boys is applicable to eligible parts such as brake service. The standard labor warranty from the company is 4000 miles or 90 days. However, if you are in the Pep Guard program, the labor warranty will be extended to complete a full year without any condition of mileage. This warranty will help you to get completely free labor repair if you got any issue with the labor or replacement part used.

What does the Pepguard Limited Extended Labor Warranty cover?

The Pep Boys’ Pepguard Limited Extended Labor Warranty provides you with: Coverage for labor costs associated with covered repairs to your car or light truck’s drivetrain, engine electrical system, steering & suspension components from normal wear and tear during regular use up to 100K miles from the date of purchase. Coverage includes all parts & labor for covered repairs (parts not included, see store associate). Deductible applies if it applies in your coverage terms.

Do the Pep Boys’ Pepguard Limited Extended Labor Warranty also valid for the technicians?

However, the Labor warranty coverage is not provided for technicians working at Pep Boys Auto. This additional protection plan covers the cost of a technician’s labor to complete repairs covered by the manufacturer warranty. The deductible will be paid by you if it applies. Coverage begins on the date of purchase and cannot be transferred if a vehicle is sold.

What is Pep Boys’ Return policy?

Pep Boys also offers a 14-day return policy on all parts that are new or unused with original packaging and receipts, provided the part has not been installed into your vehicle. If you purchased installation services from Pep Boys for this part, please note their Return Policy does not allow for returns on installation services.

What does Pepguard Limited Extended Labor Warranty offer at Pep Boys?

Pep Boys’ pepguard limited extended labor warranty offers:

  • Limited—extended labor warranty for $19.99 with the purchase of select tires and wheels!
  • Valid at all U.S. stores on Pep Boys installed retail.
  • The limited-extended labor warranty plan is valid for five (60) months and services are provided by Pep Boys-trained technicians.

How much is the price of Pep Boys’ Pepguard Limited Extended Labor Warranty?

The Pep Boys’ offers pepguard limited extended labor warranty at $19.99/year, and $17.50 for a three-year plan! It’s also available with nearly all manufacturer-backed warranties. However, the offer excludes sale-priced tires and installed tire purchases with the installation package. Other terms and conditions apply, check pep boys site.

The Pep Boys Retail Replacement Program (RPR)

This warranty program is eligible for selected replacement parts purchased at the Pep Boys stores. The time period for this warranty is 6 months or 6000 miles. However, with the Pep Guard program, this warranty is extended to complete a full year without any restriction of mileage. With this warranty, you will receive high rewards and the least cost, warranty time, and complete peace of mind.

The Pep Guard Program will include:

  • 1-year warranty without mileage condition.
  • Pep Boys money-back guarantee.
  • This program is financed by a reputable insurance company.
  • Available at all Pep Boys locations.
  • Eternal peace of mind.

Pep Boys Brake Pads

Brake pads are the core of your vehicle braking system. They give the required friction to your vehicle to slow and stop in a disc brake system. Most of the time, the brake pads are situated in the brake caliper for most vehicles. The brake calipers apply the essential braking force on the brake discs.

What are Brake Pads?

In your vehicle, the brake pad transforms the kinetic energy of your car to the thermal energy by using friction. When the brake pad come in contact with a rotor, it generates heat, and transfer a part of this friction to the rotor. In the next step, the rotor and brake pad come in contact with each other to generate the necessary stopping power. The majority of the stopping power comes from the friction of the brake pads against the rotor.

How do Brake Pads Work?

The brake pads of your vehicle car located in the brake caliper. The working assembly of the brake pad is such that one brake pad employee pressure to the exterior surface of the brake rotor and the second brake pad apply force to the inner surface of the brake rotor. When the driver put the pressure on the brake pedal, the hydraulic brake fluid transfer pressure, and energy to the brake calipers. Under the influence of pleasure, the brake fluid pushes the brake caliper piston outward and let the brake pads to make contact with the rotor surface.  Finally, brad bird made contact with the rotor and generate the required friction which converts the energy to perform braking action and reduce the speed of your vehicle.

How are Brake Pads Made?

The manufacturers use a variety of metallic and organic materials to achieve the friction and make the brake pads. A binder material is used to keep the friction secure from the breaking or shedding under the influence of pressure and heat. The overall friction material is attached to a backing plate. The backing plate is then precisely placed into the caliper brackets and make appropriate contact with the caliper pistons. The brake pad noise is prevented using shims. Finally, there are wear clips attached to the backing plates and give frequent warnings to the driver when the friction material becomes very delicate. This warning means you need to replace the brake pads soon.

What are the major reasons for brake pads failure? What is it’s consequences?

The most common reason for the brake pad failure is regular wear and Tear from frictional effects. If you feel that your braking efficiency is significantly reduced, you must have your vehicle inspected soon because this may be the warning for the brakes failure ahead. However, failing brake pads can also show these symptoms:

  • Decreased braking performance.
  • Noisy grinding sounds.

If you observe any of these symptoms, you should take this seriously, or otherwise, you may have to face the following consequences:

  • Severe damage to the rotor or other important Braking System components.
  • Very lazy brake response.

Brake Pad Replacement Cost Pep Boys

How much is the brake pad replacement cost at Pep Boys?

The Brake Pad Replacement Cost at Pep Boys is $210 and $300, depending on your car model and parts needed for replacement. It is a very important factor to consider when getting your car serviced.

We also have a few tips for you on how to save money on the Brake Pad Replacement Cost at Pep Boys!

Some of these useful saving tips include:

a) Shop around for the best deals in town!

The Brake Pad Replacement Cost at Pep Boys varies greatly, so it is important to define your car model and parts needed before you take it into a shop. For example, if you own an Audi A-Class Series with Front Disc Brakes (Brake Pads), then the total Brake Pad Replacement Cost at Pep Boys will be $250, including the cost of parts and labor for replacement.

If your car model is not listed here, we still recommend you take it into a shop such as Pep Boys! There Pep Boys technicians can help identify the correct brake pads needed for replacement and tell you exactly what to expect for the cost of labor and parts.

b) Take your car to a shop for Brake Pad Replacement Cost Pep Boys!

When you bring your vehicle into a shop such as Pep Boys, their technicians will provide precise estimates on all costs involved with brake pad replacement before beginning any work. That way you don’t have to worry about overpaying for Brake Pad Replacement Cost Pep Boys!

c) Check out Pep Boys coupons and deals online

Pep Boys is a well-known auto repair shop that offers affordable brake pad replacement costs, as well as several other car services. They have an excellent website where you can save money on the cost of labor (i.e., Brake Pad Replacement Cost Pep Boys) by signing up for their email list. Their website also has a section where they offer coupons and deals on brake pad replacements, as well as other car services!

d) Get the best deal with the PepBoys coupon code online today!

It is easy to sign up for an account at the pep-boys site and get the best deal on brake pad replacement costs with a Pep Boys coupon code! Their website offers a live chat tab where someone from their customer service team can quickly help you find exactly what you need to save money on Brake Pad Replacement Cost Pep Boys.

e) Regularly check out the “Shop Specials” section of their website for special deals and offers on brake pad replacement costs.

Pep Boys is a well-known, family-owned, and operated auto repair shop that offers affordable Brake Pad Replacement Cost Pep Boys! They also have an excellent website where you can save money on the cost of labor by signing up for their email list. Their website has a section with “Shop Specials” where you can find special deals and offers on brake pad replacements, as well as other car services!

f) Renew your Pep Boys email list every week for the best savings online.

Pep Boys is a family-owned business that has been operating in New York City since 1921! They also have an excellent website with great information about brake pad replacement costs. Every week they send out an email to their customers with weekly specials on offers and deals for Brake Pad Replacement Cost Pep Boys.

g) Check online before you buy!

If you are looking for the best deal on brake pad replacements, be sure to compare prices at different shops so that you can get the lowest price on Brake Pad Replacement Cost Pep Boys! It doesn’t matter if you own a BMW, Audi A-Class Series with Front Disc Brakes (Brake Pads), or any other vehicle; determining the parts needed for replacement is an important factor when getting your car serviced.

h) Keep an eye out for Pep Boys ads in newspapers, magazines, TV channels, etc.

Pep Boys has a great online presence with their website and social media pages, but they also have TV commercials that run on channels such as ESPN. Their ads are often for deals on Brake Pad Replacement Costs Pep Boys!

Pep Boys Auto Parts; Brakes, Bearings, and Hubs

If you are hearing squealing sounds from your brakes, this can be perfectly normal or may indicate to a larger problem. A general perception is that screaming, grinding and screeching brakes sounds or wheel bearings often indicate to problems that need to be addressed or otherwise it is dangerous for you to drive your vehicle on the road.

The problem may be solved simply by machining your rotors or replacing your brake pads. However, there can be a larger issue faulty brake calipers, brake lines, master cylinder, or any problem with the hub that connects your chassis with the wheel.

At the Pep Boys stores, online, or in-store, you will find all the replacement parts and tools you need to do your own chassis and brake work. However, if you want the professionals to handle your work, contact your local Pep Boys Store, or make an online appointment to have your brakes and wheel bearings checked and fixed.

You can easily find a large variety of the replacement Parts for brakes and wheel bearings at the Pep Boys. The Pep Boys auto replacement parts include:

  1. Front brake pads.
  2. Rear rotor kits and brake pads.
  3. Front rotor kits and brake pads.
  4. Rear brake rotors.
  5. Front brake rotors.
  6. Front calipers, hoses, and hydraulics.
  7. Rear calipers, hoses, and hydraulics.
  8. Rear brake pads.
  9. Wheel bearing and hub assemblies.
  10. Master cylinders and components.
  11. Power brake boosters and components.
  12. Caliper covers.
  13. Front brake shoes.
  14. Rear brake shoes.
  15. Front brake drums.
  16. Rear brake drums.
  17. Front brake drum hardware and cables.
  18. Rear brake drum hardware and cables.
  19. Front disc brake hardware and cables.
  20. Rear disc brake hardware and cables.
  21. Front-wheel cylinders.
  22. Rear-wheel cylinders.
  23. Wheel bearing seals.
  24. Vehicle braking sensors.
  25. Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) parts.
  26. Vehicle braking switches.
  27. Axle nut and retainer kits.
  28. Combination and proportioning valves.
  29. Relays.
  30. Connectors and pigtails.
  31. Repair manuals.

Pep Boys Brake Pads

Lucky enough for you, at the Pep Boys stores, you will find three renowned brake pad brands of USA; Wagner, Akebono, and ProStop. You can select the best suitable brake pads for your vehicle, or you can take the help of any pep Boys associate to choose the best pair for you.

1. Wagner OEX Pads

Wagner OEX brake pad is a trusted name of the country. These brake pads give you the best braking performance with the help of a slotted design and vehicle-specific profile flexibility. It will increase your pad life up to two times and decrease rotor wear, and most importantly will stop you up to 50 feet sooner.

Very suitable brake pad design for pickups, CUVs and SUVs. It has the capability to stop you 50 feet sooner. The results have been proved by post fade performance testing at 60 miles per hour, performed by the Link Engineering Company. In this test, Wagner OEX brake pads were compared to the competitors. The vehicles used in this test were the 2011 Toyota RAV4, 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe, and 2014 Ford F-150. Reduced rotor wear results achieved by internally testing Wagner OEX to other Wagner products.

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2. Wagner ThermoQuiet

It is our top-class product from the Wagner company. Wagner ThermoQuiet comprises of single high strength component with an integrally molded insulator consisting of backing plate insulator and frictional materials. ThermoQuiet braking pads provide quieter braking operation, 15% more stopping ability, and 40% improved faded performance.

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3. Wagner QuickStop Pads

You will be really satisfied with the performance of Wagner QuickStop brake pads because they are certified tested and designed to guaranteed the vehicle braking system to almost the same as original equipment performance. It features application-specific design options, and ensure reduced noise causing vibrations. This equipment has optimal stopping performance. Wagner QuickStop brake pads will perform consistently throughout their lifetime due to 100% OE-post cured design. Moreover, this brake pad consists of low copper 2021 ceramic formulation and OE-style lubricant.

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4. Akebono Ultra Ceramic Brake Pads

These braking pads have the perfect performance and ensure reduced dust for cleaner wheels. Above all, they have the best-in-class construction, made with premium quality ceramic material.

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5. ProStop Platinum Brake Pads

They have a flexible design that easily matches the specific braking specifications of your vehicle based on the manufacturer’s requirements. ProStop Platinum Brake Pads guarantees a reduced dust and brake squeal to your vehicle. They will offer you a very soft brake pedal feel and produce OE performance.

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6. ProStop Brake Pads

Composed of OE high-class friction material. The ProStop Brake Pads have a flexible design that can easily match with the braking specifications of your vehicle.

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7. Platinum ProStop Brake Rotors

Stopping your car shouldn’t mean coming to a screeching and shaking halt. That’s why the Pep Boys offer Pro stop platinum high carbon rotors. Replacing your rotors with these keeps your stops smooth and silent and extends the life of your great system components. The rotor’s high carbon content makes them stronger so they are able to reduce spray-charge, which is what causes noise and vibration problems. They also distribute heat more evenly which means better faster braking and longer service life. Finally, the non-braking services are electrostatically painted to resist rust and improve the appearance behind your wheels.

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Pep Boys Brake Fluid Reservoir

The brake fluid reservoir is a container that is attached to the brake master cylinder. It has the responsibility to store your vehicle brake fluid. Moreover, it also preserves the brake fluid and ensures the proper working of the hydraulic braking system.

How do Brake Fluid Reservoirs Work?

When you put the force on the brake pedal through your foot, do your vehicle brake fluid transform that force into pressure animated run through your vehicle braking system. There is a fluid level sensor that gives you a warning when the fluid level gets low. The reservoir cap reserves the brake fluid from contaminants and other polluting elements. Mostly brake fluid reservoirs are made from molding the polymer.

What are the major reasons for Brake Fluid Reservoirs Failure?

Most of the time the brake fluid reservoirs fail due to the following reasons:

  • Damage or crack.
  • Failure of the fluid level sensor.
  • The faulty or damaged bladder inside the reservoir cap.

What are the notable symptoms of Brake Fluid Reservoir Failure?

The following are the notable symptoms of Brake Fluid Reservoir Failure:

  • Turning on of dashboard brake light.
  • Big leakages around the base or grommets.
  • Cracks in reservoir casing.
  • Fluid getting contaminated with moisture.

What are the Consequences of Brake Fluid Reservoir Failure?

The following are the Consequences of Brake Fluid Reservoir Failure:

  • Brake fluid liquid leakage.
  • Your brakes may stop working completely if the fluid level gets too low.
  • If you do not replace or repair your brake fluid reservoir, it will ultimately fail your brake system.

How much brake fluid cap cost at the Pep Boys?

The brake fluid reservoir cap replacement cost at the Pep Boys ranges from $5 to $22 depending upon your choice of cap type and brand. Dorman HELP 42042 Master Cylinder Cap is $6.49 whereas Dorman 42053 Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Cap is $12.23. Similarly, Motorcraft Master Cylinder Cap is $6.25, and Genuine GM Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Cap is $21.53.

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Pep Boys Do-it-Yourself Brake Jobs

1. Servicing Your Front Brakes Yourself

There is no doubt in the fact that the front brakes perform more than 70% of the stopping work. Therefore, you should be concerned about your front brakes and have them inspected regularly to get more secured on the road.

Mostly, the new car makes the demand for brake service every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. However, in order to ensure your safety on the road, you should get your breaks inspected before the start of each season, particularly before the start of summer and winter. This is because of the fact that the extreme weather conditions affect your brakes. Most of the brake repairs are simple and easy. Basic brake repair does not demand professional expertise, however, you must follow the guidelines of your vehicle manufacturer.

Most of the cars made after the 1970’s consist of a disc brake on the front. Disc brakes are much durable than the previous drum brake system. The biggest advantage is the simplicity in accessing the brake assembly, You only need to jack up your car, remove the wheel and tire, and you can easily observe the disc, rotor, and the caliper.

The operation of disc brake in simple. The hydraulic lock produces friction on the Rotor which generates the stopping force On The Wheel.

If you hear a squealing sound from your brakes, this is normally due to a damaged or worn brake pad. If there is no friction material on the brake pad, it will come in direct contact with the rotor producing squealing sounds. Therefore, the squealing sound is one big indicator of a worn-out brake pad. If your brakes are making a grinding noise, you must get them inspected as earliest as possible.

Required Tools

In order to perform the front brake job, you will need the following tools:

  1. A jack.
  2. Metal Pan.
  3. A micrometer.
  4. A collection of socket wrenches.
  5. Brake fluid.
  6. A turkey baster.

You should keep in mind that you may need to replace any of the following, depending on the model and make of your car:

  • Brake Pads.
  • Brake Shims.
  • Rotors.
  • Wheel bearings, tapered roller, or sealed type.
  • Brake caliper assembly.

You never know whether you have to replace any of the above items or not, until and unless you carefully inspect the entire braking assembly.


1. Purchase the service manual

You will get all the necessary and essential information on performing your brave job correctly in your service manual.

2. Getting started

You first need to jack up your car and remove your tire and the wheel.

3. Removal of Caliper

Rotate the brake rotor with your hand and check how much friction is left behind on the rotor. If you only find a small amount of drag, this is normal.

Remove the caliper and inspect the condition of the rotor. To perform this step, release the bleeder screw located behind the caliper. Now detach the flex hose, by releasing it from the fitting that connects it to your car. The hose is attached to the car via caliper. At this stage, place your metallic pan beneath to collect any remaining brake fluid coming out. Next, remove the unit by loosening any bolts or screws holding it.

4. Inspect the Rotor

Unscrew the big nut in the middle of the rotor. Some vehicles have rotors that slide off without unscrewing. You must separate the router from the braking assembly in order to inspect it. If your brake rotor is badly damaged, you will observe unusual grooves on its surface. However, you may not be able to recognize it all the time with the naked eye. Therefore, you should use to micrometer to measure if it is thick enough to keep going or need replacement.

Mostly, the braking rotors have minimum thickness measurements written on their edges. If you find that your rotor is rusty or very dirty, you should use a wire brush to clean it and expose the written measurement. Next, compare the micrometer reading with the minimum thickness written on the rotor body. You must replace your rotor with a new one if you find that it is suffering from lateral run-out or warped. The lateral run-outs create pulsations on your steering wheel when you apply the brakes.

5. Examine the Wheel Bearings

If your vehicle has sealed roller bearings and is damaged, it normally wears after 100,000 miles or so, you should replace your entire wheel hub assembly. If you find that it has tapered roller bearings, as most cars do, you should remove the roller bearing from the hub assembly and inspect it thoroughly. Try to find clear evidence of scoring or pitting. Even if it has these conditions, you should replace it after consulting your auto mechanic.

Before you replace your brake bearings, you should grease them. You should also take the precautionary measures, take some hand cleaner and rub it gently onto your hands, especially near your fingernails. In the next step, take a large amount of grease on the palm of one hand and hold appearing with the other hand.

Place the bearing with its wider end and press the large portion of grease into it. Make sure you apply enough grease so that it passes through all the holes in the entire bearing. Finally, put some grease into the hub and bearing race that holds the bearing and inserts the bearing into its original place.

Now you have to apply the grease to the seal. Most of the people make the mistake to hit the seal hard with a hammer. Never do this, or otherwise, you will easily destroy the seal. However, it is a good idea to open the seal using the seal driver, which is easily available at any Auto Supply Store. The seal driver completely fit on the top of the seal, now you can hammer the top of the tool and push the seal into its original place. In this case, even if you have to buy the seal driver, you actually have saved the money for costly seal replacement.

6. Replacement of Brake Pads

If you observe that your brakes are squealing, you may have to replace your brake pads. Sometimes the brake pads make squealing noise because the brake pad indicator tab gets exposed by the pad damage. It is an easy job to take off the old pads from the caliper. However, putting in the new pads demand more care. You should apply shims or anti-squeal gel when placing the new pads. It should be applied on the side of the caliper that comes in contact with the brake pad. Let the material dry for almost 30 minutes after applying the gel before replacement. Finally, you just need to click in the pads in the correct place.

7. Putting back the Assembly together

Now you are finished with inspecting all the components of your Braking System and affixed or replaced any parts as required. It is time to put everything back in the car. First of all, take the rotor assembly and wash it with soap you remove all the grease that may be left on it. Next, place everything back on the spindle and tighten it using the hub retaining nut.

Note: apply the torque to the bolts as specified in your owner’s manual. Over tighten or under tighten the bolts, this can be very risky and can become a major safety hazard for your vehicle on the road.

In the end, place the caliper back into the appropriate place as specified by your manufacturer. Gather all the flex hoses and reconnect them to the brake line.

8. Brake Fluid Replacement

If you observe that your brake fluid needs replacement, you can easily do it using a turkey baster and the metallic pan. Place the metallic Pan under the master cylinder and open it using a turkey baster. Remove the old fluid and add new fluid into the master cylinder. Attach a rubber hose to the opposite side of the bleeder screw and put it carefully into the pan for drainage. Ask the help from anyone else while you open the nut for the drainage of old fluid. Close the master cylinder, and tighten the bleeder screw again.

9. Replace Wheel, Tire & Hubcaps

Finally, replace everything, the tire and the wheel assembly, put the hubcap on and that’s all.

Performing brake maintenance and inspection is relatively simple to work. However, vehicle brakes are essential for driving safety. Therefore, you should exercise as much care as possible and you should refer your vehicle manual for every possible guidance. If at any stage you don’t feel comfortable, you should give up the work and should consult an auto expert to perform this job with all required safety. Never compromise your safety at any cost.

You can easily find all the above tools and parts on the Pep Boys auto stotes, available online as well as in-store. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the brake job yourself, let the ASE-certified expert technicians handle this important job for you.

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2. Fixing the Brake Squeal Yourself

fixing the brake squeal yourself with anti-squeal gel

If you are a regular driver, you probably have heard the squealing sound. Whenever you come across this noisy sound, you feel really annoyed, don’t worry, you Are Not Alone.

The squealing noise from the front of your car can be due to multiple reasons. However, most commonly it is because direct metal to metal interaction between the brake backing plates and piston or caliper frame. There is one thing common that every time the squealing sound will be coupled with high-frequency vibrations.

You will be happy to know that this solution is fairly inexpensive and simple, although you have to disassemble the brakes. The anti-squeal compound is easily available at the auto parts store. You will have to use some of the anti-squeal compounds on the opposite side of the brake pad. Let it dry for some time and then reassemble the brakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pep Boys Brake Services

How much for a brake job at pep boys?

The brake service price at the Pep Boys ranges from $205 to $365. The brake fluid change labor is $65, while brake pads prices range from $140 to $300. The Pep Boys offer three brake service packages; Pep Boys Basic, Pep Boys Basic Plus, and Pep Boys Complete and four types of brake pads; Standard, Platinum, Ceramic, and Akebono ceramic.

For Pep Boys basic brake package, it is $140 for standard pads, $190 for platinum pads, $210 for ceramic pads, and $230 for Akebono ceramic pads. For Pep Boys Basic Plus brake package, it is $160 for standard pads, $210 for platinum pads, $230 for ceramic pads, and $250 for Akebono ceramic pads. Similarly, for Pep Boys Complete Brake Service Package, it is $210 for standard pads, $260 for platinum pads, $280 for ceramic pads, and $300 for Akebono Ceramic Pads.

The Pep Boys brake service pricing is summarized in the table below:

[table id=3 /]

How much is brake service in pep boys?

The Pep Boys brake service varies from $205 to $365. Pep Boys brake fluid change labor is $65, while brake pads prices range from $140 to $300. The price of brake service largely depends upon your selected package, brake pads types, and make.  It is $140 for standard pads, $190 for platinum pads, $210 for ceramic pads, and $230 for Akebono ceramic pads with Pep Boys Basic Brake Package. While, it is $210 for standard pads, $260 for platinum pads, $280 for ceramic pads, and $300 for Akebono Ceramic Pads for Pep Boys Complete Brake Service Package.