Harbor Freight Torque Wrench

Harbor Freight Torque Wrench

Harbor Freight could be a retail outlet that sells a number of the simplest quality Harbor Freight torque wrenches available within the market.

Top 5 Harbor Freight Torque Wrench

Harbor Freight Torque Wrench


Harbor Freight Torque Wrench
Harbor Freight Torque Wrench


Below are a number of the foremost popular Harbor Freight torque wrenches available within the market nowadays. Allow us to have a glance at them without further ado.


Set of 3 Pittsburgh Pro Reversible Click Type Torque Wrench

Set of 3 Pittsburgh Pro Reversible Click Type Torque Wrench

  • The package has three different drives of quarter-inch, a half-inch, and a 3/8-inch. it’s one amongst the simplest deals to get within the market.
  • All three wrenches can drive in both directions. once you do a bit research, you’ll see that this feature is usually omitted from many other torque tools.
  • It allows you to figure on bolt threads positioned on both left and right sides effortlessly.
  • The user will feel confident to use it to hold out tight turns and twists. Each spanner has been crafted carefully from high-grade steel.
  • Therefore, they’re sturdy, durable, and able to perform any given task.
  • When it involves precision, the mechanism of the devices is accurate within +/-4%. All have the click-type notification when the torque limit is reached.
  • As we all know, the accuracy of a spanner could be a crucial factor. Hence, you need to store the tools within the appropriate cases.
  • Luckily, Pittsburgh Pro torque wrenches include casement for every instrument.
  • You will not need to worry about auto calibration disruption when being moved from one place to a different.
  • This is why this model is sort of in demand for light project implementation.



  1. Reversible feature allows left and right-handed authority easily
  2. Complete set cover wide ranges of torquing needs
  3. Includes storing box for every wrench for individual transport
  4. Excellent torque accuracy
  5. High-quality material makes the set sturdy and sturdy


  1. The click sound is hardly detectable
  2. The glossy shining surface makes the torquing scales difficult to read


Pittsburgh Pro 239 Professional Drive

Pittsburgh Pro 239 Professional Drive


  • It has the feature of the reversible ratchet of three settings. And it doesn’t matter if you’re left or right-handed; you’ll fasten the bolts clockwise or anti-clockwise with confidence!
  • The three settings are given to supply the utmost concentration while engaged on a personal set-up.
  • First setting grants dual directions in one go. The second option is once you just need a clockwise direction while the third generates anti-clockwise only.
  • This model is constructed from tough steel. Thus, it ensures future operational capability.
  • The mechanism works with the use of industrial quality pawl and cam that helps to hold out torque precision.
  • While the accuracy level complies within more or less 4%, the size ranges from 20 to 150ft.lb during this half-inch spanner.
  • It is very precise when tightening bolts of certain equipment or suspensions of automobiles.
  • This will prevent from the indecision of what to urge within the market stuffed with similar items.
  • It is durable, offers accurate torque, and does the work it’s made for efficiently.
  • The device has the predetermined set-up to safeguard the merchandise likewise because the equipment.
  • It will provide you with a warning of the programmed torque limit reach. As a result, you’ll be able to say goodbye to bolt thread strips!
  • Do not forget to stay the item within the provided carrying case, which you’ll simply store in your vehicle.
  • It will prolong the wrench’s calibrated life and be useful while on the road.
  • Furthermore, the complete product has the completion of bronze. How often does that happen!



  1. Ratchet is reversible with three settings for simple use
  2. Audible click sound to forestall over-torquing
  3. Very durable and fairly priced
  4. Bronze colored layer adds unique style to the model


  1. The bronze finish could also be too shiny to read scales clearly
  2. Suitable for beginners only



3/8 In. Drive Click Type Torque Wrench

3/8 In. Drive Click Type Torque Wrench

  • The torque power is as precise pro re nata, which is ideal, especially after you need accurate force on the go.
  • With the heavy-duty pawl mechanism, twisting and turning the device gets pretty easy.
  • Even the solid cam ensures proper maneuver of the merchandise and safe torque application while working. Thus, there’s little chance of stripping off the bolt threads.
  • As we’ve mentioned, the merchandise is best suited for uncomplicated projects. Therefore, this device comes within the range of 5 up to 80ft.lb.
  • It is exactly what many weekend mechanics rummage around for to avoid more extensive and more cumbersome torque wrenches.
  • You will find it very reliable while working with small tasks that include street bikes, light trucks, or cars. It responds well with the accuracy level of about more or less 4%.
  • Furthermore, the merchandise has the two-sided ability to permit handling in both directions.
  • The product is built from high-quality steel that gives excellent performance with none corrosion issue.
  • Last but not least, this device has the feature of audible click sound that ensures you are doing not over-tighten any bolt threads.
  • As a result, whichever task you’re taking on for adjustments, you’ll not be disappointed with this ¾-inch wrench.


  1. Comes with a reversible feature that permits torque handling in both directions
  2. Robust pawl mechanism and cam for better performance
  3. Product length isn’t too big or small to handle
  4. Includes audible Click sound
  5. Suitable for tiny and easy projects


  1. The scale is tough to read
  2. Calibrated accuracy is slightly off


Torque Wrench Set of 3

Torque Wrench Set of 3


  • It is another great set by the Pittsburgh Pro that has three individual torque wrenches of various drive heads.
  • We all know that applying the right amount of torque is pretty critical when performing a task. It doesn’t matter if the duty requires proficient or simply a touch twist.
  • This is why the torque wrenches introduced by the manufacturer ensures accuracy within +/- 4% for all three wrenches.
  • Also, they’re designed reversible so as to supply service for both left and right-handed users.
  • Each wrench comes with different ranges of scale to accommodate various jobs at hand.
  • You will find the foremost commonly used quarter, half, and 3/8 inch drive wrenches, respectively.
  • They are incorporated with heavy-duty cam and pawl mechanism to endure long-term use.
  • The quarter-inch contains a scale of 20 to 200in.lb, while the half-inch has 20-150ft.lb.
  • Plus, the 3/8-inch comes with 5-80ft.lb. Although these are some impressive collection to possess in your toolbox, some may pain their click sound ability.
  • So, if you’re trying to find a collection to figure with on occasional fixing-up of the household equipment or car suspension, then this may be the best choice.
  • These torque wrenches may be purchased within your expected budget. Simply follow the calibration instruction for enhanced accuracy; you’re all set!
  • Remember that these aren’t made for industrial use, but they’re ready to handle hard turns from time to time.


  1. It is excellent value of a group
  2. Each spanner is supplied with separate cases
  3. The preset feature prevents over-tightening of bolt threads
  4. Torque limit indication is included


  1. Difficult to use in tight spaces
  2. The click sound is unnoticeable


1/4” Drive Click Stop Torque Wrench


  • Oftentimes we discover a full set is mindless, especially when only 1 of the three torque wrenches becomes obsolete.
  • If that wrench may be a quarter-inch, we highly recommend this drive as a replacement.
  • The calibrated accuracy of more or less 4% is perfectly adequate for any related project.
  • This device is just eleven inches long; therefore, you’ll not have any trouble working within closed space.
  • It is an adjustable ratchet torque, which suggests it works magic when fastening the bolts or applying repeated torque.
  • Many believe that if the tool is reasonable, so is that the quality. it’s absolutely wrong just in case of this 1/4-inch wrench.
  • The product is out there within an inexpensive price, and therefore the quality rate still remains the identical as other highly-priced similar items.
  • The scale ranges from 20 to 200in.lb, which is readable with ease. With the robust built cam and pawl mechanism, the device works wonders in performance.
  • Besides, you’ll be able to take this wrench anywhere cleanly with the assistance of the carrying case. So, this particular tool is extremely handy whenever you have got a task in mind.
  • It also allows reversible torque adjustment that’s suitable for anybody. Additionally, the torque scales are included in both English and Metric.
  • This effective method offers levels in whichever term you’re at home with.
    However, the sole downside of this product is that it gives out prior time.
  • Even though it happens gradually, you must remember to line the amount at very cheap for extended usability and better calibration.


  1. Includes reversible torque for all users’ adaptability
  2. Easy readability of scales in English and Metric
  3. It may be employed in closed spaces
  4. Calibrated accuracy is great
  5. Click-style torque limit notification available
  6. Cost-effective


  1. Not suitable for heavy-duty professional projects
  2. The click sound is also too soft to listen to



What to appear for Before You Buy?

The following are some key factors we’ve assembled for this review of harbor freight torque wrench to consider before purchasing.


It is the foremost crucial obligation for the duty you’re getting ready to execute. While standard quality material is sufficient for infrequent household equipment fixtures, they could not work with integrity regularly.

In fact, many torque wrenches fail to deliver the performance you expect thanks to cheap product construction.

To avert such inconvenience, you need to dig a bit deeper into the wrench you’ve got in mind.

Thorough research will facilitate your avoid feeling overwhelmed additionally as ruin the project.


You must determine the drive size requirement if your profession depends thereon. Then travel to the torque setting in keeping with the pliability of the work.

If you’re confused between varieties of drive heads, don’t worry because Harbor Freight staff will answer any of your queries with an acceptable response.

Just for the heads up, there are four sizes of drive heads that correspond to varied ranges of functions.

Accuracy & Calibration

Torque precision is another essential feature to seem out for when it involves accuracy, safety, and longevity.

Check for the manufacturer’s calibration date so as to verify its right deviation level. If it’s calibrated to an adequate degreeyou may be ready to acquire clear precision.

The worst-case scenario would be the destroying reputation of the merchandise and manufacture with one stripped screw.

Therefore, confirm the device comprises a minimum of plus or minus 5% accuracy and pre-calibration.


Some may find this feature unessential but remember that the sturdiness and accuracy of a spanner will depend upon how well you store it.

Almost all torque wrenches are related to storage case. If yours doesn’t include one, we advise an on the spot purchase of a tough case.

spanner protected in a very storage box will help preserve the calibrated settings.

Harbor Freight torque wrench Review

Harbor Freight could be a outlet that sells an intensive range and collection of excellent quality tools at a really affordable price. they need multiple outlets all round the u. s. and supply all of their customers with great services. you’ll be able to also avail of their services online if you are doing not have a store located near you.

Among numerous tools they needspanner is that the one we are visiting be putting under the spotlight and reviewing for you. once you attend their store or their online website, you’ll find that they have many various sorts of torque wrenches. Each of them has different uses and is created for people with varied preferences.

Even though most of them are slightly different from the oppositeyou may find that they’re fundamentally the identical, meaning that the standard of output you may get from them are going to be very comparable. And at the tip of the say, we are trying to find the output instead of the rest.

Almost all of them are made from metal and are manual than automatic. which suggests you’ll be able to get complete control over what you’re visiting do. However, you’ll find some electronic torque wrenches furthermore.

You can get the regular tools from the shop similarly because the professional one. while the latter will cost you extra money, but the service are outstanding.


Even though you may find many alternative kinds of torques in their stores and websites, but you’ll see that there are many features that are common between all of the torque wrenches. Here we are visiting discuss all of these in great detail for your help.


One of the items people rave about when it involves the tools bought from Harbor Freight is that the quality of the tools they sell. The tools and equipment are usually made by other brands that are kept in their stores. But they need done their best in selecting just the proper companies to extra service on.

Mostly all the tools are manufactured from great quality metal, which implies that they’re going to not start to catch rust after some use. you furthermore may don’t must worry about them bending out of shape because the metal accustomed make it’s pretty strong. So, all in all, you’ll get many uses out of thoseand that they will desire they’re well well worth the price. they need some really great torque wrenches for the maintenance of bicycles.

Length and Size

When it involves tools, it’s vital for them to be of the correct length and size. If these two are off, then you may not be ready to work with them. Say, as an example, you but a screwdriver, but the tip isn’t the proper size for the screw; therewithyou may not be able to unscrew the screw. you’ll be able to say the identical a couple of spanner.

You will be ready to avail of those wrenches in numerous sizes and lengths, and both of those are visiting be determined by the sort of labor you’re doing and what reasonably tool are the foremost helpful for you.


From the wide collection of torque wrenches you may find at Harbor Freight, there are some which you’ll be able to adjust. This feature isn’t available all told of those you see, and you would like to succeed in a touch higher within the index to be able to get this sort of service from a tool.

With the adjustable feature, you may be able to make the wrench work with a tonne of various sorts of nuts and bolts. So, you may have a way easier time as you are doing not really want to hold 1,000,000 various things with you to try to to one task.

Easy to Grip

We are always searching for convenience and luxury once we do any kind of work. which are a few things you may want after you are employing a wrench furthermore. Now, the torque wrenches you purchase for Harbor Freight are presumably to be very easy to grip and hold on to.

Not only will it not slip from your hand, but you furthermore may don’t need to worry about your hand beginning to ache after keeping it in your hand for a really while.


Frequently Asked Questions For Harbor Freight spanner

Can a wrench be accustomed loosen something?

It may be a common misconception that torque wrenches are only wont to tighten nuts and bolts. They can, in fact, be wont to loosen items furtheryou simply should keep the most torque in mind; if you exceed it, then there’s an opportunity that you just will affect the accuracy of the wrench.

What’s a spanner used for usually?

These torque wrenches are used for a awfully specific quite task. they’re wont to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts.

Will temperature have a sway on the wrench tool?

The normal temperature shouldn’t have any effect on the wrench, but any temperature over 120-degrees will have an impression as there’s an opportunity of the grease inside the wrench melting and oozing out.

Where is the Harbor Freight Torque Wrench made?

They are mostly made in China. that’s why the tools are inexpensive but strongly reliable.

Are Harbor Freight Torque Wrench good quality?

Yes. they’re very dependable that’s meted out to stop easy break
or chip.

Can you return a spanner to Harbor Freight?

If there’s any reason you’re dissatisfied with the merchandiseyou’ll return it within 90 days. For replacement or refund, you need to present the first receipt you got.

How often should a spanner be calibrated?

The minimal recommendation is every after 12 months. Although, it also depends on how often you utilize the tool. in this case, the spanner must be re-calibrated after every 5000 uses.

Why does my Harbor Freight Torque Wrench not click?

Loosen the bolt entirely that you simply try and tighten. Then try and tighten the bolt again.

Remember never to use the spanner to loosen a fastener. If the press sound remains not heard then, the tool must get replaced.

Final Words

Finally, torque wrenches are just about the critical tools for those that are involved within the automotive industry.

It is tasking to obtain the right tension of the bolts and nuts entailed in many components.

We believe that our Harbor Freight Torque wrench has brought you somewhat closer to picking the proper kind among numerous versatile models.

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