Harbor Freight Caster Wheels: Find Best Ones

Harbor Freight caster wheels are a great way to save money on your next project. They come in many sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. With harbor freight caster wheels, you can upgrade any piece of furniture or another heavy item that has no wheel attachments without breaking the bank! This article will help you find the best harbor freight caster wheel for your specific needs. We’ll cover how to identify the right type of harbor freight caster wheel and go into detail about their features and benefits.

Why Harbor Freight?

Founded in 1979, Harbor Freight is an American-owned and operated company that offers a wide variety of discounted products. The two main categories are tools & hardware as well as automotive items. Discounted items range from small household appliances to motorized power equipment for the home or workplace with savings up to 60% off retail prices.

Customers enjoy shopping at this store because they can find any item priced under $10 which means there’s something for everyone! If you’re looking for cheap prices on great quality name brands then stop by your local branch near you today where every day more than five thousand customers drop in daily making it one of America’s fastest-growing discount tool retailers!

Everything about Caster Wheels

What are caster Wheels?

Caster wheels are small, wheel-shaped devices that attach to the underside of furniture legs. They allow a piece of furniture such as an office chair or table to slide easily across flat surfaces without leaving scuffs and scratches on the surface below it; they also prevent damage from friction between wood floors and tables with metal bottoms. Casters make life much easier for those who have difficulty moving around their home!

Why do you need Caster Wheels?

Caster wheels are a great thing to have in your home or office because they make it much easier for you and other people who may use the space regularly. The wheels allow items that might be too heavy, such as furniture like desks, chairs, and tables, to slide easily on various surfaces without having someone else push them around. Using caster wheels also helps reduce wear-and-tear (such as scratches) caused by dragging objects across floors or carpets instead of rolling them smoothly over these materials with help from an individual’s feet moving alongside the object being moved.

  • Increase the mobility of your heavy-duty cargo
  • Create a smoother ride for passengers in your building
  • Protect the integrity of the floor you are using to transport equipment
  • Prevent injuries and accidents
  • Increase safety for those in your household
  • Keeps furniture from being damaged
  • Make it easier to move around bigger pieces of furniture

How to choose the right type of caster wheel for your needs?

You should keep the two main considerations in mind when choosing the caster wheels for your needs:

1.Wheel Size & Load Weight

When picking casters for a given piece of equipment, don’t forget to consider the weight and capacity needed. Generally speaking, larger wheels are used when rolling over obstructions to distribute their load better. However, if there is no need or requirement for maneuverability then a small caster will suffice as you can save on the cost by not going with large ones that would heavy your budget down too much.

Never take a chance with your equipment. Always choose an item that exceeds the capacity for any load you are expecting it to bear, otherwise, if something is not as expected then there’s no leeway in performance and safety will be compromised.

2. Selecting the right wheel for the caster

When it comes to selecting a caster, you want one that is best for the type of flooring in your home. The hard tread wheels are better on soft or smooth floors while softer wheel casters roll well over rough surfaces like outdoor ground. To ensure protection against damage, go with cushioned castors which provide less surface area contact and will be gentler on delicate footings such as terrazzo tiles or wood laminate planks.

Wheels can be made from a variety of materials to provide the necessary traction for different surfaces. Wheels with solid cushions are best suited for floors that need protection, such as carpeted areas and wood flooring. Advantage TPR is optimal if being used on hardwood or other smooth surfaces because it does not leave behind any type of residue when walking on them which could cause harm in high traffic areas like schools where there may be allergies present.

Harbor Freight Caster Wheels

What is Harbor Freight Caster Wheels?

Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers

Harbor Freight caster wheels are a cost-effective, convenient way to move heavy and bulky items. They will help you maneuver your tools around the workshop or garage with ease! They’re designed for smooth mobility on any surface indoors and out – so they’ll get your equipment where it needs to go without damaging flooring, countertops, walls, or floors.

Harbor Freight caster wheels are a durable option to consider for your home’s mobility needs. These come in multiple sizes from small and lightweight models, perfect for flat surfaces like hardwood or linoleum floors, all the way up to heavy-duty commercial grade casters that can hold more than 300lbs of weight! Sizes vary by wheel size (ranging from 2″x2″, 4″x4″, 6″ x6″), load rating capacity (- 150lb – 350lb), material type (caster steel vs rubber).

How much is the price of the Harbor Freight Caster Wheels?

The price of Harbor Freight caster wheels ranges from $10 to about $300 with the average being around a hundred dollars. They offer an affordable option for those who are looking for quality casters at reasonable prices, and they can be shipped internationally which is rare for most other stores that sell something like this The low-cost yet high-quality options offered by harbor freight make them stand out among competitors in their niche market. With various types available, there’s sure to be one that will suit your needs – whether you’re looking primarily at durability or speed.

How to identify Harbor Freight Caster Wheels?

Harbor Freight 3 inch Rubber Light Duty Swivel Caster with Brake

A castor wheel, also known as a caster or swivel chair is the round part that can be found on office chairs and most other furniture. The Harbor Freight Caster Wheel does not have any branding whatsoever so it may be difficult to identify whether you need one of these wheels for your project at first glance but there are 3 ways in which they differ from regular castors:

  • They usually come with 2 screws rather than 4.
  • Their height will always fall between 9-11 inches while standard sizes range from 5 – 18″; and finally.
  • A lot less expensive–their prices typically vary between $1-$7 each where their counterparts would normally start around $18.

There are a few more ways to identify if the caster wheel you have purchased is from Harbor Freight. First, look at where it says “Made In.” If this phrase appears in both English and Chinese characters (e.g., Made in China), there’s a good chance that your caster was made by one of two manufacturers: Chengshan or Dongguang Dinglian Garments & Hardware Co Ltd.

This can be confirmed with an internet search for their company names as well as images of either manufacturer’s product line provided on their website, which typically includes pictures of casters throughout the various sections they produce them under such as hand tools/hand-held power tools /hardware type stuff like nuts and bolts etcetera.

Installing the Harbor Freight Caster Wheels

The harbor freight casters can be attached to furniture or other household items like chairs. Here are some steps you might take when attaching casters:

1. Choosing the Right Type of Caster

There are two main varieties of casters you can attach to furniture: screw-on and standing posts.

a. Screw-On Casters

Screw-on casters feature a plate that is attached to the caster mechanism. The screw-on top of these mechanisms screws directly into furniture for it to be secured and able to roll around freely. Screw-on are typically less decorative than post type, but allow for wheels with swivels so you can maneuver your items where they need to go!

b. Standing Post Casters

The standing post casters are a great choice for furniture, as they require no screws to attach them. Just drill the hole up through the leg or corner and you’re good to go! The caster will fall out if your piece of furniture is lifted off of the ground though so keep that in mind when considering post casters.

2. Making Sure the Corners are Ready

The corners are the most vulnerable part of furniture that is manufactured in factories. When you buy a piece, there’s no extra support at these points and it will be up to you to make sure they can handle any casters if needed for mobility.

To accomplish this, you’ll have to measure the depth at which your caster will be located and cut pieces of scrap wood with a height equal to or greater than this measurement. Then glue these scraps together so they form a thicker base for where your caster can rest securely during installation without falling through gaps between boards when weight is applied from above it (such as someone sitting down).

3.Installation of Casters

Installing your casters can be a fairly straightforward process if you know what to do. Flip the furniture over, so that its bottom is facing up, and then position each caster plate in place and square them with the edges of the woodwork before installing screws into all four corners. Once they’re installed flip it back right-side-up!

With post casters, installing caster assemblies is a breeze! First, tip the piece onto its side. Next, drill your holes in each corner and install the caster assembly. Finally, test that it’s able to support weight by tipping the bottom of it back down to meet with the floor again.

Types of Harbor Freight Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are the most common wheel design for industrial and commercial applications. The harbor freight caster wheels come in all shapes, sizes, materials (plastic or steel) to fit different needs of work environments but they can be divided into two major categories: solid casters that have a heavy load capacity; and pneumatic caster with air-filled tires which offer less resistance than their solid counterparts.

1. Harbor Freight Cast Iron/Semi-Steel Caster Wheels

Harbor Freight Cast Iron/Semi-Steel caster wheels

The harbor freight cast iron caster wheels are made of gray iron. These durable, rust-resistant casters can be found in a variety of industries including construction and warehouse facilities as they roll smoothly over dirt, gravel, and other uneven surfaces with ease. Cast irons have the ability to withstand extreme heat which is useful for high capacity applications like factories or warehouses where forklifts drive around constantly all day long without much downtime (something that steel would not fare well under).


Cast Iron/Semi-Steel caster wheels are perfect for heavy-duty applications. They have a hardness of 90-95A and can operate in temps as low as -40°, but they require the use of precision bearings with high tolerance ball or Delrin plain bearing types to maintain stability at higher temperatures.

Suitable Floor Types & Operating Conditions

The Harbor Freight Cast Iron/Semi-Steel caster wheels are perfect for high environments that require more strength such as oil and grease. The material can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a necessity in areas with very high heat conditions like animal fats or metal chips. This wheel is also ideal for use on concrete surfaces where the floor types will be exposed to mild chemicals from things like cleaning products and regular pedestrian traffic so they wear well over time without rusting prematurely!

2. Harbor Freight Flanged Caster Wheels

Harbor Freight Flanged caster wheels

The flanged caster wheel is designed to operate on a steel track for a smoother, more pleasant ride. In addition to this smooth operating condition, the load capacity tolls are reduced which allows for higher capacities and easier rolling! The cast iron and steel construction make these wheels long-lasting so you can enjoy your high-quality product well into the future.


Flanged caster wheels are a great choice for your current flooring project. They come in three different types: hard, medium-hard, and soft casters. Harder Flanged caster wheel models have 130-150 Brinell hardness which is perfect if you’re looking to move heavier loads without having to worry about the weight damaging the surface of your floors or causing any other issues like scuffs that would need repair work later on down the line when they happen. When it comes time to replace bearings we recommend choosing one with plain bore ball bearings because these provide better resistance against wear than tapered roller bearing designs do at higher operating temperatures (up 8o°).

Suitable Floor Types & Operating Conditions

Flanged caster wheels are made from durable, high-quality polyurethane to keep your store running smoothly and efficiently. They can handle harsh chemicals such as oil & grease, metal chips that may be on the floor at a construction site or in warehouse environments where heavy equipment is used for loading and unloading operations—whenever you need protection against sharp objects like nails. The casters also have excellent resistance to extreme cold (-45º F), so they’re perfect when working outdoors during winter months, but beware: these same qualities make them less suitable for use with animal fats due to their sensitivity!

3. Harbor Freight Forged Steel or Ductile Steel Caster Wheels

Forged Steel or ductile steel caster wheels

The possibilities for what these Harbor Freight Forged Steel or ductile steel caster wheels with solid, unbreakable creations can do are endless. Forged Steel or ductile steel is used when loads become too great to be supported by floor protection and also in situations where there is no risk of harm to the ground. Compared with other styles of castor wheel, forged steel offers a greater capacity for weight-bearing as well as an increased impact strength that will not fail when placed under pressure.


With their durable construction, these wheels are perfect for any floor type. They can withstand temperatures of up to 800° and will work well with a variety of bearings such as roller, tapered, or plain bearing types. These casters also come in forged steel which is more rugged than ductile steel but still offers the same benefits as being able to take on higher operating temps without compromising quality.

Suitable Floor Types & Operating Conditions

The Forged Steel or ductile steel caster wheels are perfect for any type of operating condition. They can be used with mild chemicals, oil, and grease, metal chips without a problem! These durable casters will also keep working even when the temperature changes from very hot (+250º F) to cold (-45º F), or if there is animal fat involved (gross)!

4. Harbor Freight Glass Filled Nylon Caster Wheels

Harbor Freight Glass Filled Nylon Caster Wheels

The harbor freight Glass-Filled Nylon Caster Wheels are Resilient, non-marking caster wheels made from a blend of nylon and glass. They’re designed to withstand high temperatures without breaking or melting away as other materials might do in the same situation; they also resist hard impacts that don’t leave permanent marks on your floors, making them ideal for kitchens where there are often lots of food prep happening. These durable casters can take all sorts of cleaning chemicals too!


These caster wheels are perfect for your business needs. They come in a variety of finishes and materials, so you can choose the one that best suits your space! These heavy-duty casters have a 65 D hardness rating to keep them strong on any hard surface like carpet or tile flooring. With operating temperatures up to 490° continuous or 550° intermittent they will be able to handle those hot summer days without melting down under pressure from high heat levels.

Suitable Floor Types & Operating Conditions

Harbor Freight Glass-Filled Nylon caster wheels can be used underwater, in steamy conditions containing mild chemicals like oil and grease. They are also resistant to heat up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit as well as extreme cold down to 45ºF! These handy casters will hold strong with metal chips interfering with the wheel’s rotation or animal fats getting stuck on them.

5. Harbor Freight Hard Rubber Caster Wheels

Harbor Freight Hard Rubber Caster Wheels

Hard rubber caster wheels are a durable option for moving heavy equipment. One-piece molded construction and available in either black or grey, these casters will not flatten when under load making them excellent for use on high traffic surfaces such as tile floors. They offer easy start-up with their great rolling ability that is resistant to most chemicals and oils which means they can be used just about anywhere! As hard rubber casters do not leave any marks on the surface being rolled over like soft wheeled variants would, you won’t have to worry about needing an expensive cleaning service after every move.


Hard Rubber Caster Wheels are durable and will provide excellent traction for a variety of hard floor types. For carpets, they have a low-friction design that provides better maneuverability when the wheels don’t need to roll over obstacles. They can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°F all the way up to 180°F (intermittently).

Suitable Floor Types & Operating Conditions

Ramps, gear drives, and lead screws are some of the common types of mechanisms that use hard rubber wheel bearings. They can work well in a variety of different conditions including water, steam, mild chemicals such as engine oil or brake fluid; metal chips which could be machining shavings from cutting tools; extreme cold (below -45°F); animal fats like greases and oils typically found on machine surfaces during heavy-duty industrial applications. Their noise reduction design allows them to function quietly for safety reasons when working with products used at hospitals where there is sensitive equipment nearby while also being able to protect floors by not scratching them up too much since they have no sharp edges!

Top-Selling Harbor Freight Caster Wheels

Harbor Freight is a company that sells products at very low prices. They offer high-quality items for home improvement and automotive use, including casters! The top-selling caster wheels sold by Harbor Freight are designed to install on wheelbarrows and utility carts. These heavy-duty casters can be used in both indoor or outdoor settings because of the durable construction materials they’re made of but it’s important to note that these specific caster wheels do not have brakes so try your best not to overload them if you plan on using them outdoors where there may be environmental hazards like inclines or declines as this could lead to injuries and accidents.

There are the following main types of most-selling harbor freight caster wheels:

  1. Harbor Freight Heavy Duty Caster Wheels.
  2. Harbor Freight Fixed Caster Wheels.
  3. Creeper Harbor Freight Caster Wheels.
  4. Rubber Harbor Freight Caster Wheels.
  5. Harbor Freight Locking/”With Brakes” Caster Wheels.
  6. Large Harbor Freight Caster Wheels.
  7. Swivel Harbor Freight Caster Wheels.
  8. Harbor Freight Steel Caster Wheels.
  9. Harbor Freight Stem Caster Wheels.
  10. Threaded Harbor Freight Caster Wheels.
  11. Harbor Freight Trailer Caster Wheels.

We have explained the swivel and locking/”with brakes” categories in detail here:

Harbor Freight Caster Swivel Caster Wheels

1. Harbor Freight Haul-Master 1-5/8 Inch Solid Rubber Swivel Caster

Haul-Master 1-5/8 Inch Solid Rubber Swivel Caster

This high-quality Harbor Freight Haul-Master 1-5/8 Inch Solid Rubber Swivel Caster is constructed for ultimate durability and smooth movement across a multitude of surfaces. Pressed steel double ball bearings are designed to withstand rigorous use. The casters support 60 lb each, have non-marking treads made from solid rubber, 360° rotation capability with the ability to swivel in all directions, zinc-plated yoke and plate on both sides of the wheel as well as double ball bearing axles which provide smooth rollability while simultaneously supporting weights up to 60 lbs at once.

  • Helps with the transport of heavy loads
  • Non-marking treads
  • Double bearing axle for a smoother ride and more stability
  • 360 degrees swivel

2. Harbor Freight 2 Inch Clear Polyurethane Light Duty Swivel Caster

2 Inch Clear Polyurethane Light Duty Swivel Caster

The Clear Polyurethane Light Duty Swivel Caster wheel is a must-have for any homeowner that has some furniture or other heavy items to move around the house. The caster features 360-degree ball-bearing swivels, which means you can easily maneuver your way through tight spaces with ease and without damaging anything in its path. These casters also have a zinc-plated steel yoke; this makes them extra durable so they won’t break on those bumpy roads! This lightweight polyurethane caster safely supports up to 150 lbs of weight – making it perfect for things like oversized armoires and marble tables too large to fit into most doorways when moved by hand.

This wheel is made of a clear polyurethane material that will not corrode or rust. It has 150 lbs load rating and comes with a ball-bearing hub for smooth, easy use on any surface. The 360º ball bearing swivel provides flexibility in all conditions while the zinc plated steel yoke and stem provide durability to last over time under heavy loads.

  • Handles all kinds of terrain
  • All-weather, round rubber wheel design reduces noise and provides a clean ride
  • Ball-bearing hub for smooth rolling action
  • Durable steel construction

3. Harbor Freight Haul-Master 2 Inch Rubber Swivel Caster

Haul-Master 2 Inch Rubber Swivel Caster

This high-quality rubber swivel caster is constructed for ultimate durability and smooth movement across a multitude of surfaces. Pressed steel double ball bearings are designed to withstand rigorous use. The heavy-duty design makes this caster ideal for carts used in restaurants, schools, and hospitals. The casters support 75 lb each with 360° swivels that make them great on many different floors including tile or laminate flooring as well as carpeted ones like those found at malls or theaters where they can pivot easily without getting stuck by the plush fibers.

  • Swivel design eliminates wheel bind
  • Polypropylene hub provides long-lasting durability and easy cleaning.
  • A double ball-bearing axle ensures 360° swivel performance.
  • Zinc-plated steel yoke and the plate allows for added protection to the caster’s overall construction

4. Harbor Freight 3 Inch Solid Rubber Swivel Caster

3 Inch Solid Rubber Swivel Caster

This high-quality rubber swivel caster is constructed for ultimate durability and smooth movement across a multitude of surfaces. Pressed steel double ball bearings are designed to withstand rigorous use, with each one supporting 165 lb., They have zinc plated steel yoke, plate, and axle that give the casters their durable construction. The tires are solid rubber with no-marking treads so they slide smoothly over different surfaces without scratching or damaging them.

  • High load capacity
  • Durable and reliable
  • Smooth visible tread
  • Zinc-plated steel yoke
  • Visible tread
  • Reduced noise
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Load capacity up to 165 lbs.
  • Swivel at 360° for maximum maneuverability

5. Harbor Freight 3-1/2 Inch Rubber Swivel Caster

This high-quality rubber swivel caster is constructed for ultimate durability and smooth movement across a multitude of surfaces. Pressed steel double ball bearings are designed to withstand rigorous use, with the heavy-duty design making this caster ideal for carts used in restaurants, schools, or hospitals. The casters should be sold individually; supporting 250 lbs each fully loaded (or nominally). A 360° swiveling polypropylene hub makes up the base of this unit while zinc-plated steel yoke and plate make up its frame structure.

  • A must-have for any business that moves
  • Lowers the risk of injury and makes transporting heavy loads easier
  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Replace worn out or damaged caster wheels to get the job done right
  • Provides 250 lb. load capacity
  • Clearer to use than yoke or plate bearing axles
  • Holds up well in wet and snowy weather
  • Swivel provides easier maneuverability

6. Harbor Freight 4 Inch Polyurethane Swivel Caster

Harbor Freight 4 Inch Polyurethane Swivel Caster

These heavy-duty polyurethane casters keep going smoothly even on rough, chip-littered floors and won’t crack with a heavy load. Each caster has an impact-resistant wheel that stands up to regular use in indoor environments. They have solid construction for longevity and are zinc plated steel alloy so they’ll last you through years of frequent reuses without rusting or corroding away at your storage space.

  • Hardened surface is durable
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Polyurethane wheels are better than plastic ones because they are hard and smooth which means that the tread does not wear out as quickly.
  • Wheel with a smooth tread for grip
  • Regular 4 inch polyurethane wheels
  • 330 lb load rating
  • Zinc-plated steel yoke and plate

7. Harbor Freight 4 Inch PVC Swivel Caster


The wheel on this swivel caster is durable and smooth to ensure it easily moves heavy items around your workshop or warehouse. With a 135 lb capacity, these casters are ready for intense use in the shop or garage. These zinc-plated steel yoke and plate casters have double ball bearings with 360° swivels that make them versatile enough for any job involving carts.

  • Smooth roller wheel for easy rolling
  • Zinc-plated steel yoke and plate
  • Double ball bearings
  • 4” PVC tire with rubber tread
  • Strong load rating
  • 360° swivel
  • Free shipping
  • Easy installation
  • Don’t have to drill holes in the floor, no need for screws, carpets, or tiling needed to get full functionality
  • Caster wheels are high quality and durable

8. Harbor Freight 6 Inch Rubber Swivel Caster Wheels

Harbor Freight 6 Inch Rubber Swivel Caster Wheels

This high-quality rubber swivel caster is designed for ultimate durability, smooth movement across a multitude of surfaces, and can support up to 600 lbs. each with double ball bearings that are pressed steel. This makes it an ideal choice when selecting casters in restaurants, schools, or hospitals as the tire has a tread with a smooth finish so you don’t have to worry about catching your feet on anything while rolling carts around these facilities where there may be other people walking by at any moment!

  • Smooth Tread for easy rolling
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Convenient 360° swivel
  • Swings in and out of the way with ease
  • Easily move heavy objects with these rollers
  • Carry large items around your workshop or garage
  • Place on top of tables, desks, or other furniture for stability
  • Protect floors by using in place of casters that use small plastic parts

9. Harbor Freight 8 Inch Cushioned Rubber Swivel Caster

Harbor Freight 8 Inch Cushioned Rubber Swivel Caster

This fixed caster’s solid rubber cushion tire rolls smoothly and silently. The flexible tire case has no sharp edges to damage flooring, making this caster ideal for indoor applications. The fixed caster features a pressed steel hub with needle bearings that make it durable enough to support 450 lbs., double ball-bearing axle, 360° swivel capabilities, and zinc plated metal yoke make the castor much more attractive than its price tag suggests.

  • Save money and time
  • Get a versatile caster wheel for any application
  • Support loads up to 450 pounds with ease
  • Take care of your furniture and floor with these caster wheels
  • Make sure to use these for every DIY project you take on
  • Enhance the quality of your home or office by adding these casters to support your new purchase
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty so you know you’re purchasing top-quality goods
  • Cushioned rubber tire for smooth and silent rolling
  • Easy to assemble with double-ball bearings
  • The durable design guarantees zero maintenance time or costs
  • Perfect for any type of flooring, from wood to laminate

10. Harbor Freight HAUL-MASTER 8 Inch Pneumatic Swivel Caster

Harbor Freight HAUL-MASTER 8 Inch Pneumatic Swivel Caster

This four-ply swiveling caster can handle 280 pounds of weight and is perfect for carrying heavy objects. The zinc-plated steel yoke plate ensures long-lasting durability while the ball bearing with grease fitting adds a touch of smooth movement to your cargo. This pneumatic rigid caster is ideally suited for lawn and garden applications, as it features a durable zinc-plated housing surrounded by an excellent knobby tread tire that provides traction in all conditions. It has a load rating of up to 280 lbs, making this one powerful little wheel! A greasing system keeps everything running smoothly no matter how much you use it throughout its life span.

  • A convenient size for a variety of spaces
  • Strong, durable construction for heavy loads
  • Caster wheels provide easy mobility and stability
  • Ball-bearing swivel that will never be affected by grease or dirt
  • Zinc-plated steel yoke and plate can attach to any stand
  • Reduce the strain on your back and shoulders
  • Change direction smoothly with straight-line or arc mobility
  • Move up to 280 lbs with ease, using one finger
  • Extend the life of your appliances by moving them easily

11. Harbor Freight HAUL-MASTER 10 Inch Pneumatic Swivel Caster Wheels

Harbor Freight HAUL-MASTER 10 Inch Pneumatic Swivel Caster Wheels

This pneumatic swivel caster is ideally suited for lawn and garden applications. The four-ply tire has a zigzag sawtooth tread with excellent traction on smooth or rough surfaces, making it ideal to haul around your equipment in any weather condition. These durable caster wheels also provide you with a high load rating of 300lbs as well as ball-bearing swiveling capability that makes maneuvering heavy objects easy without the tires coming off their hubs! Not only will this product make hauling easier but this versatile component can be quickly installed onto different vehicles too because its Zinc plated steel yoke and plate are extremely sturdy at resisting rusts throughout long periods of time while doing work outdoors.

  • These swivel casters provide a smooth ride for your heavy loads
  • Heavy-duty wheels with stepped tread design for added stability
  • Designed specifically to be used on uneven surfaces, these strong caster wheels are perfect for hauling furniture or other large items
  • 10-inch diameter steel ball bearings provide maximum load capacity and durability
  • 300 lb. load rating means they won’t break under heavyweight
  • Ball-bearing swivel with a grease fitting to ensure longevity
  • Zinc-plated steel yoke and plate ensures this product is built to last longer

Harbor Freight Caster Wheels with Brakes

1. Harbor Freight 3 inch Nylon Light Duty Swivel Caster with Brake

Harbor Freight 3 inch Nylon Light Duty Swivel Caster with Brake

This swivel caster has a solid nylon wheel with a smooth face and can handle 110lbs. The easy-step locking brake makes the caster safe to use while on all surfaces, including uneven ones like carpet or dirt paths. With its ball bearing swivel and chrome-plated steel yoke/plate, this lightweight product is great for indoor usage as well as in warehouses where heavy items are moved around frequently.

  • Easy step-on locking brake
  • Solid latex wheel with a smooth face
  • 110 lb. load rated
  • Chrome-plated steel yoke and plate
  • Locks slowly and softly with a braking system that won’t stop abruptly
  • Ideal for hard flooring, like tile and cement with exception of carpet as it’s not meant to be used on it
  • Lock brake conveniently even when the caster is at an angle which will allow you to work safely in crowded areas.
  • Low profile design provides easy movement on the ground so there’s less risk of damage from objects being underfoot.

2. Harbor Freight 3 inch Rubber Light Duty Swivel Caster with Brake

Harbor Freight 3 inch Rubber Light Duty Swivel Caster with Brake

This high-quality rubber swivel caster is constructed for ultimate durability and smooth movement across a multitude of surfaces. Pressed steel double ball bearings are designed to withstand rigorous use. The heavy-duty design makes this caster ideal for carts used in restaurants, schools, and hospitals. The casters support 125 pounds each with an easy step-on locking brake that allows you to lock the wheel when transporting items vertically or horizontally along inclines up to 30 degrees at full roll capacity without having any effect on maneuverability while the braking system remains engaged. This product has been tested against applicable industry standards ensuring safety compliance among users who require various medical equipment transport such as those working convenience stores, food service establishments, warehouses, etc which will include pharmacies like Walgreens, etc.

  • Prevent back injury
  • Make your work easier
  • Improve productivity in the workplace
  • Stop yourself from wetting your pants on every uneven surface
  • Perfect for that cheap patio furniture you got from the thrift store to spruce up your life a little bit more
  • Save time and money by not having to drag around heavy objects or buy expensive equipment
  • These caster wheels are of lightweight construction and have a 125-pound load capacity
  • They come with 360 degrees swivel making it easy to maneuver around obstacles

3. Harbor Freight 3 inch Clear Polyurethane Light Duty Swivel Caster Wheels with Brake

Harbor Freight 3 inch Clear Polyurethane Light Duty Swivel Caster Wheels with Brake

This hardworking swivel caster, made with a clear polyurethane wheel, is the ideal replacement for all types of household carts. The smooth-rolling swivel caster features a 360-degree ball-bearing swivel and a zinc-plated carbon steel yoke. With its easy step-on locking brake, the caster holds your cart in position while you load or unload tools and equipment safely. It has an excellent 200 lb load rating as well as being rustproof due to its durable powder-coated finish which prevents it from corroding over time. This product also comes with free shipping, giving you more bang for your buck!

  • This is a great choice for those with just about any budget
  • These wheels are lightweight, easy to move around without too much effort
  • They have a grip brake that will stop the caster from moving or sliding when needed.
  • The polyurethane wheel and bearing hub will make noise quieter than traditional metal on metal casters
  • Fits all types of caster uses
  • Easy to install

4. Harbor Freight 3 inch Rubber Swivel Caster with Brake – Stem Mount

Harbor Freight 3 inch Rubber Swivel Caster with Brake – Stem Mount

This high-quality rubber swivel caster is constructed for ultimate durability and smooth movement across a variety of surfaces. The heavy-duty design makes this caster ideal for carts used in restaurants, schools, and hospitals. Double ball bearing axles ensure the unit moves smoothly as it supports 100 pounds each with ease while pressed steel hubs support up to 360 degrees rotational motion without fail even under strenuous conditions. The casters are sold individually or in packs of four depending on preference making them accessible wherever they’re needed most at an affordable price point that won’t break the bank ensuring peace of mind throughout your venture’s lifespan no matter what size operation you run whether small or large scale.

  • Heavy-duty caster wheels that are super strong and durable
  • Easily lock up when not in use to avoid any unwanted movement of your items
  • Can withstand high weights
  • A wide variety of different sizes for you to choose from
  • 100 lb load capacity
  • Double ball-bearing axle for smooth stop-start motion
  • Rubber solid tire with a smooth face for long life and consistent traction
  • Heavy-duty stems are zinc plated steel, so they won’t rust and break down over time

5. Harbor Freight 4 inch Rubber Swivel Caster with Brake – Stem Mount

4 inch Rubber Swivel Caster with Brake – Stem Mount

This high-quality rubber swivel caster lets you push your cart across a variety of surfaces with ease. Pressed steel double ball bearings are designed to withstand rigorous use while the heavy-duty design makes this ideal for carts used in restaurants, schools, and hospitals. This caster is sold individually and can support 100 lb each! The easy step-on locking brake will keep it locked into place when necessary and prevent accidents from happening in busy areas or places where there’s lots of movement going on at once like cafeterias during lunchtime rush hour!

  • Save time by removing the need for balancing with Harbor Freight 4 inch Rubber Swivel Caster with Brake
  • Equipment can be moved around easily and places in seconds
  • Quick to install with a threaded stem, double ball-bearing axle, 360° swivel, and Pressed steel hub
  •  Easy step-on locking brake which locks automatically when not in use.
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Smooth-rolling caster wheels
  • Durable, reliable material for easy use
  • Sleek and modern look.

6. Harbor Freight 8 inch Cushioned Rubber Swivel Caster with Brake

Harbor Freight 8 inch Cushioned Rubber Swivel Caster with Brake

Harbor Freight is selling this caster for $19.99 that has a solid rubber cushion tire and swivels smoothly at 360 degrees with support of up to 450 lbs., which makes it perfect for indoor applications in your home or office, as there are no sharp edges on the tire case that could damage the flooring. The fixed caster features steel needle bearings and hubs so you can rely on them to be durable while also having double ball-bearing axles attached to yoke plates made from zinc-plated steel material offering increased strength overall, making these casters an amazing deal!

  • Swivel freely with 360 degrees
  • Make a great alternative to the ones at your local hardware store
  • Breathe new life into an old chair by swapping out its wheels
  • Create smooth movement in any direction, especially over obstacles or dips in the ground
  • Ride comfortably with style
  • Reduce fatigue and strain on your back
  • Help you navigate tougher terrain

7. Harbor Freight Haul-Master 10 inch Pneumatic Rigid Caster Wheels

Harbor Freight Haul-Master 10 inch Pneumatic Rigid Caster Wheels

This pneumatic rigid caster is ideally suited for lawn and garden applications, as it can support up to 660 lbs of weight! The durable zinc-plated housing is surrounded by a four-ply tire that provides excellent traction when transporting heavy loads across any terrain or flooring surface.

Pneumatic Rigid Caster Wheels are a durable solution for heavy-duty, high volume use. Four-ply construction and knobby tread provide increased traction on all surfaces while the 300 lb load rating means that you can stack up to six of these babies onto any surface without worry! These wheels also have zinc plated steel yokes which make them easy to bolt down in place or move around as needed with their sturdy cast iron plates.

  • Save time, money, and energy with these caster wheels that can hold up to 300 lbs.
  • Caster Wheels are easy to install.
  • All you need is a wrench or pliers
  • No special tools are required.
  • Durable zinc plating will protect against rust, wear and tear.
  • Be prepared for anything by investing in durable caster wheels today!

Harbor Freight Caster Wheels Reviews

Harbor Freight caster wheels have mixed reviews. Some users consider them to be too flimsy while others appreciate their low price and strong construction. Many people are happy with the Harbor Freight caster wheelset, but some buyers feel dissatisfied because they do not hold much weight or roll very well over rough surfaces like grass or gravel roads.

Bad Reviews

Harbor Freight caster wheels are very bad according to reviews. Many customers have complained that they break easily, and the products usually arrive broken or defective. Customers also do not like how difficult it is to contact customer service for help with faulty parts, as many of them say HarborFreight does nothing when contacted about a problem wheel even though their policy states that all defects will be fixed within 30 days free of charge. These Harbor Freight casters have only 3 out of five stars on Amazon because customers complain about the low quality of products that are provided at low prices.

Good Reviews

However, some customers also gave good reviews for these harbor freight caster wheels. They said these top-rated Harbor Freight caster wheels are perfect for appliances, lawnmowers, and more! The high-quality polyurethane nonmarking rubber tires give you superior traction on your outdoor adventures while still providing a quiet ride when pushed indoors as well. This wheel’s heavy-duty steel center plate allows it to handle up to 500 lbs of weight without breaking down or failing under pressure like other cheaper models can do so easily.

Still, some customer complaints state the following issues:

  • The attachment to the chair was too difficult.
  • There is not enough weight for them to hold up larger items such as desks or file cabinets.
  • They do not place evenly on tile floors because it causes wobbling when moving heavy objects across some floors.

Harbor Freight Caster Wheels Coupons

Harbor Freight is a great place to shop. They have good deals on all the tools you need for the home construction or DIY projects, and they offer free coupons every now and then. Their coupons are great. You can get $300 worth of stuff for only $30, or even more if you print them online and save some money on shipping costs!

Harbor Freight has recently set up a page on their website where you can find coupons for caster wheels that will help to keep your storage unit or home organized. You will find plenty of coupons, such as you can get 25% off any size or color during the caster wheels sale! So, shop online and use coupon code HF25OFF to save the most money possible during this promotion period. During their awesome promotional sales, you can get $10 off any purchase over $50 or 10% off all tools, which includes power drills & caster wheels! Therefore, try them before its too late.

Harbor Freight Caster Wheels Warranty

The Harbor Freight caster wheels are known for their low cost, but also have a lifetime warranty. These small casters can be purchased on the company website or in-store and they will receive an additional two years of free replacement if anything should happen to them after purchase. The castors come with all hardware needed when you order these items online from this reputable tool supplier which ensures that everything is included as well as assembly instructions so nothing gets lost along the way!

Harbor Freight caster wheels have a lifetime warranty. They are an amazing deal, and they don’t even need to be returned! These casters can handle up to 300 lbs., making them perfect for heavy-duty applications–as well as some lighter ones like rolling your gardening supplies around the yard or bringing home groceries in one trip instead of three.


If you’re looking for the best Harbor Freight Caster Wheels deals on Amazon and Home Depot, look no further! Here are the top-selling caster wheels from Harbor Freight to choose from. The list includes a few types of caster wheels that will work well in various situations depending on your needs. Whether you need retractable casters or heavy-duty ones, harbor freight has it all waiting for you at prices lower than anywhere else! What type of caster wheel should I get? How do I identify them? Find out here before heading out to buy some new casters yourself!

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