Pep Boys Windshield Wiper Blade Services

If your car has worn-out windshield wipers, it can be really risky. You must get a clear view of the road in all kinds of circumstances. However, skipping, chattering and streaking wiper blades can seriously affect the road view, particularly in bad weather. Winter snow or summer ultraviolet damage can destroy wiper blades and challenge your driving in poor weather.

pep boys windshield wiper replacement service

Pep Boys Windshield Wiper Blade Services

Visit your nearest Pep Boys location and avail the free windshield wiper Replacement Service. Pep Boys hold the record of “Free-Wiper” changes more half-million times last year. Windshield wiper replacement service at Pep Boys include:

  • Fast and excellent service by Pep Boys professional technicians.
  • Removal of old wiper blades.
  • Installation of your recently purchased wiper blades.
  • Guarantee a clear road view in any weather condition.


How to Make an Appointment at the Pep Boys?

Available Windshield Wiper Blades at the Pep Boys

a. Champion Winter Wiper Blades

Champion winter wiper blades provide reliable and long-lasting performance. It works perfectly well in severest winter weather conditions due to their exclusive materials and design. It has the following characteristics:

pep boys windshield wiper service

  • Available in all lengths, i.e. 16inch to 44inch size.
  • Ensure scratch-free wipe with exclusive element characteristics.
  • Non-freezing joints due to the strong rubber cover on the heavy-duty frame.
  • Easy and fast wiper blade replacement with EZ Click installation System.
  • Attractive tall squeegee design.
  • Optimum design for winter weather with improved performance.

b. Rain-X Weatherbeater Wiper Blade

pep boys rain-x wiper blades

  • Ensure a clean, smooth, and scratch-free wipe.
  • Application of multiple pressure points and embedded friction reducers.
  • Rust-free body by a galvanized steel frame.
  • Prevent corrosion.
  • Endearing durability.
  • Made of all-natural squeegee rubber.
  • Withstand splitting, cracking, and tearing due to salt, windshield wiper fluid, and bad weather.
  • Satisfies all global material manufacturer’s standards.
  • Easy installation with easily available small J-hook adapter.
  • Nicely fit with side window wiper arms and large J-hook.

c. Bosch ICON Premium Beam Wiper Blade

The optimum design of Bosch ICON Premium Beam Wiper Blade divides equal pressure along the complete length of the windshield wiper blade. This allows you to have an excellent road view. It is an all-season performing windshield wiper blade that guarantees a 40% longer life than other wiper blades. It has the following prominent characteristics:

Bosch ICON Premium Beam Wiper Blade

  • Comprises of a particular FX double rubber compound.
  • Very fine Quiet Glide micro-finish wiper edges.
  • Withstand ultraviolet and heat deterioration.
  • Sustain flexibility in all weather conditions.
  • Features asymmetrical aerodynamic adjustable spoiler design.
  • Give the best visibility and performance at all speeds and extreme weather conditions.
  • Divide uniform force along the complete play length.
  • Hold the blade tightly to the windshield.
  • Simple and direct single-step connection.
  • Promises the easiest and quickest installation without adapters.
  • Compatible with more than 90% of vehicle makes.

d. ANCO Winter Wiper Blade

pep boys ANCO Winter Wiper Blade

These wiper blades have high quality and fashionable designs that guarantee extra performance and durability. It is a perfect choice for winter weather. It has the following characteristics:

  • Made of more dense DuraKlear natural rubber.
  • Sharp wiping Edges.
  • Guarantees flexibility even in the coldest weather conditions.
  • Consist of the rugged rubber cover.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Prevent scratches and streaks on the windshield screen.
  • Avoid joints to slush due to freezing in winter.
  • Easy and quick KwikConnect Installation and removal.

Which windshield wiper blades are good for my vehicle?

different types of wipers

One of the most frequently replaced parts in your vehicle is the windshield wiper blades. They may look simple, but they play an important role in your safety and visibility in driving. You must choose the correct pair of wiper blades for your vehicle to prevent any safety hazards. It is worth noting here that the driver side and passenger side wiper may differ in size for some models and mate. You should check your owner’s manual to know which of the following wipers is suitable for your windshield:

a. Premium/Beam Wiper Blades

pep boys windshield wiper service

  • Premium blades are smooth.
  • They have the best aerodynamics according to your vehicle demand.
  • Beam blades made good contact with your windshield.
  • They come as a genuine accessory with many latest model vehicles.
  • They can be used as all-season blades, suitable for any extreme weather condition.

b. Hybrid Wiper Blades

pep boys windshield wiper service

  • Hybrid blades comprise of modern improvements in blade technology.
  • Their major aim is to furnish the drivers with upgraded performance and style.
  • Perfectly designed to match the aerodynamic requirements of your vehicle.
  • Guarantee all-weather performance.
  • Available as an OE replacement for selected vehicles.

c. Standard Wiper Blades

pep boys windshield wiper service

  • Features frame blade style.
  • Also available in traditional winter in selected stores.
  • Perfect aerodynamics and ensure the best visibility.
  • Best performance with decent style.

d. Rear Wipers

pep boys windshield wiper service

  • Sleek design specifically for rear windows.
  • Guarantee all-weather performance.
  • Ensure clear rear visibility to prevent any safety hazards.


How often do my windshield wiper blades need replacement?

The time interval of windshield wiper blade replacement differs depending on many factors, such as usage and weather. However, it is suggested that you should replace your windshield wiper blades at least once every 6 months. If you are a resident of an area that commonly has rainy weather, you may require to replace wiper blades sooner. Pep Boys expert Automotive technicians will give you free windshield wiper Replacement Service.

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