Harbor Freight Jack Stands

Harbor Freight Jack Stands

What is a Jack Stand?

Harbor Freight Jack Stand
Harbor Freight Jack Stand

Designed to support a load of a vehicle lifted off the bottom, jack stands are essential if you’re working underneath your car. Don’t be fooled into thinking a floor jack is enough to securely support the load of your car. You’ll want jack stands to secure the vehicle, instead of looking forward to the ground jack, which might slip or fail to result in a potentially fatal disaster. Most jack stands have the same shape and style but there are some belongings you must know before choosing the proper one.


How to Choose the correct Harbor Freight  Jack Stand

Harbor Freight Jack Stands
Harbor Freight Jack Stands

The most important factor when buying jack stands is to test their load ratings. Most jack stands will say they support two tons and up, but detain mind that’s typically for a pair of jack stands. So if you’re purchasing a pair of two-ton jack stands, check to determine if each stand is really rated to support one ton. Check the load of your vehicle to create sure the jack stands you’re purchasing will support the load of your vehicle.

To do this, hunt for your vehicle’s curb weight in your owner’s manual and make sure the jack stands you’re purchasing will support the curb weight of your car. confine mind that the burden distribution of your vehicle likely won’t be even front to back, especially if your car has an engine upfront. To get on the safe side, you’ll want to collect your vehicle’s curb weight when comparing the load ratings on the jack stands you’re purchasing.

Another factor to contemplate is that the weight of the jack stand.

Most jack stands are constructed of steel, which makes them a small amount heavy and difficult to hold or move around. Some companies manufacture aluminum jack stands, which can be lighter than their steel counterparts. If a load of a jack stand could be a concern, choose an aluminum option.

Lastly, if you own a crossover, SUV, or pickup, you’ll want to contemplate the lift height of a jack stand to confirm it can accommodate your vehicle. You’ll want jack stands which will be adjusted to the next setting to support a crossover, SUV, or truck. the other applies too if you own a lowered sports car or exotic. therein case, you’ll need a jack stand that includes a lower starting height to form sure it fits underneath your car.


How to Properly Use a Jack Stand

Harbor Freight Jack Stands
Harbor Freight Jack Stands

Anytime you’re lifting your car off the bottomthe primary thing you wish to try to do is to ensure you’re parked on a flat and level surface. Engage your car’s emergency and use wheel chocks around your wheels. From there, locate a secure spot underneath your car for your floor jack—you can check your car’s manual to search out the simplest places to lift your car.

Once your car is off the bottom with the ground jack, set the jack stand underneath the pinch points of your vehicle. These are typically found on the edges of your vehicle, between the front and rear tires. If your car doesn’t have any pinch points, you’ll be able to put the jack stands underneath your vehicle’s frame. Adjust the peak of the jack stand as necessary and use the security pin to stay in situ.

After that, slowly lower the ground jack that the car rests safely on the jack stands.

Give your vehicle a decent nudge to form sure it’s sturdy before going underneath it.

When you’re done functioning on your car, lift it keep a copy with the ground jack, lower the jack stands, and take away them before slowly lowering your car back to the bottom with the ground jack

If you have got jack stands from Harbor Freight, please take a moment before reading on to work out if they’re littered with the recall. It could save your life.

Working underneath a lifted car is inherently extremely dangerous, and it is easy to be cavalier or place an excessive amount of trust in equipment that may not deserve it. Our guide below is meant not as a how-to since every car and truck is different, but rather as a top-level view of some best practices that may get you thinking critically about your methods.

As always, carefully read the manual—for your vehicle, for your floor jack, and for your jack stands—before starting. And if you’ve got any concerns about your situation, or equipment, aren’t getting under the vehicle.

Check the burden Rating

Before starting, confirm you have the correct equipment for the taskyou will need a jack and a minimum of two jack stands to figure under your vehicle. First, ensure they’re rated for your vehicle’s weight. counting on when it absolutely was manufactured and also the specific model, jack stands might be weight rated individually or as a pair.  Check your specific jack stands’ manual or label to substantiate the burden rating to create sure that you have actually got the correct equipment to support your vehicle.

Also remember that jack stands are intended to be utilized in pairs, which partially explains the shared weight rating. it isn’t recommended to use just one jack stand to support a little of the vehicle, nor to use two sets to support both ends of the vehicle at an identical time.

What weight rating must you choose?

Determine your vehicle’s curb weight (it’s generally within the owner’s manual) and pick jack stands with an identical rating. garner instead of down. If your vehicle weighs 5,500 pounds, choose 3-ton jack stands (or more) instead of 2-ton. Likewise, ensure your device is up to the task. Lastly, check the lifting dimensions—will the jack lift enough to induce the jack stands underneath? Are the jack stands long enough to adequately lift the vehicle?

Should You Use A Harbor Freight Jack Stand At All?

If you wish to lift both ends of the vehicle, there are other devices, like the QuickJack hydraulic scissor jack (shown above), that are a safer (albeit more expensive) solution. Quality vehicle ramps also are a secure, sturdy, and fewer expensive alternative for raising two or four wheels off the bottom certainly repairs, and they are fast and convenient when used properly. In many circumstances, these may well be safer and quicker alternatives to the ground jack and jack stand method, provided you are not acting on projects that need the wheels to come back off.


Check The Condition Of Your Harbor Freight Jack Stands

Regardless of what you will be lifting or supporting the vehicle with, check the condition of all of them. confirm the jack is stable and in good working order. Examine your jack stands—whether the pawl, pin, or screw type. Attempt to use high-quality equipment from a reputable manufacturer.

We don’t recommend using the jack that came together with your vehicle, usually a scissor or bottle jack, for normal maintenance. They’re emergency items for infrequent use, like changing a tire on the side of the road.


Jack From A Flat, Hard, Level Surface

Whenever possible, a flat, hard, level surface like a concrete garage floor—is out and away the simplest surface to lift a vehicle from. this is not always possible, especially for a tire change. Do what you’ll be able to level the vehicle, and make sure the jack stands rest on a tough surface. A soft surface could cause the jack stands to shift, potentially dropping the vehicle.

There are products called jack stabilizer pads which will be accustomed to support a jack or jack stand. A sturdy piece of wood may also be employed in a pinch. But the simplest option may be a hard, level surface.

Before You Lift, Use Chocks

Chocks are simple wedge-like devices that prevent the vehicle from rolling. Place two behind the wheels of the tip you’re not lifting. A sturdy block of wood or brick may be used in a pinch, provided you ensure it’s enough to stop the vehicle from rolling. ensure to line the emergency, and put the vehicle in “park” or geared to assist ensure it won’t roll as you lift one end. But also remember that the brake generally only works on the rear axle. Make using chocks a habit irrespective of which end you’re lifting.

Locate Your Lift Points And Your Jack Stand Points

Where you lift from, and where you place your jack stands under the vehicle, goes to vary betting on the vehicle in question. Consult the owner’s manual to work out the way to lift. Many vehicles have sturdy lift points intended for this purpose—but ensure the form and elegance of the lifting point may be a good match for your jack and jack stands. Some vehicles will be lifted by the axle or differential, but this might also damage other vehicles. Don’t make assumptions; consult the manual. If the jack points are damaged otherwise you can’t locate one, don’t lift the vehicle and consult your dealer or trusted mechanic.

Ensure that wherever you jack from, there’s adequate clearance to the jack stand support point to urge the jack interchange and squared up underneath that time.

Start with the jack stands on a lower setting.

You’ll always raise them more later. Confirm they’re set to the identical height on either side. Only raise the vehicle to the maximum amount as you would like to try and do the task safely—more height means more potential instability.

Ensure The Jack Stands Are Vertical And Secure

Once the vehicle is chocked, the jack is found safe, and also the vehicle is lifted, it is time to position the jack stands at the indicated points. make sure the jack stands are vertical and not resting on any debris. confirm nobody is under the vehicle, and it won’t contact anything coming down. Place the jack stands and adjust the peak as near the support point as possible. Slowly release the jack to settle the vehicle onto the jack stands.

As the vehicle settles, ensure the jack stands stay vertical and keep contact with the jack points. Watch carefully, because the vehicle may come down at a small angle, and you will need to move the jack stands slightly before the vehicle rests on them so that they are lined up properly. Once down, and before getting underneath, countercheck the vehicle’s stability. It shouldn’t rock and therefore the jack stands shouldn’t shift. If it doesn’t feel solid and secure, double-check your setup and maybe jack the car keep a copy to reset everything.

Create An Escape Path, And Possibly A Back-Up Support

Harbor Freight Jack Stands
Harbor Freight Jack Stands

Before getting underneath, give some thought to what might happen if a jack stand (or the jacking point) fails or shifts, dropping the vehicle. How are you visiting to protect yourself, and the way are you visiting to get out from under the vehicle? it is not a foul idea to position a 3rd jack stand, the ground jack, or perhaps a tire underneath during a convenient spot to assist protect you if the worst happens. confirm this backup device doesn’t inhibit your ability to out from under the vehicle quickly.

It’s also not a nasty idea to let someone know you will be under the car or have a phone handy. We’ve heard of tragic instances where an individual, pinned by a vehicle, would have survived if help came in time.

It doesn’t take long to make sure you have an escape path, or much additional equipment to relinquish to create backup support, so there is no reason why you cannot incorporate these potential live-savers into your regular vehicle lifting routine.

When doubtful, Get Out

Getting bad vibes? Get out, or better yet, aren’t getting under within the first place. Your life isn’t worth taking a shortcut or using questionable equipment. Stop and ensure you have the proper tools for the work, and you recognize a way to use them properly—or take the task to an expert.

Working on your car or truck yourself is rewarding, fun, and may also prevent plenty of cash, so use safe lifting techniques, common sense—and have a good time.


Types of Harbor Freight Jack Stands


The pin lock is that the most typical form of the jack stand. This stand will typically have a pyramid shape and a row of holes into which a pin is placed to stay the peak of the support bar in situ. It’s simple to use, and also the pin is going to be made from hardened steel that’s strong enough to support the burden of a spread of vehicles.

Once the peak of the support bar is adjusted to touch the relevant pinch point underneath the vehicle, a pin is inserted through one in each of the holes to stay in situit is not the fastest to figure with, but its simple design makes it one amongst the foremost durable.


This type of jack stand uses a ratchet system to automatically lock the support bar in situ. It’s one of the best designs to use because all that’s needed is to tug the support bar to the specified height. Compared to a jack stand with a pin-lock design, the peak increments in one with a ratchet system are smaller, with more flexibility in terms of where they stand that may be used underneath the vehicle.

Most jack stands with ratchet systems are durable, but compared to other locking systems, it is the design with the foremost risk of failure. If you favor a stand that provides the convenience of a ratchet system, get one from a trusted manufacturer and ensure the tool was built to support the load of your vehicle.


This type of jack stand is that the least common, and although you’ll expect the planning to be stronger than a ratchet type, it won’t be as strong as a pin-lock stand. One disadvantage of this design is that it takes longer to use compared to the opposite types. Basically, the saddle where the pinch point of your vehicle is meant to rest is fitted to the highest of a screw-like center column whose height will be adjusted by screwing or unscrewing.

As you’ll imagine, it isn’t the fastest to figure with, but the planning does allow you to line more custom heights.


Harbor Freight Jack Stands

Jack stands to play an important part when it involves servicing or repairing your vehicle. After lifting your car with a trolley jack, you wish a jack stand to produce stability and forestall the loading from lowering when working under the car. But with plenty of brands available, you wish to select quality stands to supply great support. Thus, read this Harbor Freight jack stands review and choose top-rated HF stands. you’ll also check the good Harbor freight floor jacks and motorcycle lift list.

Harbor freight jack stands are a number of the simplest on the market with exceptional features. they’re built for heavy-duty loads and meet international quality standards.

Top 3 Harbor Freight Jack Stands 

We’ve selected some of the best harbor freight jack stands on the market and explained them further as follows:

Harbor Freight 3 ton steel jack stands


  1. Welded steel base
  2. Ductile iron
  3. Supports loads up to 6000 pounds
  4. Lift range of minimum 11, ¾ inches to maximum 16, ¾ inches
  5. Meets ANSI certification
  6. Quantity of two
  7. 3-ton steel jack stands

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Technical Features of Harbor Freight 3Ton Steel Jacks:

Features Harbor Freight 3Ton
Rated capacity: 3 Ton (6000 pounds)
Lifting range: 11-3/4 in. to  16-3/8 in.
Handle: Self-locking ratchet handle
Base: Welded steel base
Meets: ANSI  standards
Body: steel and ductile iron materials
Perfect for: repair work or storage
Dimensions: 14 x 8.4 x 7.5 inches
Weight: 14.55 pounds

The Harbor Freight 3 ton steel jacks are durably made to lift a weight of up to 6000 pounds. they’re made from both steel and ductile iron materials. These make sure that the jacks are stable and supply the much-needed support to the user. additionallythey are available in a very quantity of two which might be utilized to lift one side of the car that you just are acting on. The 3-ton capacity steel stands meet ANSI certification and are thus good for using to supply support to your vehicle. Use these quality Pittsburgh automotive jacks to lift your car from a minimum lift range of 11, ¾ inches to a maximum lift range of 16, ¾ inches.

Advantages of the 3-ton steel jack stands

These steel jack stands are made with quality metal which is steel. they’re able to support a load of up to 6000 pounds which is solely excellent. Since they meet ANSI certification, they’ll be relied on to supply the user with the support and safety needed when working under the car hood. this is often ideal for lifting small trailers, automobiles, and lightweight trucks.

Harbor Freight 6 ton steel jack stands


  1. Made of steel and ductile iron
  2. Ratchet handle
  3. Welded steel base
  4. Meets ANSI standards
  5. Supports a load of up to 12, 000 lbs

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Technical Features of Harbor Freight 6Ton Steel Jack Stand:

Features Harbor Freight 6Ton
Rated capacity: 6Ton
Lifting range: 15-13/16 in. to 23-1/2 in.
Handle: Self-locking ratchet handle
Base: Welded steel base
Meets: ANSI  standards
Body: steel and ductile iron materials
Perfect for: repair work or storage
Length: 10-5/8 in.
Weight: 26 lb.

For those searching for excellent jack stands for repair and maintenance works, the harbor freight 6-ton steel jack stands are very ideal. These sturdily made and high-quality stands are made up of steel and ductile iron. They meet the ANSI international standards for jacks and are available with a welded steel base. they need the potential to support up to 12, 000 pounds of loads. one of each of the unique features that they need is that the self-locking ratchet handle. Lift your small trailer or SUV to a lift range of 15, 1/8 inches to 24 inches.

Advantages of harbor freight 6-ton steel jack stands

They are durably made and have the power to lift to 12, 000 pounds. they will lift an SUV or light truck from a height of 15, 1/8 inches up to 24 inches for simple operation under the hood by the mechanic. Also, they meet international standards and have a powerful steel base for supporting the load.

Harbor Freight 12 ton steel jack stands


  1. Two steel/ductile jack stands
  2. Meets ANSI standards
  3. Self-locking ratchet handle
  4. Support load of 24, 000 lbs
  5. Lift range of 19, ½ to 30, 1/8 inches

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Technical Features of Harbor Freight Steel Jacks-12Ton:

Features Harbor Freight 12Ton
Rated capacity: 12Ton
Lifting range: 19-11/16 in. to 30 in.
Handle: Self-locking ratchet handle
Base: Welded steel base
Meets: ANSI  standards
Body: steel and ductile iron materials
Perfect for: repair work or storage
Length: 12-9/16 in.
Weight: 65.60 lb.

Harbor Freight 12 ton capacity steel jack could be a powerful jack for heavy-duty vehicles. If you normally handle large trucks, large trailers, and tractors, this can be the most effective set of jack stands to use. they’re durably made of steel and ductile iron. they need the aptitude to lift a lot of up to 24, 000 tons which are simply amazing. Also, they meet the ANSI quality standards which might use the user of their quality and performance. they need a self-locking ratchet handle and are suitable for repair works. Lift your vehicle to a maximum lift range of 30, 1/8 inches from a minimum of 19, ½ inches.

Advantages of harbor freight 12-ton steel jack stands

This set of steel jack stands is created for giant or very heavy loads. it’s the power to lift a maximum of 24, 000 pounds with a minimum lift range of 19.5 inches and a maximum lift range of 30, 1/8 inches. it’s safe to be used because it meets the ANSI quality standards and comes with a self-locking ratchet handle.



The harbor freight jack stands are a number of the simplest on the market. they’re durably made up of steel and ductile iron that permits them to supply much-needed support. this can be great for heavy-duty lifting as most of them can lift weight capacities of 6000 pounds or more. choose from one among the above stands concerning the kind of car you would like to support. Still, have a matter after reading this Harbor Freight Jack Stands review? Comment below.


Benefits of Jack Stands

Increased safety.

Hydraulic jacks are good for lifting your vehicle during emergencies, but it is not safe to depend on them to stay your vehicle suspended for extended periods. For this, you’ll have jack stands. They’re strong enough to support your vehicle and keep it suspended off the bottom while you’re employed underneath.

Tire preservation.

If you will not be using your vehicle for months, jack stands can facilitate your preserve the condition of your tires. Vehicles left parked for long periods have all their weight on a little part of each tire, making that part more prone to flat spots and dry rotting.

Easier maintenance.

With jack stands, you’ll be able to get work done on your vehicle from the comfort of your own garage. this may prevent the time and expense of taking your vehicle to the service shop.

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