Pep Boys Fluid Exchange Services

Is your car asking for fluid maintenance services? You are at the right place! The Pep Boys fluid exchange services can be an ideal pick for your next vehicle maintenance services.

Are you aware of the fact that your car requires several fluids to operate—way more than only gasoline? These fluids are important are specifically designed to enable your engine to continue to run safely and smoothly. Therefore you must keep your eyes and ears open do your vehicle regular maintenance requirements, including essential fluid exchange services. This article will discuss all the notable Pep Boys fluid exchange services that are perfect rice for a smooth and safe drive off your vehicle.

Pep Boys Fluid Exchange Services

pep boys fluid exchange service

The vehicle requires several fluids to keep the engine running smoothly. It is important for your vehicle to have a clean and leakage-free fluid system throughout the engine. That’s why Pep Boys offer various fluid packages designed specifically to improve the fluid flow in your vehicle engine. You must read your vehicle manual so you know the specific duration of your fluid changes. You can also keep a record of your vehicle fluid changes on the Pep Boys page. Pep Boys off of the following seven fluid exchange services at almost all its locations:

  • Pep Boys Fluid Leak Evaluation.
  • Premium Engine Flush Service Package.
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Service Package.
  • Automatic Transmission Complete Fluid Exchange Service Package with New Filter.
  • Pep Boys Brake Fluid Exchange Service Package.
  • Antifreeze/Coolant Drain and Fill Service Package.
  • Power Steering Flush Service Package

How to Make an Appointment at the Pep Boys?

If you’re in need of an oil change, new tires, or any other automotive service, you may be wondering how to make an appointment at Pep Boys. Luckily, it’s a quick and easy process!

To make an appointment at Pep Boys, simply visit their website or give them a call. On the website, you can select the location nearest you, choose the services you need, and pick a date and time that works for you.

You can also give Pep Boys a call at 1-800-PEP-BOYS. When you call, be sure to have your vehicle information handy so that the representative can help you schedule an appointment for the appropriate services.

So, making an appointment at Pep Boys is quick and easy, whether you do it online or over the phone! So next time your car needs some TLC, be sure to schedule an appointment at Pep Boys.

8 Popular Pep Boys Fluid Exchange Packages

1. Pep Boys Transmission Flush

  • Starts at $89.99 (approx.)

Transmission flush service is an important automotive maintenance procedure. By flushing the transmission, you can remove any built-up debris or sludge that may be clogging the system. This will help keep your transmission running smoothly and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Transmission flush service is typically performed every 30,000 miles or so, but always check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

Pep Boys offers transmission flush services starting at just $89.99. Their ASE-certified technicians will thoroughly flush your transmission using the latest equipment and fluids. They also offer a nationwide 24-month/24,000-mile warranty on all Pep Boys transmission services, so you can be confident in their work.

The following are the benefits of transmission flush service at Pep Boys:

  • Extends the life of your transmission.
  • Helps prevent potential transmission problems.
  • Maintains optimal performance of your transmission.

Pep Boys is the place to go for all of your automotive needs and they are especially great when it comes to transmissions. A transmission flush is an important service that helps to extend the life of your transmission, prevent potential transmission problems, and maintain optimal performance.

When you entrust Pep Boys with your automotive needs, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. So why not give them a try for your next transmission flush? You won’t be disappointed!

2. Pep Boys Fluid Leak Evaluation Package

Pep Boys Fluid Leak Evaluation Package

  • Starts at $34.99

If you see any fluid marks on the ground from your parked car, this can be an all-liquid symptom from various engine parts such as air conditioner condensation or something more dangerous. At to Pep Boys store, the technicians will tell you the exact problem and the exact leakage area. They will also remind the exact reason for the leakage and also a perfect solution to return you to the road with trust. This package includes:

  • Examination of your car by Pep Boys expert technicians.
  • Determination of exact leakage areas.
  • Solutions for the leakages and best repairs or replacement parts, if necessary.

3. Pep Boys Premium Engine Flush Service Package

Pep Boys Premium Engine Flush Service Package

  • Starts at $51.99

If your oil change has done quite a time ago, there are high chances that your oil has degraded and now it is creating sludge buildup in your engine. This residue can prevent the oil circulation in your engine which eventually results in engine overheating, which obviously you never want.

At the Pep Boys, the engine flush service will remove all the deposits from Oil Pathways which will increase the oil flow through your engine. In this way, you can stop the wear and tear of your engine’s essential components. Engine flush service will help you to retrieve your fuel economy and horsepower from your engine. This package includes:

  • Top-class engine service by expert Pep Boys technicians.
  • Pep Boys special courtesy vehicle inspection.
  • Application of top quality engine flush to travel through your engine and clear all the essential oil pathways.
  • Comprehensive engine oil refill as specified by your vehicle manufacturer.
  • Environment-friendly removal of engine oil and other contaminated oils from your system.

4. Pep Boys Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Service Package

 Pep Boys Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Service Package

  • Starts at $129.99

Internal parts of your vehicle’s transmission are lubricated and cooled by the transmission fluid. As your vehicle gets old, pollutants and contaminants damage the critical components of the transmission system. However, the Pep Boys automatic transmission fluid exchange service package performs a complete transmission fluid exchange. This package will ensure the cleanliness of the system and remove all the harmful contaminants. This package includes:

  • Outstanding service by expert Pep Boys technicians.
  • Special transmission flush chemicals are created to clean and circular through your transmission system.
  • Practically replacing all the existing oil with new and quality transmission oil up to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Friction transformer, if required.
  • Up to 12 quarts of Dexron Mercon III fluid.

5. Pep Boys Automatic Transmission Complete Fluid Exchange Service Package with New Filter

Pep Boys Automatic Transmission Complete Fluid Exchange Service Package with New Filter

  • Starts at $179.99

It is the responsibility of transmission fluid to lubricate and grease the car’s transmission. As a result, the transmission becomes capable to send the necessary power to the engine for operation. However, contaminated, dirty, or blocked transmission filters can obstruct the flow of transmission fluid. Therefore, you must replace your transmission filter and add regular intervals to ensure efficient automatic transmission performance. This package includes:

  • Superb automatic transmission service by expert Pep Boys technicians.
  • Replacement or cleanliness of transmission gasket, if required.
  • Top Class transmission chemical flush was particularly created to clean the transmission system and clear all the transmission fluid pathways.
  • Cleaning or replacement of automatic transmission filter.
  • Practically replacing all the existing oils with new and quality marked transmission oils up to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Friction modifier, where applicable.
  • Up to 12 quarts of pure quality Dexron Mercon III fluid.

What does Pep Boys charge for transmission fluid change?

Transmission fluid change cost at the Pep Boys ranges from $80 to $250. The automatic transmission fluid change service package is $129.99, the automatic transmission fluid change with a new filter is $179.99 and the manual transmission fluid change is approximately $100. Quality automatic transmission fluids such as ATF+4 or SP4 at the Pep Boys range between $8 to $20 per quart. On average, most of the modern vehicle makes requires between 5 to 15 quarts of fluid. You also have to pay $15 to $30 for a new transmission filter, you may also need a new gasket. Therefore, you will spend between $80 to $250 for automatic transmission fluid exchange at the Pep Boys, and between $70 to $100 for the manual transmission fluid exchange.

6. Pep Boys Brake Fluid Exchange Service Package

Pep Boys Brake Fluid Exchange Service Package

  • Starts at $69.99

Similar to all other oils of your car, the brake oil also becomes contaminated and degraded with the passage of time. Brake oil grasps moisture and other contaminated articles with time. As a result, this degraded oil cause deterioration of the important hydraulic parts in your brake system. This can even cause the softening of your brake pedal, rich is indeed very risky and is possibly very unsafe for driving. Therefore, you must change your brake fluid oil at regular intervals as specified by your manufacturer. This will help you reduce the risk associated with polluted brake oil. This will also help you to prevent all the costly brake servicing.

The brake fluid exchange package at the Pep Boys is designed to help you keep the capability of your braking mechanism parts. In this package, the Pep Boys will also replace your brake oil with quality brake fluid. This package includes:

  • Superior service by trained and professional Pep Boys technicians.
  • Complete evaluation of the car braking system.
  • Replacement of brake fluid with quality brake fluid as specified by your vehicle manufacturer.

7. Pep Boys Antifreeze/Coolant Drain and Fill Service Package

Pep Boys Antifreeze Coolant Drain and Fill Service Package

  • Starts as low as $64.99

Your car cooling system is very important and should be protected from any kind of damage such as wear and tear. The cooler and antifreeze drain and fill service package at the Pep Boys uses an environment-friendly approach for system refills. This package includes:

  • Top-class coolant system service by expert Pep Boys technicians.
  • Visual inspection of the complete coolant system.
  • Visual inspection of transmission fluid and oil for appropriate levels and water content.
  • Environment-friendly evacuation and recovery of past coolant from overflow tank and reservoir.
  • Quality coolant or antifreeze refill with appropriate coolant as recommended for your vehicle.

8. Pep Boys Power Steering Flush Service Package

signs of a bad radiator

  • Stars as low as $69.99

Alternating temperatures, electromagnetic degradation, and friction in the engine can degrade your power steering fluid. Also, the degraded power steering fluid can make harmful deposits, varnish build-ups, and sludges dad can be circulated by the fluid throughout the power steering. This can obviously affect your steering rack, pinion, and other power steering components and will shorten their life.

Therefore, it is important for you how to change your power steering fluid at regular intervals. The power steering flush service package at the Pep Boys includes:

  • Best power steering service by a team of expert Pep Boys technicians.
  • Complete chemical flushing of the power steering system.
  • Removal and recovery of power steering fluid using an environmentally safe recovery approach.
  • Refilling of new and quality power steering fluid which is perfect for your vehicle.

9. Pep Boys Differential Fluid Change Package

Differential fluid change is relatively simple. You just have to take out the old previous oil and replace it with new fluid or refill the fluid reservoir. You may have to change your gasket but even then the overall cost will not be so expensive. You should check your owner’s manual to identify the place for your fluid reservoir. You should also check what type of differential fluid is suitable for your vehicle, whether it is synthetic fluid, conventional fluid, or high mileage fluid. Actually, the cost of differential fluid replacement will largely depend on the category of the oil suitable for your vehicle.

How much does it cost to change the differential fluid at Pep Boys?

The differential fluid exchange cost at the Pep Boys ranges from $70 to $130 for the front and $80 to $150 for the rear. Therefore, the total differential fluid exchange price at the Pep Boys is between $150-$280, including oil and labor. The labor charges alone are $44.99 while the cost of the parts is between $30-$80. The total price will be decided by the cost of your selected parts and choice of your oil; conventional, synthetic, or high mileage.

Does Pep Boys top off fluids?

Yes, Pep Boys provide fluid top-off service. It is offered FREE with the Pep Boys courtesy vehicle inspection, which includes top-off of window washer fluid, engine oil level inspection, transmission fluid level inspection, brake fluid level inspection, coolant level inspection, and power steering fluid level inspection. Separately, the labor charge for the fluid top-off service at the Pep Boys is $2.99.

Is Pep Boys good at changing fluids?

Pep Boys offer satisfactory fluid change services. Although you have to pay the shop supply charge of 9.99% up to $35, except for California and New York, you will receive a courtesy vehicle inspection and many other free services if you are Pep Boys CarLife reward member. The courtesy vehicle inspection includes fluid Level examinations, filters inspection, visual inspection of the brake system, steering and suspension visual examination, and topping-off the window washer fluid.

However, if you are also a Pep Boys CarLife reward member, you will receive free car battery tests, free windshield wiper installation service, free tire alignment checks, discounted towing, discounted Flat Repair, and reduced Lifetime Tire Rotation, and FREE lifetime wheel balancing service.

What is the price of fluid exchange services at the Pep Boys?

The fluid exchange service price varies from $34.99 to $179.99 at the Pep Boys. The price depends upon your selected package, and the vehicle makes. The Pep Boys Fluid Leak Evaluation is $34.99, the Premium Engine Flush Service is $51.99, the Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Service is  $129.99, and Automatic Transmission Complete Fluid Exchange Service with New Filter is $179.99. Similarly, the Brake Fluid Exchange Service is $69.99, the Antifreeze/Coolant Drain and Fill Service is $64.99, the Power Steering Flush Service is $69.99, and the differential fluid exchange is $44.99, and the transfer case fluid exchange is $129.99.

The Pep Boys fluid exchange prices are summarized in the table below:

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