Big O Tires Auto Brake Services and Repairs

Looking for the most trustworthy brake services in the town? Big O Tires Brake Services are indeed the best in the business today! 

Big O Tires is one of the leading automobile repairing workshops working in America today. The company has made its name in tires, however, big O Tires have proved themselves in all kinds of auto service and repairs in America for decades now. Whether you own a passenger car, lightweight Rock, mini-van, SUV, or medium-size truck, the expert technicians at the Big O Tires are always ready who provide their services to there valued customers. All the professionals working at Big O Tires have enough knowledge and training to repair and fix anything and provide you extraordinary preventative maintenance services for your vehicle. You can rely on the Big O Tires, the professionals will measure that your vehicle is performing at its best efficiency before leaving their service bay.

The Big O Tires understand it completely that your vehicle is one of your biggest investments and it is really difficult for you to leave it for any repairs or service maintenance. It is obvious that you have what kind of diagnosis it will be, how much Financial estimate will come in, and not sure what prescribed services need to be done. That’s why the Big O Tires will never ask you to leave your vehicle in the workshop for any type of maintenance or repair services. All the Big O Tires service locations have active Motorist Assurance Program authorization. The motorist Assurance program is a globally recognized assurance program for the motorist. This program only recognizes any workshop if it meets all the industry standard and fulfill automotive repair thresholds and tolerances.

Moreover, the Motorist Assurance Program establishes satisfactory criteria for some specific cases in which vehicles require certain replacement or repair based on individual performance criteria. Therefore, you can trust the Big O Tires brake services team and their membership in the motorist assurance program clearly shows that they are working to earn the trust of your valued customers.

How will I know if my brakes need repair or replacement?

If you observe any of the following symptoms, you should have your brake system checked for any possible repair or replacements:

  • Continuous squeaking, squealing or grinding sounds from your vehicle brakes.
  • Flashing or blinking anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning light on your instrument panel.
  • Pulling or jerking of your car on one side when you apply the brakes.
  • Your brake pedal gets very soft and goes very deep when you press it.

9 Popular Big O Tires Brake Service Packages

You will find the following during each Big O Tires brake services:

  • Top Class brake service in the business performed by a team of expert and professionally certified technicians.
  • Complete evaluation of your vehicle braking system.
  • Trustworthy brake shoes and brake pads warranty, at least one year with the Big O Tires motorist Assurance program.
  • Complete service using state-of-the-art braking equipment and machinery.
  • Resurfacing of the brake drum and brake rotor using extraordinary brake lathe machine during each brake service at the Big O Tires.
  • Application of superior brake replacement parts such as Akebono and Wagner etc.

1. Big O Tires Standard Brake Service Package

The first and most basic brake service package at the Big O Tires includes complete inspection and evaluation of your braking system. This also includes brake pads or brake shoes repair or replacement, as required. The Big O Tires may also include all vehicle resurfacing of drums and rotors on your request for the serviced axles conducted by the expert Big O Tires professionals. The standard brake service package at a Big O Tires includes:

  • Special discount and gift cards with coupons, equally valid for online and in-store purchases.
  • Application of ProStop standard brake pads promising reliable stopping power for secure braking of your vehicle at a safe distance.
  • This package may also include Wagner brake pads and brake shoes on your request (will be separately charged).
  • All the brake replacement parts offered at the Big O Tires such as Wagner and ProStop completely fulfill the
  • Original equipment or OE specifications.
  • Big O Tires offer a lifetime warranty for replacement on brake pads and brake shoes.
  • Special labor warranty on 6-months or 6000 miles.

2. Big o Tires Original Equipment Brake Service Package

The Big O Tires’ original equipment brake service package includes ProStop Platinum pad are Wagner QuickStop brake pads. This package also includes every other necessary component as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Similarly, it also includes a lifetime labor warranty and standard brake service assistance. Other major aspects of this package are:

  • Installation of ProStop platinum brake pads or Wagner QuickStop brake pads as specified by your vehicle manufacturer.
  • Testified manufacturer defined friction formula to guarantee original equipment performance in your vehicle.
  • Notable reduction in noise and harshness by using slotted original equipment and chamfered braking equipment in your vehicle.
  • Application of vehicle-specific braking specifications.
  • When you press your brake pedal it gives you the feeling of original brake equipment.
  • Big O Tires special lifetime replacement warranty on brake pads and brake shoes.
  • Courtesy 12-month or 12000-mile labor warranty.

3. Big O Tires Premium Brake Service Package

The famous Big O Tires premium brake service includes Wagner OEX excellent brake pads and offers superior quality of brake service. If you are interested to have a long-lasting braking system of your vehicle, you need to regularly service your hydraulic brake and replace the defective components. Like all other brake service packages at Big O Tires, the premium brake service package also includes Superior services and long-lasting labor warranties. Other important aspects of this package are:

Passenger—Wagner OEX Ceramic Disc Pads

  • Premium Wagner OEX ceramic disc brake pads for passenger cars.
  • Specially formulated with friction formula having zero copper density.
  • Customizable floor designs having application-specific flexibility options.
  • Very optimized dirt removal system to guarantee a longer life of your vehicle hydraulic braking system.
  • Improved multi-layer shim technology with more than five layers and superior OE quality.
  • 18000-miles or 18-months labor warranty.

SUV’s, Pick Ups, and CUV’s—Wagner OEX Pads

  • Brake pads with a patented shape and adjustable slot designs.
  • Optimized turbulent airflow signifies the coolest breaking operation.
  • Overall very quiet braking operation of your vehicle.
  • Advanced application-specific design guarantees reduced vibrations and noise in the braking system.
  • Effective and advanced shim technology attachment to assure quiet and optimized operation.
  • Big O Tires special 18-months or 18000-miles labor warranty.

4. Big O Tires Ultra-Premium Brake Service Package

Akebono premium quality brake pads are included in the ultra-premium brake service package at the Big O Tires. The customers should keep in mind that the Akebono brake pads are not available at all the big O Tires Service locations, therefore, it is a good idea to know before you visit. Undoubtedly, Akebono is one of the most experienced and advanced ceramic braking technology working in America today. They have ruled the automobile braking industry for decades now. Some manufacturers believe that Akebono were the founders of ceramic technology in automobile braking. Today, Akebono guarantees superior quality brake pads to ensure the best and safest braking experience. The ultra-premium package at the Big O Tires includes:

  • Installation of superior quality Akebono brake pads.
  • Top class braking performance and guaranteed trustworthy braking experience.
  • Very dominant reduction in dust and debris for cleaned wheels and superior braking.
  • Improved brake pad life and brake rotor performance.
  • Akebono OEM Superior brake pads and most effective braking experience.
  • Free from any requirements of breaking-in.
  • Big O Tires and Akebono lifetime warranty on brake pads and brake shoes.
  • Big O Tires 18 month or 18000-mile labor warranty.

5. Big O Tires Power Stop Brake Service Package

The power stop brake service package at the Big O Tires comprises of basic brake service package and additionally also offer the following services:

  • Complete one price service package including the installation of performance brake pads and brake rotor kits.
  • Complete evaluation and recommendation from certified Big O Tires professional technicians for any further brake services on the basis of existing braking system physical condition.
  • This package price does not include the price of the brake and rotor kit.

6. Big O Tires Complete Brake Service Package

If you want to enjoy a full brake service package, go no further than the Big O Tires full-service brake package. Therefore, if you observe that your vehicle need brake service or is the time to install

Install new brakes in your vehicle, go nowhere else than the Big O Tires. For that purpose, book an online appointment at the Big O Tires or simply call your local Big O Tires shop for having superior brake services. You will also receive the following in this service package:

  • Absolute satisfactory evaluation of your vehicle’s entire braking system performed by expert Big O Tires technicians.
  • Adequate resurfacing of your brake rotors.
  • Installation of supreme quality life-lasting brake pads.
  • If required, new hardware installation along with other braking components.
  • Satisfactory brake fluid exchange service.
  • Newly exchanged brake fluid will improve your braking capability, particularly in stop-and-go driving conditions.
  • The customer will also enjoy labor warranties from the Big O Tires.
  • The complete brake package at the Big O Tires also includes helpful recommendations from expert advisors to choose the best brake pads and brake shoes for your car.

7. Big O Tires Do-It-Yourself Brake Job Package

If you prefer to perform in your own vehicle brake jobs yourself, obviously you would like to get the best stop achievable. You may find yourself in a situation where despite replacing your brake rotors and brake pads, you still experience severe pulsations. In the majority of the cases, the brake pulsations will not appear for several months, this means you have not made a good connection to your brake job. The brake pulsations are mostly due to DTV or disc thickness, however, your vehicle may need several thousand miles to develop nicely on a new brake rotor. This may be due to the fact that in your rotor run-out crate was not machine properly.

In most of the vehicles today, the rotor is attached to the hub which acts as a source. The only feasible method to remove this run-out error is to use an on-car brake lathe machine for precisely machining the rotor. This is the reason that most of the car manufacturers today recommend resurfacing through on-car late rotor machine.

You should notice here that even if you are using brand new brake rotors, you may face excessive run-out and you may have to get the resurfacing service. The Big O Tires can help you do your brake service yourself and still get the perfect stop you want. If any day you perform your brake service yourself and you find that the run-out is beyond your manufacturer’s recommended specifications, this will mostly be approximately 2000’s of an inch or more.  But you don’t have to worry because the Big O Tires have answers to all your queries. The company has a new facility of on-car lathe machine which they can use to match your car with your brake pads.

8. Big O Tires Precision Match Brake Service Package

If your brakes produce screeching, squealing, or vibrating sounds when you stop, you should appoint an earliest possible appointment at the Big O Tires and experience their Precision match brake service package. Most of the time the noise and vibration in the braking system are caused by the vibrations in the braking rotors. Therefore, the standard brake service package at the Big O Tires will machine cut off all the improper rotors and then reinstall them back in your car. However, the precision match brake service package at the Big O Tires used a more improved technique. In this package, the expert technicians will custom cut your brake rotors while they are still mounted on your vehicle giving them more space to perfectly fit your rotors in your braking system. Finally, the team of expert technicians at the Big O Tires will use superior quality Akebono ceramic brake pads and updated brake hardware to ensure a smooth safe, and silent driving experience for you. Above all, the Big O Tires Precision match brake service package will give you a labor warranty for 30 months and a labor warranty on brake pads.

9. Big O Tires Basic Plus Brake Package

If you feel that your brakes need replacement, you should go and nowhere else then selecting the basic plus brake service package at the Big O Tires. In this package, one of the service technicians will perform a complete inspection of the braking system. In the next step, the team of expert service technicians will and then replace them with new brake pads having a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, this package also includes superior quality brake hardware with a lifetime warranty which ensures the quiet and smooth braking operation of your car. Finally, like any other big O Tires brake service package you will also get an extended labor warranty with a basic plus brake service package. Therefore, if your brakes need replacement simply book an appointment at the Big O Tires either online or just through a phone call.

Big O Tires Additional Brake Services

At almost all the Big O Tires service stores, you can have the following additional vehicle braking services (charged separately):

a. Big O Tires Brake Hardware service

If you Avail the Big O Tires Brake Hardware services that you will also receive the following complimentary services along with basic brake service at their service centers:

  • Scheduled basic brake service for as low as $20.
  • The application of Big O Tires braking Hardware extends your labor warranty to a total of 6-months or 6000 miles.
  • Moreover, the company guarantees a decrease in braking vibrations and brake pedal squeal.

b. Big O Tires Brake Fluid Exchange Service

Like any other fluid in your vehicle, the brake fluid also becomes polluted and contaminated with the passage of time. This is seriously dangerous because it can shorten the life of important braking system components of your vehicle. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your brake fluid quality and level. The Big O Tires offer some attractive brake fluid exchange service packages which include the installation of premium quality brake fluid to keep your braking system components free from corrosion and pollution. If you select to have brake fluid exchange service also from the Big O Tires, Along with basic braking service, you will receive the following extra free services:

  • Scheduled basic brake service package at the Big O Tires as low as $40.
  • Extension of labor warranty to 6,000 miles or 6 months.
  • Superior quality vehicle braking system service by professional certified Big O Tires technicians.
  • Increase in the life of important braking components of your vehicle such as hoses, brake calipers, and wheel cylinders.
  • Every time precise replacement of previously polluted brake oil with new and improved quality brake fluid in accordance with the recommendations specified by your vehicle manufacturer.
  • Timely brake fluid change considerably reduces the risk of expensive braking system component repairs.

Big O Tires On-Car Brake Lathe Service

f you are looking for a perfect fit of the brake shoe into the braking assembly of your vehicle, you really need the on-car brake lathe machine. Undoubtedly, you will be happy to know that the bigger tires on-car brake lathe service have the capacity to offer you the best fit of brake shoe into the braking assembly of your vehicle. This precisely working on-car lathe machine can easily collect all the thickness differences on the brake rotor of your car. Above all, a special on-car lathe machine increases the life of essential components of your vehicle’s Braking System. Finally, it offers very and pressure is resurfacing of your brake rotors. The  aspects of this package are :
  • If you receive the basic brake service, the on-car lathe machine prices $40 per axle. However, it should be $80 per axle without brake job service.
  • Big O Tires special courtesy brake system inspection.
  • Precise measurements of the lateral runout of your vehicle braking system.
  • Accurately measuring the Machine to exactly limit your rotor with your braking system.
  • Accurately resembling the brake rotors to your vehicle Braking System performed by extremely professional Big O tires technicians.
  • Very notable reduction in vibrations and noise due to using extraordinary Big O tires on-car brake lathe machine.
  • Guaranteed reduced pedal pulsations and braking vibrations by ensuring the elimination of all lateral runouts.

Big O Tires Brake Service Pricing Policy

  • If you observe at any Big O tires location the term, “price as low as”, means the cheapest price after mail-in rebate processing.
  • It is one of the company policies of the big O tires and that the mail-in rebates are not workable for fleet purchases, special orders, and commercial purchases.
  • Any other brake service discount offers at the big O tires will not be valid with any other discount coupon or promotional schemes.
  • Most of the brake service packages available on the big O tires include the prices of Replacement parts such as ThermoQuiet and OEX brake pads.
  • The Wagner or ThermoQuiet brake service package also includes all the prices and charges for the basic vehicle braking service.
  • It should be kept in mind that the rate of any brake service package at the big O tires may change depending upon your selection of brake shoes and brake pads and your vehicle make and model.
  • Most of the bigger tile shops will charge you extra shop supply charges.

Big O Tires Pep Boys Labor Warranty

Big O Tire standard Protection Program is a bard of Big O Tires customer service policy. This program is specially designed to help you get the trustworthy extended warranty on selected purchase of replacement parts and services from the Big O Tires. This program is a special design to help you get the maximum discount and save a lot of money. This program has further two choices available for the customers, which are as follows:

a. The Big O Tires Extended Labor Warranty (ELW)

The extended labor warranty program from the Big O Tires is only available selected services including brake service of your vehicle. Actually, the standard labor warranty given by the Big O Tires company is 90 days or 4000 miles. However, if you utilize the extended labor warranty program from the company, your service labor warranty will be extended for a complete full year without any restriction on driving mileage. The biggest advantage of this labor warranty is that you can enjoy completely free labor repair in case you get any problem with your replacement part or services.

b. The Big O Tires Retail Replacement Program (RPR)

Replacement parts purchased at the big O tires stores are eligible for the big O tires retail replacement program. The warranty claim time period for this program is 6000 miles or 6 months. However, if you are also using the big O tires insurance program, your total replacement parts warranty is extended to one complete year without any restriction on driven mileages. This package will give you the most discounted prices, attractive rewards, warranty time, and absolute peace of mind.
The Big O Tires Vehicle Insurance Program will include the following:
  • Complete 1-year warranty without any condition on driving mileage.
  • Big O tires a trustworthy money-back guarantee.
  • The overall insurance program is covered by a notable Insurance Company.
  • This program is available at all the big O tires locations.
  • It will give you complete peace of mind.

Big O Tires Brake Pads

There is no doubt in the fact that brake pads at as the main component of your vehicle’s Braking System. In the disc Braking System, they provide the tire to stop and slow down. Mostly vehicles and brake pads located within the brake calipers. Again in the disk checking system in the brake calipers provide the essential braking force to your vehicle.

What are brake pads?

The responsibility of the brake pads in your vehicle is to convert all the kinetic energy into thermal energy by utilizing the phenomena of friction. Whenever a brake pad comes in contact with the Brake Rotor, it generates heat and transfers some part of this heat using friction to the braking rotor. Finally, the brake pad and brake Rotor interact with each other to generate the required stopping power for your vehicle. However, the major portion of the stopping power comes from the friction from the rotors and brake pads.

How do brake pad work in your vehicle?

Most vehicle models have the brake pads located within the brake calipers. In reality, the brake pads work such that one portion of it applies pressure to the inner surface of the brake Rotor will the other portion implements pressure to the exterior surface of the rotor. In a real scenario, when you apply force on the brake pedal of your vehicle, the hydraulic fluid in the Braking System applies energy and pressure to the brake calipers. As a result, the brake fluid in your vehicle caliper drives the brake caliper piston outwards and interaction between brake pads and rotor surfaces. In the final step, the brake rotor makes contact with the brake pad and generate enough amount of friction to suitably perform the braking action and let your vehicle stop smoothly.

What are the most significant causes of brake pad failure and what are the related dangers?

Regular wear and Tear from frictional action in your vehicle Braking System mostly affect the quality of your brake pads and significantly reduce their life. Therefore, if your vehicle doesn’t stop smoothly when you press your brake pedal, should have your vehicle examined soon. This might be a symptom of brake pads failure, or otherwise, your brake pads are near the end of their life. You may also observe the following symptoms for the brake pads failure:
  • Significant reduction in the braking performance of your vehicle.
  • Weird noisy and grinding sounds from your engine.
Therefore, if you come across any of these symptoms, you should get your vehicle inspected as soon as possible or otherwise, you may have to face the following consequences:
  • Unbearable damage two important braking system parts of your vehicle such as rotor.
  • Lethargic braking response from your vehicle.

Big O Tires Brake Pads

You will find yourself comfortable to know that the Big O Tires stores are richly equipped with trustworthy and popular brake pad brands of America. The most popular brake pads available at the Big O tires are Wagner, ProStop, and Akebono. You should select the most suitable brake pads for your vehicle Braking System, however, if you face difficulty in selecting the right brake pads, you should ask for help from the big O tires associates.

1. The Big O Tires Wagner OEX Brake Pads

Wagner is one of the popular and trustworthy names in the brake pads market in the USA today. You will get the best braking performance using Wagner brake pads due to their vehicle specific profile flexibility and very smart slotted design. They have the ability to significantly reduce your brake rotor wear and increase the life of your brake pad at the same time. Above all, the Wagner OEX brake pads will give you the comfort to stop at a safe distance of as large as 50 feet from the next vehicle.
The Wagner OEX brake pads are most suitable for SUVs, CUVs, and pickups. The Wagner company assure you the stopping capability of 50 feet sooner through their very reliable post fade performance testing performed at 60 miles per hour speed. This Testing was performed by the renowned link Engineering Company. Other popular competitor brake pads were also compared to the WagonR OEX brake pads in this test. The company claim that the vehicle used in this test was the 2013 Chevrolet, 2011 Toyota, and 2014 Ford. Similarly, Wagner approved their reduced rotor wear results by precisely testing Wagner products and Wagner OEX internally.

2. Wagner ThermoQuiet

Wagner ThermoQuiet is one of the most popular products of the Wagner company. This brake pad comprises very reliable frictional materials and backing plate insulators giving them high-strength capabilities. As a result, the ThermoQuiet brake pads come out with a minimum of 15% more stopping ability, very silent braking operation, and at least 40% extra faded performance.

3. Wagner QuickStop Brake Pads

The Wagner QuickStop Brake Pads are one of the customer top choices they have the ability to give you almost the same performance as original equipment. These brake pads are tested and certified to give you the best braking performance. Moreover, they also show extraordinary features of reduced noise in the braking operation and application-specific design choices. They have the ideal stopping execution as required by your vehicle. They feature very reliable OE post cured design to ensure steady performance throughout their lifetime. Finally, they consist of very stable OE style lubrication and 2021 ceramic formulation with low copper contents.

4. Akebono Ultra ceramic brake pads

These Akebono brake pads have a top-class performance and guarantee low dust for a cleaner braking system. Most importantly, they have very premium quality construction, they are made of superior quality ceramic material.

5. ProStop Platinum Brake Pads

These brake pads have very adjusted table design that has the ability to easily match the specific breaking applications of your vehicle based on your manufacturer’s specifications. ProStop ceramic brake pads ensure reduced braking squeal and guarantee clean and dust-free braking operation. If you apply ProStop ceramic brake pads to your vehicle, you will get optimum braking experience and a very soft brake pedal.

6. ProStop Brake Pads

The ProStop brake pads have the extraordinary built material quality ad made of superior class OE frictional material. As mentioned above, the ProStop brake pad has a very adjustable and flexible design that has the ability to easily match with specific braking requirements of your vehicle.

7. ProStop Platinum brake rotors

In the real world, stopping your vehicle should be smooth and flexible without any shaking and screeching halts. That’s why the big O tires offer ProStop Platinum brake rotors made of high-class carbon. Therefore, replace your brake rotors with ProStop Platinum rotors to increase the longevity of your Braking System and to get silent and smooth stops.
These ProStop Platinum routers have the ability to reduce the carbon spray charge which is actually the reason for vibration and noise problems in most of the vehicle’s braking systems. Moreover, the platinum Pro stop brake rotors distribute the heat equally through friction which means a longer service life and better braking experience. Finally, all the non-braking service areas are painted electrostatically to improve appearance behind your wheels and resist any kind of rust and corrosion.

Big O Tires Brake Fluid Reservoir

The brake master cylinder of your vehicle consists of a container known as the brake fluid reservoir. The main responsibility of the brake fluid Reservoir is to secure preserve all the brake fluid of your vehicle. It also keeps the brake fluid protected from the environment and other pollutants. This in turn ensures the proper working of the hydraulic Braking System of your vehicle.

How exactly does brake fluid Reservoir work?

When the driver puts pressure on the brake pedal, the brake fluid also gets pressurized and Get Enough force to run through your entire vehicle Braking System. Most of the vehicles have fluid level sensor warning symptoms when the brake fluid level gets dangerously low. The brake fluid Reservoir has a metallic cap that has the responsibility to keep the brake fluid protected from all the polluting and contaminating elements. In most cases, the polymer is the basic building material of brake fluid reservoirs.

What are some common reasons for brake fluid Reservoir failure?

The following can be some reasons for brake fluid Reservoir failures:
  • Crack or damage in the body.
  • The collapse of the brake fluid level sensor.
  • The damaged or broken bladder in the brake fluid reservoir cap.

What are some common symptoms of brake fluid Reservoir failure?

You may observe one of the following symptoms showing a failure of brake fluid reservoir:
  • Blinking of brake light on your dashboard or instrument panel.
  • Symptoms of big leakages around the base or foot of the reservoir.
  • Visible cracks in the casing of the reservoir.
  • Repeated contamination of fluid with moisture.

What can be the consequences of brake fluid Reservoir failure?

If your brake fluid reservoir fails, you may have to his one of the following consequences:
  • Big leakages of brake fluid liquid.
  • If your brake fluid level gets too low, there is a big chance that your vehicle’s Braking System stops working completely.
  • If you drive on a low brake fluid level or fail to replace it timely, you may end up destroying your Braking System completely.

What is the cost of brake fluid cap at the Big O Tires?

The brake fluid Reservoir cap replacement price varies from $5 to $22 depending upon your choice of cap brand and type. Dorman 42053 brake master cylinder Reservoir cap is approximately $12, Dorman help 42042 master cylinder cap is approximately $7. Similarly, the Genuine GM master cylinder brake Reservoir cap is approximately $22 and the Motorcraft master cylinder brake Reservoir cap is almost $6.

Big O Tires Do-It-Yourself Brake Jobs

You can your front brakes yourself or can easily fix the break squealing sound. In the next few paragraphs, you will get to know everything important about performing the brake jobs yourself.

1. Servicing the Front Brakes of Your Vehicle Yourself

Undoubtedly more than 70% of the braking job is performed by your front brakes. Therefore, you should keep particularly on your front brakes to keep yourself and your family safe and secure on the road. Today, most new car variants demand brake service after a minimum of every 30,000 to 40,000 miles of driving. However, a good rule of thumb is to get your brakes inspected before the start of every new season, before the beginning of winter and summer seasons. This is because of the fact that the braking system of your vehicle is mostly affected by extreme weather conditions. Mostly braking system repair of your vehicle is easy and straightforward but you should be careful about the specific instructions from your vehicle manufacturer.
Majority of the cars manufactured in America after the 1970s compare disc brake for the front wheels. The added advantage of the disc brake over the drum brake system is its improved durability and reliability. Secondly, it is very straightforward to access the braking assembly in case of a disc brake system. All you have to do is to Jack up your car, unfix your wheel and tires and there you will find the rotor disc and brake caliper. The operation of the disc braking system is very easy to understand. The stopping force on the wheel is generated by the brake rotor, which gets the required force from the frictional effects of the hydraulic lock.
The squealing sound from your front brake is usually due to worn or broken brake pads. If due to any reason, your brake pad loses frictional materials, there is a high chance that they come into direct interaction with the rotor producing weird squealing sounds. Therefore, the worn-out brake pads are highly possible if you are continuously listening to squealing sounds. In this case, your vehicle inspected as earliest as possible.

Necessary Tools

If you want to perform your front brake job yourself you will need the following tools to perform it:

  • Metallic pan.
  • Micrometer.
  • New quality brake fluid.
  • Turkey baster.
  • Smart Jack.
  • Group of socket wrenches.

It is important for you to know that you may have to replace or fix any of the following based on the make and model of your vehicle. Therefore, you should make sure that you have a proper supply of spare parts before you start your break job yourself.

Brake Shims.
New pair of brake pads.
Quality brake rotors as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.
Wheel bearings, sealed types, and tapered rollers.
Properly working brake caliper assembly.

In order to make sure that you need to replace or fix any of the above parts, you should properly inspect your vehicle as directed by your manufacturer in your owner’s manual.

Procedure to Perform the Front Brake Job Yourself

1. Arrange Your Vehicle Service Manual

You need to have the service manual issued by your vehicle manufacturer to get all the necessary information on how to properly perform the front brake job yourself.

2. Start with Brake Service

In the first step, you need to lift your call using your Jack and remove the wheel and tire. Please be careful and follow the instructions of your vehicle manufacturer.

3. Replacement of Brake Caliper

Check your brake rotor with the palm of your hand and inspect how much fiction is still there on the rotor. If you happen to nice only a small portion of drag on the brake rotor,  this will be normal. Therefore,  carefully remove the caliper and examine the physical condition of the rotor. In the next step,  remove the flex hole attentively. You can easily remove it by unscrewing the fitting which connects it to your vehicle.In your car,  the brake calipers hold the brake hoses. Now you need to collect all the remaining brake fluid by carefully placing the metallic pan beneath your car’s engine. Finally,  you will remove the complete unit by unscrewing any bolts or screws which hold it.

4. Brake Rotor Inspection

In this step, you only need to unscrew the large nut tightened in the middle of the brake rotor.  You should be watchful because some vehicle models have brake rotors that can be detached without unscrewing. Your main target is to detach the brake rotor from the braking assembly. If your brake has unconventional grooves on its surface,  this only means that your brake rotor is severely damaged. However,  there is a big possibility that you will not be able to observe these uncommon grooves on the brake rotor service with your eye. For this purpose,  you need to use the micrometer to precisely measure the brake rotor friction thickness,  and let you decide whether you need replacement or simply keep going with the same brake rotor. In most of the cases,  the required brake rotor thickness is the return on their edges.
However,  you can also find your vehicle required rotor thickness in your owner’s manual. If you from the rotor surface but it is rusty or unreadable,  a good idea is to use a metal wire brush to clean the surface in order to get the written measurement. Now you will compare the minimum thickness requirement written on the rotor body with your micrometer reading. In case you observe that the brake rotor is damaged with lateral runouts,  you should replace it with a new one. The lateral runouts on the brake rotor body are disturbing sometimes because they produce pulsations on your vehicle steering when you push the brake pedal.

5. Inspection of the Wheel Bearings

If your vehicle has a  disc braking system and contains sealed roller bearings and you observe that it is damaged,  the solution is to replace the complete wheel hub assembly. Normally, the sealed rotor bearings all damaged after 1,00,000 miles and need replacement. In case you observe that your vehicle has tapered roller bearings,  you need to carefully inspect the roller bearing only after removing it from the wheel hub assembly.
The main objective of your inspection is to observe any damage such as pitting or scoring on the body of the tapered bearings.
However,  even if you find such damages on the bearings body,  you should first consult your auto mechanic before replacing them. Before replacing the wheel bearings, make a call to grease them gently. There is also a big need to take the necessary precautionary measures such as placing a good amount of grease near your fingernails.
Now finally,  to take a good amount of crease on the palm of one hand while holding the wheel bearing with the other hand. At the same time,  hold the wheel bearing from its wider and put a good amount of grease into it. You should make sure that there is a good amount of grease which is enough to pass through the complete bearing body. Now you should put some grease at the place of interaction of the bearing and hub and carefully place the wheel bearing into its original place. Now you need to apply grease to the bearing seals. Some people handle the wheel bearings without any care and try to hit the seal with the hammer hardly.
As a result, they end up damaging the seal. Therefore,  if you are interested in opening the seal you should always use the seal driver carefully. Seal drivers are readily available at almost all the auto supply stores. The benefit of using the seal driver is that they capture the top of the seal completely and allow you to use the hammer and push it to its actual place. You will find yourself in much comfort because have to buy the seal driver,  you actually have saved a large amount of money for expensive seal replacement.

6. Brake Pads Replacement

In case you hear squealing sounds from your engine,  you may need to replace your brake pads. Sometimes the brake pad’s surface gets exposed and make squealing noises when it interacts with the brake pad indicator. It is not a difficult job to replace the brake pads. However,  since brake pads are very sensitive you should be very careful in placing the new pads in your Braking System. A good idea is to apply a good amount of anti-squeal gel or shims when placing new pads, particularly on the sides of the brake caliper which have a high chance to come in contact with the brake pads. Don’t rush,  give the system at least 30 minutes to draw before placing it back to its original place.
Be careful to place the brake pads to their actual place in the braking assembly. Getting the Assembly back together. At this stage, you are already done with any replacement or fixing in the Braking System of your vehicle. Now it is a good time to place everything back in its original place. Wash the rotor assembly gently with soap before placing it back and remove any grease left on.

7. Fixing Back all the Braking Assembly Together

Now when you are finished inspecting all the components of your braking system and replacing or fixing any damaged parts as required, it is a good time to put back everything in the braking assembly of your car. Firstly, clean your braking rotor and gently wash it with soap to remove any left on grease. In the next step, place everything in the original position and tighten it on the spindle using the rotor assembly nut.

It is important to note that don’t apply more force than specified by your manufacturer in the owner’s manual. If you casually under tighten or overtighten the bolts, this can be a big safety hazard for you and your vehicle on the road. Finally, place the caliper back into the original position as specified in your owner’s manual. Collect all the flex hoses and fix them on the appropriate place in the braking assembly of your vehicle.

8. Replacement of Brake Fluid

The simplest part of brake service is brake fluid replacement, all you need is a metallic than and a turkey baster. Carefully place the metallic pen under your vehicle near the master cylinder and use a turkey baster to open it.

Now add the new brake fluid into your master cylinder after removing the old fluid. On the opposite side of the bleeder screw, connect a rubber hose, now put it into the metallic pen for seepage purposes. If you feel uncomfortable working alone to open the nut for drainage of old fluid, you can ask the help from anyone else. Tighten the bleeder screw after closing the master cylinder, you are done.

9. Replacement of Tire, Hub Caps, and Wheels

This is the last step where you need to replace everything including the wheel assembly, tire, and hubcap. Brake maintenance and inspection service are relatively simple to perform yourself, however, you must be very careful because vehicle breaks are one of the most important elements of driving safety. Therefore, you must be very careful and refer to the vehicle owner’s manual as much as possible for your guidance. If you find yourself stuck at any stage or you feel uncomfortable performing it yourself, you should immediately contact an auto expert to perform the rest of the job with all essential safety measures. It is simple, never compromise your safety.

For your convenience, you can easily search through the big O tires auto stores and find all the essential parts and tools to perform the brake service yourself. The parts are available online as well as in-store. If you find that your brakes need more specific brake service, visit your nearest Big O tires store as soon as possible to let the professional experts handle this important vehicle service for you.

2. Performing the Brake Squeal Service Yourself

It is a normal thing that you must have heard the squealing sound coming from your vehicle bonnet at times. This sound is always very annoying but you don’t need to worry because you are not alone. The most important thing is to identify the exact reason for the squealing sound. Most of the time in this sound is due to metallic interactions between calipers or Piston and backing plates in the braking assembly of your car. But it is obvious that the all squealing sound will always be linked with very high-frequency vibrations.

The good news is that the solution to most of the squealing noise problem is fairly simple and inexpensive. However, in order to fix this problem, you need to disassemble the braking assembly of a car. You can easily find the anti-squeal compound from any local Auto Parts Store. All you need to do is to paste a have some amount of anti-squeal compound agent on the opposite side of the brake pad, reassemble the break after the compound is dry, that’s all!

Frequently Asked Questions about Big O Tires Services

What is the price of the brake service at Big O Tires?

The price of brake service at the Big O Tires is mostly somewhere between $205 to $365. The breakdown of this price is such that the labor prices $65, whereas the brake replacement parts cost between $140 to $300. The big O tires offer three popular brake service packages, which are, big O tires basic brake service package, basic plus brake service pack, and complete brake service package. Similarly, four types of brake pads are available at the big O tires, which are, standard brake pads, platinum brake pads, ceramic brake pads, and Akebono ceramic brake pads.

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