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Uhaul Customer Service

There are three types of Uhaul customer services available on Uhaul website. They are available in Contact us section of the website and it includes live chat, email us and call customer service options. In live chat option, if the customer needs help, he can chat with a U-haul representative online. You need to press the live chat button, the pop-up will open and you need to enter the name to begin chat. After putting your name in the box click begin chat to get started. The representative will approach you as early as possible so please wait and you will be given the same directions. So chat using Uhaul live chat and tell your problems to the customer representative.

If you have some time and can wait, we shall ask you to choose the second option that is, email us. Click the email us button and it will redirect you to email form in which you have to choose the subject. Additionally, you have to put your name, email address, order/contact number and type your message to send them. You need to know that your order or contact number is optional so it’s your own choice. After filling all the sections, you need to send the email and uhaul customer representative will contact you as early as possible.

The third option is Uhaul customer service phone number, so dial it to speak to their representative.

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Call U-haul Customer Service 


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