Uhaul Utility Trailer Rental: What to Know?

Uhaul Utility trailer rental is a great way to have the equipment you need when you need it. The Uhaul company offers a wide range of sizes to fit any project, and they are available in both four-wheeled and six-wheeled models. Uhaul utility trailer rentals also come with an assortment of standard features that make them perfect for all sorts of jobs, including UV-resistant sidewalls, self-venting doors, and heavy-duty suspension systems. You can rent Uhaul utility trailers at your local Uhaul dealer or online today!

So, if you are looking for Uhaul utility trailer rentals, then this blog post will give you all of the information that you need to know before renting one. From what size Uhaul utility trailer rental would be best for your needs, to how much Uhaul utility trailers cost. We also have some tips on how to make Uhaul utility trailer rentals easier on yourself!

Why Uhaul?

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There are several reasons why you should select Uhaul for your moving needs.

Uhaul has everything; an extensive selection of vehicles including trucks, vans, and cars so there is likely to be one that fits the size of your move or how much space you need in a vehicle.

Storage options: Second, if you don’t want to take everything at once, Uhaul has storage options near most major cities. If you don’t want to leave it all at once but rather take it over time, this can save money as well. Their employees will assist with loading everything into the car and unloading when you get to your destination, making things…

Best Assistance: Lastly, since these employees work with Uhaul regularly they know what types of boxes fit best inside each type of Uhaul vehicle so you can pack efficiently.

Why Uhaul Utility Trailer?

Utilizing a Uhaul utility trailer is very helpful if you are moving from one place to another since it can help move bulky items. It allows for additional storage of things that would otherwise be difficult or impractical to transport by hand.

Uhaul utility trailers are a great option for anyone that needs to move heavy items. These can be used with cars, trucks, or SUVs and they’re able to haul up to 3200 lbs! They also have flatbeds which are perfect for hauling stuff like furniture pieces as well as large appliances such washers/dryers etc.

  • U-Haul offers a variety of utility trailers for all types of jobs.
  • Trailer rentals are available nationwide at over 3,000 locations.
  • Renting a utility trailer is easy and affordable at competitive rates.
  • You can rent any size trailer from 10 feet to 26 feet long.
  • Rentals start as low as $19 per day or $249 per week.
  • The process takes less than 15 minutes to complete online or by phone.

Uhaul Utility Trailer Rental: What to Know?

Utility trailers are ideal for towing big items and landscaping supplies. These vehicles have an open-top design, allowing you to easily move tall and odd-shaped things.

U-Haul has a variety of open utility trailers for any do-it-yourself project or move, including home improvement projects, furniture transportation, business deliveries, and towing recreational vehicles. With U-Haul utility trailers, you may conveniently complete any do-it-yourself job or relocation on your budget.

With most vehicles, you may tow these open utility trailers. Are you struggling to lift a lot of weight? That’s not an issue with many Uhaul trailers, which have an EZ Ramp for easy dolly loading – no lifting required.

Benefits of renting a Uhaul Utility Trailer

Uhaul trailers are ideal for u-hauling large items like mattresses, dressers, and televisions. These vehicles have an open-top design, allowing you to easily move tall furniture pieces that may not fit in the back of your car or SUV.

U-Haul has a variety of open utility trailers for any u-haul job or relocation on your budget.

With most Uhauls, you can tow these open utility trailers without difficulty – even with smaller cars! Are you struggling to lift heavy objects? That’s not an issue with many Uhaul rentals because they come equipped with EZ ramps which make it easier than ever for individuals who need assistance loading their belongings into the rental vehicle. U-Haul u-hauls are also equipped with LED lighting, making it easier for you to load and unload items at night.


  • Uhaul Utility Trailers are affordable to rent for short-term or long-term needs
  • You can easily transport just about anything with the ability to carry up to 1,500 lbs.
  • Uhaul has trailers in a variety of sizes and styles so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your needs.
  • Easily tow heavy objects like ladders, appliances, furniture
  • No gas or long-term commitments are necessary
  • Tow at your own pace with adjustable speeds up to 25 mph
  • Renting a utility trailer is helpful for carrying large items that won’t fit in your car/truck.
  • Renting allows you access to a larger trailer capacity than if you were purchasing one.
  • Trailer rentals are easy to manage.

How to find the best deals for renting a Uhaul utility trailer?

Renting a Uhaul can be expensive, but you have to do it if the job requires hauling something bigger than your car. It’s worth getting a great deal so try these tips:

1. Compare Prices

Call around and compare prices for renting from different places before making any decisions. Maybe claim that someone in your family is celebrating an anniversary or birthday soon as this will often entitle them to discounts. If there are multiple trailers at one place for rent ask about bundling options where they discount each trailer by 10% when rented together.

2. Travel on Weekdays

Travel on weekdays especially Mondays since fewer people tend to travel then which gives more opportunities. Open up those social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook because many businesses offer coupons through their posts. Call ahead of time during slower hours such as Tuesday mornings or afternoons.

There are also websites like kouponskeeper where you can get coupons for Uhaul trailers that will enable you to save money on the rental cost.

Rent or Buy a Uhaul utility trailer; what’s better?

A trailer is necessary to transport materials and goods whether you’re packing for a move, going on a camping trip, or doing landscaping work. You may be wondering what the most effective way is to acquire or rent a trailer. To answer this question, consider the following factors: –

Which type of trailer do I need?

It’s a good idea to be aware that there is a trailer for virtually any task you might need help with. There is an infinite number of things that could be carried on your trailer, no matter what the job entails. Utility trailers are available in two styles: open and enclosed. For example, there are furniture carriers for big items like as tables or chairs that must be protected from the elements or kept secure from theft. Tall furnishings and landscaping equipment are also put in open utility trailers.

Because the requirements and capacity required could vary from one activity to another, it’s critical to keep adaptability in mind. When you buy a trailer, you’re buying into a single type of vehicle for life. Why pay for a trailer if you can rent any type you want? You get all of the benefits of owning various types of trailers without having to invest in an entire fleet.

How much does it cost to own a trailer?

When it comes to deciding whether to buy or lease a trailer, remember that cost is involved. The initial purchase price of a trailer, as well as the ongoing ownership costs, must be considered when making this decision. Owned trailers must be registered in many states, and the price is based on weight.

An inspection for safety involves charges and fees. To register your trailer, you must also submit proof of insurance. Insurance premiums are determined by a variety of factors including the length and width of the trailer, how often you use it, and more. Also, remember to budget for maintenance and upkeep!

The rental cost for a U-Haul trailer includes registration, maintenance, inspections, insurance, and other fees. Because you can tow knowing that everything is up to date and secure, renting makes the process much easier.

How often will I use my trailer?

A trailer is an essential tool that is versatile, even if you have to run errands of any sort. Despite its wide array of applications, it’s crucial to figure out how often you’ll use it. Make a list of all the tasks you need to accomplish that require this equipment and tally them up. Many individuals who utilize their trailers once a week or more have determined that renting is still the most cost-effective method for getting the work done.

Where will I store my trailer?

It’s time to consider where you’ll keep your trailer once you’ve calculated how often you utilize one and the cost of ownership. This is a question that many people overlook but which is equally essential. Depending on the size, you may store it on your house or a storage facility when not in use. If your home isn’t big enough to hold it, keep in mind that storing it at a storage facility or unit will incur an extra charge each month or year.

There are no storage expenses involved with renting since you may reserve and retrieve a trailer at your leisure. You may return your trailer to your local U-Haul when it’s finished. Online reservations allow you to ensure that you have the appropriate type of trailer for the job.

Peace of Mind with Uhaul Utility Trailer Rentals

U-Haul trailers are reliable and trustworthy. We do regular maintenance on our trailers ensuring they are your safest option. When renting a U-Haul trailer, you are backed up by 20,000+ U-Haul locations across the United States and Canada.

U-Haul’s lightweight, durable aluminum trailers are known for their dependability and trustworthiness. The company keeps their vehicles in top condition by doing routine maintenance on them to ensure that they are the finest option for you. When you hire a U-Haul truck or trailer, you have access to over 20,000+ U-Haul locations across the United States and Canada to help with your moving needs.

Uhaul Rental Trailer; Why?

There are a few things to consider before renting a U-Haul trailer. If there is an engine problem or a flat tire, the company comes to your assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Another advantage of leasing is that if the trailer has difficulties or you get into an accident, it can be swapped for one of the other 100,000+ trailers in the rental pool so you can keep moving. You will be fully responsible if anything goes wrong if you buy instead.

Finally, it’s up to you, but by renting first, you may discover what works best for you. In-town rentals at U-Haul start at $14.95 and go up to $34.95 per rental period. Renting is a fantastic way to experiment with various types of trailers before making a purchase decision because the prices are so low.

Where can I pick up my rented equipment at U-Haul Company?

Although U-Haul allows you to return the truck close to your new home, it is frequently more cost-effective to return it to its original rental location. If you’re moving closer and willing to make a two-way trip rather than a one-way journey, you might save hundreds of dollars. And if you’re moving a long distance, ask U-Haul if it needs your truck in a location other than the one closest to where you are going. Individual stores can occasionally offer a bit of a break if you agree to drop it off somewhere else for them.

Furthermore, you can find your local U-Haul dealer by using the store locator on uhaul.com or uhaul.ca and entering a postal code to see results in that area. If you don’t have internet access right now, call Uhaul national toll-free number 800-GOUHAUL (800-468-42935), and they will be happy to assist you over the phone!

Popular Uhaul Utility Trailer Rentals

1. Uhaul 4×7 Utility Trailer Rental

Uhaul 4×7 Utility Trailer Rental

The Uhaul 4×7 utility trailers are perfect for small and medium-sized projects. With a load capacity of 1,770 lbs behind your tow vehicle, you can now take on more landscaping or home improvement tasks than ever before! This light towing trailer is also great for local in-town moves as well as deliveries with an easy one-person set up so no help is necessary when it comes time to unload all those heavy boxes from the store. Towing this Uhaul trailer will be a breeze since any car has enough power needed to get this little workhorse going down the road without much struggle.

  • Very lightweight and easy to tow
  • Small utility trailer perfect for local in-town moves, deliveries, and home improvement projects
  • Open top trailer with 1,770 lbs of load capacity behind your tow vehicle
  • Landscaping and other fun projects are easy to accomplish
  • Towing with any car is simple, even a compact sedan!
  • Storage for your belongings is free of charge
  • Save time by loading your items onto the trailer with ease
  • The 4×7 Uhaul utility trailer rental has the lowest deck with a soft ride
  • Easy towing capabilities and heavy-duty tie-down rings.
  • The gross vehicle weight of this particular model is 2400lbs maximum, empty 630 pounds.
  • 26 sq ft space for your cargo.

Where to use the Uhaul 4×7 utility trailer rental?

Moving Small Cars: The Uhaul 4×7 utility trailer rentals are popular for transporting small automobiles, and their open top makes it easier to move taller objects. Utility trailers have lots of tie-down loops built-in, so be careful when loading your cargo. Secure your goods with rope or straps to the numerous tie-down holes present on all of our utility vehicles.

Self-Deliveries: The 4×7 utility trailers from U-Haul are ideal for self-deliveries and can be pulled by cars with a towing package. Our smallest open trailer rental has 26 square feet of loading space, enough to pick up that new appliance yourself and save significant delivery costs. The 4×7 utility trailer is a soft-stack truck that features a soft ride and is easily towed behind any car thanks to its lightweight.

Save time by scheduling and reserving your 4×7 Uhaul utility trailer rental online right away. Uhaul takes safety first, so all open trailer customers are advised to load the truck heavier in front, use tie-downs to secure their cargo, drive slower than normal, and, most importantly, please always wear your seatbelt.

How much is the price of a Uhaul 4×7 utility trailer rental?

You should expect the price of Uhaul 4×7 utility trailer rental to be between $50-$70 per day. They also charge an additional $10 per day in some states. You may also have to pay some charges for accessories, fuel charges, etc.

2. Uhaul 5×8 Utility Trailer Rental

Uhaul 5×8 Utility Trailer Rental

If you need to transport your belongings or make deliveries for work, the Uhaul 5×8 utility trailers are an excellent option. These medium open trailers renting at $75 per day are one of the most economical choices at Uhaul. It’s easy to tow with a lightweight design and reliable in transporting goods without any issues during travel! These trailers can hold between 500 lbs – 1 ton of cargo depending on the model you choose.


  • Affordable – affordable utility trailer rental, easy towing
  • Easy to Tow – easy for customers with any vehicle
  • Softest ride – soft on the top surface of cargo area
  • Max load: 1,890 lbs. – few frames offer this much space
  • Inside dimensions are 108″ x 51.5″ (LxW) – perfect size for storing in your garage or driveway
  • Perfect for getting heavier objects that weigh up to another person’s weight limit.

The lowest deck means you don’t have to constantly bend over, saving your back. The Softest ride means your items won’t bump around or fall out as much. It also helps the trailer last longer. Easy towing makes it easier on yourself and others who might help you haul. Finally, it is affordable and reliable which means that this trailer will never let you down when hauling.

Uhaul 5×8 utility trailers offer a smooth ride with low loading decks, making it simple to load and tow. The 1,890-pound capacity of the 5×8 trailer rental should be more than adequate for any delivery or home-improvement project! They have plenty of tie-downs available on all of their utility trailers to keep your goods secure with ropes, tarps, or straps.

Where to use the Uhaul 5×8 utility trailer rental?

Utility trailers are ideal for transporting sod or construction supplies. The 5×8 utility trailer is perfect for you if you’re collecting tall plants from the nursery or 4×8 pieces of plywood.

The 5×8 utility trailer is popular with companies that transport items for trade shows or deliver products to clients, while people frequently rent them to move furniture, pick up purchases, and haul camping equipment and ATVs.

Save time by reserving and scheduling your utility trailer rental in advance through Uhaul. Uhaul puts the safety of its customers first, therefore all trailer renters are advised to load the truck higher in front, tie down their cargo, drive slower than they normally would, and, most importantly, wear their seatbelts.

How much is the price of a Uhaul 5×8 utility trailer rental?

You should expect the price of Uhaul 5×8 utility trailer rental to be between $60-$90 for one day and sometimes an extra $10 per day after that. You should also expect the extra charges for accessories, fuel charges, etc.

3. Uhaul 5×9 Utility Trailer Rental

One of Uhaul’s most popular open trailers is the 5×9 utility trailer with a spring-assisted fold-down EZ loading ramp. The ramp on this utility trailer makes it perfect for towing motorcycles, ATVs, and golf carts as well as other appliances like bikes or lawnmowers using dollies! It’s affordable and reliable too making it one of their top choices if you need an easy load moving vehicle.


Dimensions, Loading Capacity & Price

  • Inside dimensions are 9’2″ x 4’9″ (LxW)
  • The ramp width of 4’9″
  • Unloaded weight counts 1,240 lbs.
  • The maximum loading capacity is 1,650 lbs.
  • Ramp Loading Capacity is 1,810 lbs.
  • The maximum Total Weight of the trailer & load should not exceed 2,890 lbs.
  • Get the most bang for your buck, this utility trailer is just $99-$180 per day!!!


  • The fold-down ramp makes loading and unloading easy
  • Save time, energy, and money with the EZ-loading utility trailer
  • Affordable utility trailers for multiple needs
  • Reliable company with convenient locations in every US state
  • Safe, wide ramp for a low deck truck or SUV
  • Softest ride found in a trailer rental
  • Heavy-duty tie-downs to keep cargo secure
  • Motorcycle chock for easy loading on a motorcycle trailer

Where to use the Uhaul 5×9 utility trailer rental?

For local and one-way transportation, a 5×9 utility trailer is an excellent option. This open-top utility trailer is ideal for transporting your motorcycle to the workshop for repair or moving it to a new house across the state. You may tow it behind your vehicle rental or personal automobile.

Utility trailers by Uhaul come with heavy-duty tie-down rings to keep your biggest bicycles safely secured, and several of their 5×9 utility ramp trailers include an integrated motorcycle chock support to keep your bike in place.

Utility trailer rentals are also an excellent low-cost alternative for residential deliveries of landscaping and other home maintenance projects. 5×9 trailer rentals are popular with businesses and consumers use them for a variety of purposes, including equipment transportation, big shipments, and company outings. Uhaul open-top trailers can help you meet your business or personal hauling demands. The 5×9 utility ramp trailer’s loading capacity of 1,600 lbs will suit your every requirement!

How much is the price of a Uhaul 5×9 utility trailer rental?

You should expect the price of Uhaul 5×9 utility trailer rental to be between $99-$180 for one day and an additional $10 per day after that. Similarly, it will include additional fees for accessories and delivery. This versatile 5′ x 9′ Uhaul utility trailer can fulfill all your moving needs. Whether you need it for camping trips with the family or transporting your latest project home from school/work, these workhorses have got you covered at an unbeatable value.


4. Uhaul 6×12 Utility Trailer Rental


The Uhaul 6×12 open trailer rentals are perfect for larger, local in-town deliveries and home improvement projects. They have low decks that make it easy to load your cargo into the trailers; they also come with heavy-duty tie-down rings which will keep everything securely fastened while you drive! Their largest utility trailer has a high towing capacity so even if you’re hauling large equipment like appliances or lumber this is still an option worth considering when renting one of these versatile rental options.

Dimensions, Loading Capacity & PriceDimensions

  • Inside dimensions are 12′ x 6’2″ (LxW).
  • The maximum loading capacity is 2670 pounds.
  • The total weight of the vehicle is 4400 Pounds maximum.
  • Empty trailer weights up to 1730 pounds.
  • The floor space of this trailer is 74 square feet.
  • Uhaul 6×12 open trailer rental price ranges between $125-$200 per day.


  • Low decks make it easier to load and secure cargo
  • Loads of tie-downs for securing cargo
  • The largest utility trailer rental in Uhaul’s fleet
  • Load up your cargo or deliveries quickly and securely
  • Plenty of room to show off your hard work on home improvement projects
  • Versatile trailer for various loads
  • Features Automatic hydraulic surge brake

Where to use the Uhaul 6×12 utility trailer rental?

A 6×12 utility truck is a bigger trailer suited for in-town delivery and home renovation requirements. Utility trucks will assist you in completing your task whether it’s delivering a product order to a client or transporting garbage to the landfill to get rid of unwanted things. Utility trailers are also popular among homeowners interested in renovating their homes.

The 6×12 utility trailer can carry a maximum load of roughly 2,600 pounds and has nearly 70 square feet of floor space. Their utility trailers are equipped with an automatic braking system, tandem axles, and a spring suspension for a smooth ride while transporting your goods.

Millions of individuals and businesses throughout North America have used Uhaul’s fleet of big utility trailers to help them move. You should also get this best moving service, today!

How much is the price of a Uhaul 6×12 utility trailer rental?

The Uhaul 6×12 open trailer rentals price ranges between $125-$200 per day plus tax with a mileage charge of 0.54 cents/mile. The price mainly depends upon the distance you will cover using this Uhaul trailer and your expected date of reservation. However, this price includes full insurance coverage for the vehicle and driver including zero deductible collision damage waiver (CDW) protection against loss or damages to your rental car when you are at fault in an accident that exceeds normal wear and tear.

Furthermore, Uhaul ensures a Price Lock guarantee that your rate won’t change for 30 days after you reserve, so add an extra layer of protection on top of Uhaul’s already low rates and pre-book today to lock in this great deal while it lasts.

5. Uhaul 6×12 Utility Trailer Rental with Ramp


The Uhaul 6×12 utility trailer with the ramp is almost identical to the above 6×12 trailer model. This is the largest U-Haul trailer which has a 57″ foldable ramp that makes it easy to load cargo into your truck or car. Many people use this large size as motorcycle trailers, and take advantage of its features for loading motorcycles easily onto their vehicle too! This model weighs 3,710 lbs but can carry up to 5678 lb maximum payloads.

For anyone on the move, Uhaul’s 6×12 utility trailer with a ramp is probably worth considering. This type of moving truck provides more space for you to store your belongings while keeping them safe from weather elements and other potential hazards that can easily happen when in transit.

It also comes equipped with a strong metal floor so anything inside stays sturdy even if there are bumps along the way during transport or loading/unloading processes at both ends of travel time. The front tire has been designed slimmer than most vehicles have which allows it easy maneuverability over various kinds of terrains such as gravel roads without having to get stuck halfway through due to loss of traction control within its tires’ grip area.

Dimensions, Loading Capacity & Price

  • The inside dimensions of this utility trailer are 12′ x 6’2″ (LxW)
  • It includes a ramp with a width of 4’9″
  • 3710 pounds of maximum loading capacity.
  • Loading capacity for the ramp case 1810 pounds
  • The total weight of the vehicle should not exceed 6000 pounds maximum.
  • The empty weight of this trailer is 2290 pounds.
  • The spacious inside dimensions of 74 square feet.
  • Can move up to 60 MPH speed.
  • Its price starts at approx. $150 and goes up to $250 per day plus tax.


  • Easily load cargo with the fold-down ramp
  • Transport motorcycles, bikes, or any other equipment
  • Load heavy items without needing help from others
  • Fits in most neighborhoods
  • The 6×12 utility trailer is the largest U-Haul offers
  • Lowest deck for easy loading
  • Soft ride to take the stress off your back and cargo
  • Automatic hydraulic surge brake when you need to stop quickly
  • The widest ramp in the industry, 57″, for effortlessly loading and unloading
  • The utility trailer can be used as a motorcycle trailer
  • Lighter-weight than traditional trailers, yet stronger to safely carry heavy loads up curves or steep hills
  • Uhaul has been around since 1944 and is trusted worldwide

Where to use the Uhaul 6×12 utility trailer rental with a ramp?

The 6×12 open-top utility trailers’ ramp makes loading and towing a breeze. This EZ load ramp is ideal for moving heavy/bigger things on dollies, wheelbarrows, and moving creeper dolly. Uhaul 6×12 utility vehicles are also popular choices for home renovation projects and deliveries because they include several robust tie-downs.

This Uhaul utility trailer is designed for landscaping and construction firms to utilize. They can load open-top, taller, or ungainly goods onto the ramp before wrapping them up for shipping. The 6×12 utility trailer with a ramp, which has 74 square feet of floor space and is capable of towing more than 3,710 pounds, is an inexpensive alternative for in-town towing!

Utility trailers with a length of 6 feet, 12 inches are frequently used as ATV and snowmobile trailers since they have enough floor space and a low loading deck with a ramp for simple loading. The majority of golf carts, as well as many other off-road ATVs, may easily fit in the 6×12 open-top trailer. This utility trailer rental is also popular among motorcyclists, who will often use it as a motorcycle trailer. Some trailers even come with a built-in motorcycle chock.

How much is the price of a Uhaul 6×12 utility trailer rental with a ramp?

The price of a Uhaul 6×12 utility trailer with a ramp ranges between $150 to $250. The company decides the price depending upon your total journey and the date of reservation from today. If you are moving on a long journey then it may include a mileage charge of 0.54 cents/mile plus tax. However, UHaul includes complete insurance coverage for the driver and vehicle including zero deductible collision damage waiver protection for any unforeseen accident during the journey. And luckily all this coverage is included in this price.

Selecting Uhaul Utility Trailer

Uhaul utility trailers come in a few different sizes and types, each of which is good for certain jobs. To find the Uhaul you need, consider what sort of work needs to be done with it. Here are some specific recommendations:

  • Moving supplies – Uhaul 12ft trailer rental
  • Building materials or gardening supply transport – Uhaul 16ft cargo trailer rental
  • Outdoor events – Uhaul 20ft xl enclosed trailer rental

In terms of size, think about:

  • How much space you will have at your destination?
  • How many people might need to use something inside the Uhaul?

Uhaul Utility Trailer Sizes Explained

A utility trailer must be wide enough and long enough to provide secure storage and comfort while driving. If not, then there’s no point in renting it.

Uhaul 12ft trailer rental for small spaces and low-weight items is good for quick trips to the dump, recycling center, or storage facility.

Uhaul 16ft cargo trailer rental is perfect when moving bulky furniture or appliances that won’t fit inside a car. This haul will reduce physical labor during an already strenuous task. You can also use this type of Uhaul to transport supplies between work sites if you are doing remodeling projects on multiple houses at one time.

Uhaul 20ft xl enclosed trailer rental is most helpful when you want to transport items that are not weather/airtight. A Uhaul of this size can hold a lot of weight, but it requires more room for storage than the other trailers do.

If you have questions about Uhaul utility trailer rental near me or how exactly these types of usual work, feel free to contact Uhaul! They’re happy to help with anything related to moving and transporting your belongings. For all things UHaul rentals in Denver area communities like Englewood & Littleton Colorado call 303-756-2076

How to Reserve a Uhaul Utility Trailer Rental?

1. Open a Uhaul Account

If you are looking to rent a Uhaul utility trailer, the first step is to get started with a Uhaul account. You can do this by either creating one online or through your local Uhaul franchise. If you create it on the website, you will be able to choose from available trailers and compare prices in real-time for each size and style Uhaul offers.

2. Select your desired Utility Trailer Rental

The Uhaul website also provides a list of standard features each Uhaul trailer has to offer and the capacity for weight, so it is easy to compare trailers and find one that fits your needs. Local Uhaul dealerships will have all the same options as well as an additional option: you can select from any available vehicle Uhaul has to offer. If you want Uhaul storage options, u-box moving containers or u haul truck and SUV rentals, this is the place for it!

3. Reserve Your Utility Trailer

After selecting what size Uhaul utility trailer rental that fits your needs best, the next step is reserving it. On both Uhaul’s website and at local dealerships you can receive a free quote online if you agree not to hold anything against them in case of price changes before pick-up time.

You will need to provide information like where are you located (your zip code) as well as when would be an ideal date range for delivery/pickup (be mindful about upcoming holidays). Other than that there isn’t much else on the reservation process so after getting all the details in the order you will be set to Uhaul rental.

4. Time to Move Securely

After your Uhaul trailer is delivered and you are ready to start moving, it’s important to make sure the Uhaul utility trailer is completely hooked up correctly for safe driving on public roadways. If not, u-locks can secure both coupler and hitch pin/ball when not connected together; they come with every u haul tie-down strap (for securing items inside) or wheel chock (to prevent the vehicle from rolling).

One thing that many people don’t know about u-lock straps is they actually have a steel core so if someone tries cutting them open without knowing what they’re doing there could be damage done! For this reason, you should only use U-locks provided by Uhaul with every Uhaul purchase just to be safe.

5. U-Locks; Life Savers for Moving with Utility Trailers

So now that you know all the basics about u-locks and wheel chocks, it is important to make sure u-lock straps are fitted correctly; we recommend standing at the back of the vehicle (not in front or beside it) and pulling the strap as hard as possible across hitch area before securing u- locks around coupler and ball/pin.

If there’s slack leftover after tightening down Uhaul tie-downs, pull them even tighter by hand rather than setting your load on top of them since they will only stretch more under pressure later! Also, remember if you’re using a larger trailer like one from UHaul then you need an extra of hands during pick-up time.

6. Double Check Everything

After u-locks are properly tightened down, Uhaul tie downs can be double-checked to make sure they aren’t too loose before putting weight on them. If you’re hauling furniture or appliances it’s important not to set anything directly on top of u-lock straps since the pressure of items could break easily if tied incorrectly!

This is why Uhaul wheel chocks are so useful for securing wheels in place while moving heavy things onto trailer bed; even though it may seem like a simple tool all surfaces should be considered when using wheel chock especially those which have much traction such as tile and wood floors where there might not much grip at all. For this reason, we recommend making sure Uhaul utility trailers come with anti-skid bars (on Uhaul equipment) in order to help prevent accidents.

Uhaul Utility Trailer Near Me

In order to Uhaul utility trailer rental, you must have a valid driver’s license and be 18 years of age or older. There are certain weight restrictions for Uhaul trailers that vary by location so it is important to check the specifics at your local store. In addition, Uhaul trailers cannot exceed sixteen feet in length while carrying over 1000 lbs.

Keep this in mind when choosing a Uhaul rental near me as there may not always be options available depending on your specifications (e.g., size and type). The cost of Uhaul rentals varies based on several different factors such as:

  • What type of equipment do you need?
  • How long it will take you to return the item(s)?
  • If any additional ramps or tie downs are required?

Uhaul rentals can be expensive, but there are several Uhaul coupons available that may help lower the cost of Uhaul trailer rental.

FAQs about the Uhaul Utility Trailer Rental

How much does a Uhaul Utility trailer rental cost?

The Uhaul utility trailer rental price starts from $19.95 up to $250 per day and $70 for a one-way trip, plus mileage and taxes. The price is decided by the size of the utility trailer, total distance to travel, the equipment return time & the reservation date. Some states may include a mileage charge of $0.54/mile in the total bill. Make sure you know Uhaul’s fuel charges for your state, equipment return time & Uhaul security deposit before renting a Uhaul utility trailer.

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Do Uhaul utility trailers include a tow hitch?

Most Uhaul trailers do come with a standard receiver that has a particular design to fit on most vehicles – no wiring required! However, if your vehicle does not have this type of receiver or if it doesn’t have one compatible without installation additional charges may apply.

How to use a Uhaul price estimator?

Costs vary depending on the size of your rental truck or trailer as well as what locations you’re planning to visit. For an estimated cost in your area simply enter where you’re starting from and where you plan to go into uhaul.com’s u-haul rental cost estimator and u-haul will provide you with a guaranteed lowest price for your u-haul u haul truck or trailer.

Is renting a Uhaul utility trailer is right for my needs?

There are a few simple questions to ask yourself before you head out to rent a Uhaul utility trailer.

  • Do I need extra space on my truck or car?
  • Will this Uhaul be used for work, pleasure, or both?
  • Is there enough room in my Uhaul storage unit at home to store the Uhaul until needed again?

These questions will help determine if renting a Uhaul is right for your needs.

Who should rent a Uhaul utility trailer?

The following people should consider renting a Uhaul utility trailer:

  • Homeowners who need to haul large or bulky items.
  • Contractors, landscapers and other professionals that use their truck for work purposes.
  • Anyone looking to move large furniture, appliances, and equipment.
  • Anytime you need to transport bulkier items.

Where can I find more information on renting a Uhaul utility trailer?

The Uhaul website has a lot of information about Uhaul utility trailers. If you click on the “rent now” button, it will take you to your local Uhaul dealer where you can find more details and get started with Uhaul trailer rental services.

What is a Uhaul single axle utility trailer?

Here is some additional information about the Uhaul single-axle utility trailer from their website:

It costs approximately $44-$50 for one day to rent a Uhauls single axle utility trailer. This price does not include tax or fees that may apply in addition to this amount. Other charges may also be applied during pick up or drop off at a UHAUL location that is beyond their control such as fuel surcharges, registration fees, etc. These charges vary depending upon the market area selected by the customer at the time of reservation.

Uhaul’s single-axle utility trailers have a payload capacity of 1100 lbs. Other Uhaul trailers can carry heavier loads, up to 2000 lbs. You should always check Uhaul dealers for specific information about what you would like to rent and their weight load limitations.

What are some important things to keep in mind before renting a Uhaul Utility Trailer?

Moving with U-Haul in town? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Consider the Distance: If you’re moving nearby and willing to make a roundtrip journey, it could save you hundreds of dollars, but if you’re going long distance ask U-Haul if they need your truck somewhere else for them. Individual stores can occasionally offer a bit of a break if you agree to drop it off elsewhere for them instead of the one closest to where you are going.

2. Pick up at Original Rental Location: The cheapest way is usually by returning the truck near your destination or close to home, but this option might be more expensive because it will involve additional mileage charges– for every mile between the store and your new home.

If you rent a truck for $150, but it costs an extra $300 in mileage fees to take it back to where you rented it, then that’s not worth doing! To avoid this problem, return the truck near its original rental location.

How to find the best Uhaul Utility Trailer deals?

When you’re looking to rent a Uhaul utility trailer, it is important that you know where the best deals are. There are several Uhaul companies in your area and they all offer different prices so finding the cheapest price for renting one can be difficult but you can check for them manually by calling the Uhaul utility trailers near me or visiting them personally.

How do I know which Uhaul dealer has the cheapest rates?

The first thing you need to do is find out which Uhaul dealer has utility trailers available at their storage units closest to you. Then compare those rates by calling each Uhaul dealer to see which Uhaul trailer rental company has the cheapest prices. You should also compare their u haul equipment return time and fuel charges as well!

Once you’ve found out who has availability at their storage units closest to where you live, make sure they have exactly what you need before making any decisions because if there are no Uhaul utility trailers available near me during your needed dates then it doesn’t matter how cheap the rate is! If possible try calling a day or two in advance just so that you can ensure that they have what you’re looking for ready when needed.

How do Uhaul rental rates compare to other ءhaul dealers?

Make sure you look at all your options of other moving companies as well before renting a Uhaul utility trailer. You can even consider taking a Uhaul truck, which is larger than the trailers but may be more cost-effective for you!

What should I ask about when calling ءhauls for their cheapest rates?

You should ask them about their Uhaul equipment return time and fuel charges. Make sure you get all this information so that when it comes to picking up your Uhaul trailer rental, everything is ready and prepared! You’ll also want to be clear on the Uhauls security deposit before picking up u haul trailers.

What are Uhaul Utility Trailer Rentals return time and fuel charges?

When you rent a Uhauls trailer, they require that it is returned by the end of your rental period or else there will be extra fees added to your bill. Make sure you know what times Uhaul utility trailers can be returned.

What is the Uhaul security deposit for Uhaul utility trailer rental and how much does it cost?

When you rent a Uhauls utility trailer, the company will charge your card for an amount that covers any damages that may occur to their equipment during your Uhaul trailer use! Make sure you know what this u haul utility trailer rental amount is and that it covers Uhaul equipment return time.

When will I receive my Uhaul’s security deposit back?

If there are no damages to the trailer when you bring it back, then your refund should be on its way within a few days! Make sure you know what documents u haul trailers will need to return Uhaul equipment the day you bring it back.

What does Uhaul require for a Uhaul security deposit?

You’ll want to make sure that your u haul utility trailer rental company requires an official invoice or receipt of purchase as well as a bill of lading so Uhaul trailers will know u haul equipment return time.

What is the Uhaul security deposit refund policy for Uhaul Utility Trailer Rental?

When you rent a Uhauls utility trailer, they require that it is returned by the end of your rental period or else there will be extra fees added to your bill which include their Uhaul equipment return time Uhaul fuel charges, Uhaul security deposit amount as well as u-haul equipment use.

Other Notable Services from Uhaul

Did you know that Uhaul utility trailer rental is just one of the many services from Uhaul? There are also Uhaul moving trucks, Uhaul car trailers, and more! You can find these deals all over at the Uhaul website.

  • Learn about the different types of UHaul equipment (ex: storage containers) available for rent on their website. -You can search in your area to see what type of special promotions they have running right now with a simple click of a button.
  • If you need help deciding which unit would be best for your needs or if you want to schedule an order ahead of time give them a call at 800-789-3638 today!

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