Harbor Freight Floor Jack

Harbor Freight Floor Jack

What is a Harbor Freight Floor Jack?

The Harbor Freight floor jack happens to be one of the tools every auto mechanic needs. It can assist you in practically raising your car from the ground, so you’ll efficiently work out and effect repairs on the underneath of your vehicle, replace flat tires, and plenty more.

The floor jack also referred to as carjack or automobile jack may be a manually operated machine built to deliver incredible load advantage to boost hefty loads using little effort. Albeit, there are myriads of uses to which the ground jack is often put, most of the applications relate to raising automobiles. Floor jacks use many methods to deliver lifting effort: these techniques involve fluid pressure and lead screws in most cases.

Types of Harbor Freight Floor Jack

At the mention of floor jacks, you tend to think about only 1 type that you just have always known. Nonetheless, it’s essential to know the assorted sorts of floor jacks that we’ve to pick out the most appropriate one for you.

The various types of floor jacks are available so that different individuals from diverse fields of life with varying skills and talents can select the most suitable jack for them and fit the character of their job perfectly. Here are the most kinds of floor jacks.

Scissor Floor Jack

This floor jack may be a hand-operated machine with which little effort will be applied at the end to raising the car at the lifting point. It’s designed for contemporary cars, and also the contact point fits perfectly to the jack point of the vehicle. Some types include a surface to lift the car’s axle.

There is an electricity-powered scissor floor jack that may be plugged into the lead-acid accumulator to figure the jack in lifting the car up and down. These don’t get to worry you before they work.

House Jacks

The house jack, which is further called jackscrew, could be a machine built primarily to boost apartments from the bottom to hold out repairs or move off to a different location. Different kinds of studs are used, and a wooden structure tentatively holds the house.

Hydraulic Jacks

These are jacks used for working in construction workshops and not the standard jack to be wont to fix car tires. When using it on your car that it’s not built for, you have got to be very careful in choosing how hard the bottom is, the contact point on the vehicle, and ensure that the jack is stable while using it. Hydraulic jacks, more often than not, are employed in raising elevators on high-rise towers.

They incorporate a parallel piston that presses on the short side of a crank, and therefore the long arm offers vertical movement to a lifting point maintained during a horizontal position with a linkage.

Bottle Jacks

The bottle jack is additionally brought up like a piston jack. It works on mechanicsa bit like a ground jack. The numerous differences lie in their fabrication, and that they can raise the vehicle to higher levels. As such, they could not work with the contemporary low-base cars modish today.

How To Use Floor Jacks

The floor jack can lift a vehicle of any sort from the bottom, depending on the kind and specification. You’ll start this by parking the car where the jack is ready and locking it down using the clock wheel to forestall the opposite tires from rolling while jacking the car. You’ll be able to use a wooden wedge, moreover, or a breeze block.

After that, you set the ground jack under the vehicle and balance it in such a fashion that the jack touches the car’s coupling point. You’ll check the car’s repair manual to determine the lifting position.

Subsequently, you’ll be able to then jack the handle of the device until the contact point is raised to the specified height. Should it be that you just want to try and do some repairs or fix beneath the car, you’ll be able to use the jack to support the vehicle and gently unwind the jack till the car balances on the jack stand. Note that you simply must use car stands when working underneath a car. Never leave the car abreast of the jack without stands.

Benefits of Floor Jacks

A quality floor jack has several advantages. As an exampleit’s simple to use and delivers immense lifting power with minimum effort to lift the vehicle off the bottomThey’ll raise the car to a powerful height, counting on the actual sort of the ground jack.

By lifting your vehicle high above the bottom, jacks allow you to be ready to do necessary repairs and maintenance of the car. More so, floor jacks are easily manipulated under and around the vehicle to lift it with ease. This provides the leverage of jacking even when there’s little space.

Again, floor jacks are excellent at creeping under the car in low-lying spaces. It might be a lifesaver if you have got to figure on lowered cars where a typical lift won’t fit under the rockers.

A floor jack will swiftly lift your car and safely so. They’re quite affordable, a minimum of relatively, given their performance and material of build. They’re easy to wash once they get dirty with oil and grease.

Taking Care of Floor Jacks

Ordinarily, floor jacks should last for years; this, however, depends on your maintenance culture and how much you look after them. These are a number of the ways you’ll be able to take excellent care of your floor jack.

Frequent Inspection

Ensure you know your jack tolerably by regularly checking for fissures, loose bolts, and any dents that would reduce the liability of your floor jack.

Ensure that it’s always clean.

More often than not, your jack is going to be in touch with grease, dust particles, and such things. You’ll have to wipe it frequently with a moist cloth to wash it up.

Replace the Oil

See your jack’s operating manual for the recommended car care interval.


Always free up every pressure within the jack cylinder before storing it. Also, confirm you don’t store your jack when it’s all wet. Water brings rust and rust will reduce the lifespan of your jack.

How to Safely Use a Harbor Freight Floor Jack

Safety must be top of mind anytime you employ a jack. Even the tiniest cars are very heavy.

A sudden, unexpected descent could damage the vehicle, and, more importantly, could cause serious injuries or maybe death to you or anyone else acting on, under, or near the car.

We’re not trying to scare you. We just want you to bear in mind how important it’s to try and do things properly.

Step-by-step instructions on a way to safely use your floor jack.

  • Park your vehicle on a solid, level surface, and have interaction with the brake.
  • Chock your wheels at the other end from where you’ll be lifting the car.
  • Get your jack stand in position before jacking up your vehicle.
  • Check your jack for any flaws, leaks, or cracks. seek out leaking fluids or a loose or broken saddle.
  • Make sure the realm around your vehicle is evident of debris which you have got enough space to figure in.
  • Assemble the handle and insert it into the receptacle at the rear of the jack.
  • Using the handle, position the ground jack under your vehicle with the saddle centered under the lift point.
  • Pump the handle up and down until the saddle is sort of touching the vehicle, so adjust as necessary until the saddle is positioned fully under the lift point.
  • Lift the vehicle to the required height for the task and so position your jack stand so they’re able to take the burden of the vehicle.
  • With the jack standing in situ, very slowly lower the vehicle by turning the handle gently counterclockwise.
  • Ensure there’s nobody under or near the vehicle, and clear the world of tools and debris.
  • Continue pumping the handle until the ground jack is carrying the burden of the vehicle.
  • Carefully remove the jack stand and set it aside.
  • Gently turn the handle counterclockwise until the vehicle begins to slowly descend.

Best Harbor Freight Floor Jack

Harbor freight brand has a number of the foremost durable and high-performing floor jacks. the ground jacks from harbor freight have a fast software package that permits the jack to be lifted fast unlike a number of the service jacks on the market. Being an American brand, you’ll be able to expect nothing but an excellent quality that meets most of the market standards. Besides offering carjacks of various materials and capacity, the firm likewise has other hand and garage tools like jack stands and motorcycle jacks along with their accessories. Harbor Freight offers a lifetime warranty on its hand tools.

Top 5 Best Harbor Freight Floor Jack

Here we’ve got listed top-rated harbor freight jack.

Harbor Freight 3 ton low profile steel heavy duty floor jack with rapid pump

Hardcore automotive enthusiasts and professional mechanics can use this excellent 3-ton low profile steel heavy duty service jack from Harbor freight to service or repair their vehicles with. This car jack has outstanding features that enable it to perform exceptionally. Use it to lift vehicles, trucks, SUVs, and minivans.


  • Extra low profile reach
  • Extra-wide steel caster
  • Universal joint release
  • Heavy-duty floor jack
  • 3-ton capacity
  • Rapid pump exclusive dual parallel pump system
  • Super tough precision welded built
  • Two-piece knurled steel handle
  • Lifting height of two feet off the bottom



  • This jack has the flexibility to lift to a 3-ton capacity load
  • It has two knurled steel handles fitted with foam for a guaranteed grip during use
  • The rapid pump exclusive dual parallel pump system lifts with just some pumps
  • It has extremely wide steel casters for increased stability of the jack
  • It is versatile with its extra-low profile reach and high lift
  • This floor jack incorporates coupler release features that allow accurate load control in any handle position.


Harbor Freight 1.5 ton aluminum racing floor jack with rapid pump

This is an exquisite floor jack to be used on cars or light vehicles. It handles vehicles with but 1.5 tons. This makes it suitable to be used on racing cars. thanks to its aluminum construction, the car jack is lighter and may be transported from one place to a different one with much ease. Also, it’s a coupling release mechanism that provides accurate load control at any angle. Furthermore, the rapid pump exclusive dual parallel pump system lifts the vehicle in exactly 3, ½ pumps which is outstanding.


  • Compact size
  • Rubber saddle pad
  • Pit crew quality design
  • Two-piece knurled steel handle
  • Rapid pump exclusive dual parallel pump system
  • Universal joint release
  • Aircraft aluminum billet
  • Lifting capacity of 1.5 tons


  • This 1.5 tons jack is compactly designed for easy storage and transportation
  • It has a rubber saddle to forestall any damage to the vehicle frame
  • It is manufactured from a light-weight and sturdy material which is aluminum
  • The coupler that it comes with is for offering great load control in any direction
  • The rapid pump exclusive dual parallel pump system provides quick lift loads in precisely 3, ½ pumps.
  • The floor jack meets international standards, thus it’s safe to use.


Harbor Freight 2 ton aluminum racing floor jack with rapid pump

This harbor freight 2-ton aluminum service jack has all the qualities of an impressive service jack for racing cars. First of all, it’s made from aluminum which is light and sturdyIts wheels allow easy movement and also the knurled handle gives a sure grip to the mechanic or DIYer. The finish of the ground jack is attractive as its sapphire anodized. Also, it matches international quality standards and features a rubber saddle that ensures the frame of the vehicle isn’t scratched or damaged. With such qualities, this is often an exquisite trolley jack to own within the garage.


  • Universal joint release
  • Wheels
  • Rubber saddle pad
  • Pit crew quality design
  • Two-piece knurled aluminum handle
  • Made from aluminum billet
  • Sapphire anodized finish
  • Matches international quality standards


  • It is durably made up of lightweight aircraft aluminum
  • This two-ton jack has a wonderful sapphire anodized finish
  • It meets most of the international quality standards making it safe to use
  • It is manufactured from a rubber saddle that stops the car frame from being damaged during use
  • The two-piece knurled aluminum handle is for providing a sure grip to the user of the jack
  • It has wheels for straightforward maneuverability of the service jack during use and transportation


Harbor Freight 4 ton steel heavy duty floor jack with rapid pump

For individuals trying to find a reliable heavy-duty service jack, this can be the simplest to use. The service jack comes with a rapid lifting or lowering system. additionallyit’s a protective foam bumper on the ground of the jack that stops the load or car from being damaged. The welded steel-built jack incorporates a knurled aluminum handle that gives the user a stable grip. Also, it meets the international quality standards and incorporates universal release features for accurate control of the vehicle. With a lift range of 4 inches to twenty, ½ inches, this is often a high-performing auto jack.


  • 4-ton capacity
  • Heavy-duty steel constriction
  • Two-piece knurled steel handle
  • Protective foam bumper
  • Matches international quality standards



  • This four tons jack can lift very heavy loads because it includes a lifting capacity of 4 tons
  • It comes with a protective bumper for preventing damage to the load
  • It has a pleasant knurled grip handle for straightforward control


Harbor Freight 3 ton steel heavy duty floor jack with rapid pump

This is a beautiful floor jack for enthusiastic motorists and professional mechanics. it’s great features and comes with rapid software that ensures the lifting of the load to be quicker than normal. it’s a lifting range of between 5 inches and 18, ¼ inches to convey the mechanic ample time while under the hood of the vehicle. Since it’s fabricated from steel, this can be a durable service jack that will be sued for an extended time.


  • Steel construction with industrial-grade finish
  • The coupling release mechanism
  • Protective foam bumper
  • Very wide steel caster
  • Rapid pump system


  • It has a rapid lifting system for quick lifting and lowering
  • It is well made of heavy-duty steel material
  • Has a protective foam bumper for preventing damage to the vehicle
  • It is suitable for comfort and heavy-duty application



Harbor freight is a superb floor jack brand with plenty of service jacks to supply. Also, they’re effective in performance and might be relied on to support the recommended load. Choose a car jack from the above five that meets your or commercial needs. Still, have an issue after reading this Harbor Freight Floor Jack review?


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