Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger: Deal or No?

The harbor freight post hole digger is a tool that you might have seen in the hardware store. It’s an inexpensive way to make holes for posts, but is it worth the purchase? Let’s find out! This blog post will cover harbor freight post hole diggers, their advantages, and disadvantages, as well as whether or not they are worth your money.

Why Harbor Freight?

If you’ve ever been to Harbor Freight, then chances are that you know how much of a bargain-chaser the store is. With everything from tools and power equipment to outdoor living items and automotive supplies on hand at unbelievably cheap prices, it’s easy for people who love finding bargains or just have spare time in their schedules to get lost exploring this one-stop-shop.

There are many reasons why people should consider shopping at Harbor Freight. First and foremost, they have a vast selection of products that can be found in other stores for more money than you would spend locally. This is because their prices are so low, even with the shipping cost added on top it still ends up being an affordable option to get whatever you need quickly without having to drive around from store to store looking for somebody who may not carry your item anyways! They also offer free home delivery if there isn’t anything nearby or convenient enough close by which makes things super easy.

Why Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger?

The harbor freight post hole digger is very useful for digging holes to put posts in. The metal blade digs quickly and efficiently, making it so much easier than using a shovel or pickaxe!

The Harbor Freight Post Drill works wonders when you’re trying to set up your garden gate by yourself without borrowing from an old man who has been doing this his whole life like some people I know. You’ll be thanking me later if you buy one of these because they are the best tool out there for spades, hoes, trowels–you name it! You should select Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger because:

  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • Can fit in a narrow space so it won’t take up too much room
  • Just small enough to change the shape of your yard
  • Have the best guarantee policy in the industry
  • Quality made post digger tool that will last you ages

Everything about the Post Hole Digger!!

What is a Post Hole Digger?

A post hole digger is a tool that you may use to dig holes in the ground. It has an end with metal prongs and one handle on either side of it, making it look like two cups stuck together at opposite ends by their handles. A post hole digging device typically includes 2 rounded heads which are inserted into the earthen material and then thrust forward. This action will create leverage for breaking up the earth as well as provide enough space for inserting posts or other items (such as fences).

Why do you need a Post Hole Digger?

There are many reasons why you might need a post-hole digger. For example, if the ground is really hard and compacted or has been turned over recently by construction equipment, it’s best to use an impact wrench with a heavy-duty breaker bar for breaking through that tough earth before using your shovels.

A posthole digger can also be used in conjunction with other types of tools such as a sledgehammer when working on projects where bricks have already been laid out but not yet cemented into place because they’re waiting for concrete to dry enough so that mortar doesn’t fall off during installation onto floors or walls. Oftentimes these bricklayers will use their drill bits from time to time too!

Types of Post Hole Diggers

There are tons of different post-hole diggers on the market, each with its own unique properties. There’s one for every type- from traditional to advanced technology! Below is a description and picture of some types that you may decide upon when shopping:

1. Traditional Post Hole Digger

The traditional post hole digger is the original and simplest in design. The tool’s mechanical apparatus consists of two rounded steel blades facing each other, that are connected at the pivot point. They connect to one another by way of bolts so they can be fastened firmly into place on either handle provided; these handles make it easy for you to keep your balance while using this hand-held device!

2. Scissor-action post hole digger

The scissor-action post-hole digger is also known as a split-handled digger. It has handles that cross over, similar to the design of a pair of scissors and it differs from other types because its blades are welded onto steel tubes that cap off the ends on each handle. The handles go into these metal tubing pieces for more stability in use when digging up rocky soil or anything else with small chunks like clay.

3. Universal post hole digger

The universal post hole digger can also be known as the Boston Digger. Unlike other types of digging tools, it has two handles that are different in size and shape: a long straight handle to one side and an angled lever-operated blade on the opposite end. One blade pierces through dirt while the second blade is hinged down by means of twisting your wrist towards you with respect to how you’re holding onto either handle; this allows for easier removal from ground level up when there is loose soil.

4. Double-Pivot Post Hole Digger

The double-pivot digger has two pivot points, instead of just one. The additional pivot means that this type will work in a different way than traditional post-hole diggers: once the blades are inserted into holes they’re pushed together to clamp soil and then pulled apart. This placement also regulates how wide open you can push handles when opening blades which is beneficial as it allows for digging deeper but narrower holes and prevents them from being too widely opened while doing so.

5. Offset Post Hole Diggers

Offset post hole diggers can be used to make narrow, deep holes without the handles interfering with the shape of the hole. The straight handles are offset and then bend out in opposite directions at their points so a user does not need as much force when closing them together. Offset tools provide larger leverage for digging deeper posts since they have greater stability than typical rectangular-handled posthole drills

Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger: Deal or No?

What is Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger?

Harbor Freight post hole digger is affordable and sturdy. It comes in at an unbeatable price of $19.99 with free shipping! It’s made out of steel and has three sharp points to punch through any ground like butter, even if it’s packed down hard or rocky from being so old – which means you’ll be able to drill into those tough spots without needing lots more effort than usual for digging holes! You can also adjust the opening width up to 3 inches wide depending on your needs (although this doesn’t come standard), making everything easier when putting posts directly next to each other.

  • Harbor freight post hole digger is a tool that can be used to create holes in the ground for posts and poles
  • This tool has been around since the 1920s
  • The design of this tool hasn’t changed much over time, but it’s still one of the most popular tools in construction today
  • It consists of a steel shaft with two sharp blades on either side, which are controlled by handles that are attached to each end
  • The blade will cut through soil and rocks when swung from left to right or vice versa
  • There is no need for any additional power source – just some elbow grease

How much is the price of Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger?

Harbor freight is famous for its affordable tools. The price of Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger ranges from $12-$90 depending upon its model, size, color & manufacturing material. The best part about these post-hole diggers? They speed up your DIY project since digging takes much longer with spades or shovels alone but this machine will quickly make a 4-inch deep hole with ease within no time. However, some people might not want to buy it because they don’t trust its quality after seeing plenty of negative reviews on various websites such as Yelp and Amazon.

How to clean a Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger?

Cleaning your harbor freight post hole diggers is easy and will make sure they are ready for use the next time you need them. The best way to clean a digger’s blade is with some kerosene on both sides of it, but if that isn’t available then rubbing alcohol can be used as well. Make sure not to get any liquid into the hinges or shafts when cleaning because this could cause damage down the line which would require expensive repairs!

In short, follow the following steps:

  • Get some warm water in the bucket.
  • Add dish soap and mix it up so that bubbles form on top of the surface.
  • Holding one end with each hand, dip both ends into this solution about halfway.
  • Pull out slowly back towards yourself while twisting gently clockwise then counter-clockwise as if kneading the dough until most of the dirt loosens from holes.
  • If it doesn’t come off easily; scrub down the sides, if necessary.

How to Safely use a Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger

How to Safely use a Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger

Harbor Freight Post Hole diggers are a one-of-a-kind tool that can be used to complete many different tasks on your property. For fencing and sturdy posts, you will need straight holes with depth. Making these kinds of deep trenches is not easy work; however, by following some very easy steps, this process cannot go wrong! Let’s see the six ways to use a harbor freight post hole digger:

1. Checking the Soil

Your first step for using a harbor freight post hole digger is to check the consistency of the soil where you want to insert your post or fence. This checking will help you decide if you need a gas-powered post hole digger, Lowes’ rental tool section has some useful information about how their tools work in different types of soils or are looking for something more powerful and industrial than what’s available at Home Depot type places–check out this page on power trip hammers that’ll give loads details on all sorts of heavy-duty equipment from them. Do this analysis before digging so it doesn’t take any time off your schedule!

2. Identifying the position of the holes

After analyzing the soil, you will want to mark and measure where your fence posts should be placed. This is crucial for creating a well-designed boundary with precise alignment from one post all the way across. Use fabric markers on each of the desired locations so that they are visually aligned before digging or installing them!

3. Spraying the Soil

You’ll find it much easier to use a harbor freight post-hole digger if you moisten the soil before digging. Rain can be used, but so too can your hose or water from buckets set nearby. If rain is not forthcoming and the surface remains hard as clay after dampening with one of these methods, consider using a gas-powered post hole digger; sometimes there just isn’t anything for an ordinary hand tool like this to do!

4. Time for Digging

Now is the time to work with your harbor freight post-hole digger. It’s a heavy-duty tool, so make sure you’re ready for it! Start by making an initial hole in the soil at your marked location using its weight as leverage and then use this opening to slip off into digging mode.

5. Do some hard work with the Ground

Lift and hit the ground with your harbor freight post hole digger several times to set an outer edge of a hole. Set this 9-inch diameter or 1-foot radius ring, which will be used as a guide for digging up dirt from underneath it in order to build up higher walls around each side.

6. Go deeper

Digging deep into the ground is a must for every post hole. At this step, you will need to dig out more dirt with your harbor freight post-hole digger by going as deep and wide as possible before removing the soil from the hole. Throw any excess soil at least two feet away from where it can fill in around your newly dug hole – effortless!

7.  Modifying the Depth

One of the most important steps in constructing a post hole is adjusting its depth. You’ll need to plunge your jaws into it and pull out more clumps to deepen, but be sure not to overdo or you might hit bedrock! The ratio should always be 1:4 so if, for example, you’re digging an 8ft. deep hole then measure 2 ft across as well.

8. Prepare yourself to install the post

After digging the needed depth of the hole, use a post with an angled bottom to flatten out the soil at the bottom. This will allow for more stability in your construction by eliminating any wiggle room between posts and holes. Then measure how deep you need that hole before putting it into it; if deeper than what is required there are many ways to do this without harming your lawn or garden area so don’t worry!

9. Prefer a Gas-Powered Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger

When digging post holes, it’s best to use a gas-powered hole-digger. You will need this tool if the soil is very heavy clay like you would find at Harbor Freight Stores. The digger has two blades for cutting through the dirt and can be used with ease due to its power source – gasoline or diesel fuel! Be sure not to overwork your hole-digging machine by straining it too much; they work better when given breaks from time to time.

Benefits of Harbor Freight Post Hole Diggers Over Other Brands

Benefits of Harbor Freight Post Hole Diggers Over Other Brands

1. Inexpensive & Easy-to-Use

Digging holes for fence posts is hard work. It’s a long, hot process that can be very difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Also, Post hole diggers are expensive and they’re not always easy to use. The best ones cost $200 or more and require some experience to get good results with them. If you’ve never used one before it might take a while for you to figure out how to use it properly.

Harbor Freight has an affordable post hole digger that anyone can use easily and effectively without any prior experience required! Their tool is designed specifically for digging holes quickly so your job gets done faster than ever before possible! You’ll save time, money, energy, and frustration by using their product over other options available on the market today!

2. Portable & Makes Digging Simple

Digging post holes is hard, and it takes a long time. When you’re building your dream home or adding onto an existing one, digging post holes can be the most frustrating part of the job. It’s hard work that requires strength and stamina to get through. And if you don’t have enough room for a full-sized tractor with a backhoe attachment, this task becomes even more difficult.

The Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger is designed specifically for smaller jobs like these where space may be limited but still allows for a big impact on labor savings when used correctly. This tool provides all of the power needed to get the job done fast while also being lightweight enough to transport easily from site to site without putting strain on yourself or your equipment! With its compact design and 7 ft steel auger bit, this heavy-duty digger will help cut down your workload by up to 50% so that you can focus on other aspects of gardening.

3. Suitable for any type of soil

Digging holes for fence posts is hard. You don’t have to struggle with a shovel or borrow your neighbor’s post hole digger anymore. Harbor Freight’s easy-to-use, powerful digging tool does the work for you. The Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger makes it simple to dig deep and straight holes in any soil type without backbreaking effort. It has an extra-strong steel frame that supports a three-jaw chuck that grips auger bits from 1/2″ up to 2″.

The heavy-duty pneumatic tires make it easy to roll over uneven terrain, while its adjustable depth stop helps you control how far down the bit goes into the ground so you get consistently sized holes every time. This ruggedly built post hole digger also features a comfortable rubber grip handle and comes with two 3/4″ diameter augers (1/2″ and 5/8″) plus one 7/8″ diameter auger bit.

Most-Seling Harbor Freight Post Hole Diggers

1. Harbor Freight GREENWOOD 17 Lb. Posthole Digging Bar with Tamper

Harbor Freight GREENWOOD 17 Lb. Posthole Digging Bar with Tamper

This heavy-duty digging bar is the perfect tool for breaking up dry, packed soil. With its drop forged and tempered steel construction, this durable piece of equipment also includes a wide chiseled head to dig through tough patches with ease and two broad ends: one end has been constructed with an enamel finish that resists rust, while the other features a tamper to pack down dirt as you work!

  • Constructed with a black enamel finish to resist rust
  • The digging bar is drop forged and tempered for durability
  • Wide chiseled digging head
  • Broad tamper end for packing soil

2. Harbor Freight PREDATOR Gas Powered Earth Auger

Harbor Freight PREDATOR Gas Powered Earth Auger

This one-person gas powered auger powerhead makes it easy to quickly dig holes for fence posts, signs, landscaping, and soil sampling. This gas auger takes the back-breaking work out of outdoor construction and lets you make consistently even post holes in most types of soil with a 6-inch diameter x 31-inch long auger bit that features 45-foot pounds of torque with fast drilling speeds up to 320 RPMs. Comes complete with an oil-lubricated spur gear that has been double geared down for more efficient operation; also comes equipped with an easy-view fuel tank (EPA certified) so there’s no guessing when you’re running low on juice!

  • Get your hole digging done without breaking a sweat
  • No more back-breaking work and tough soil will be no match for you
  • Increase efficiency with fast drilling speeds up to 320 RPM
  • The environmentally friendly product makes it easy for you
  • Double gear reduction for fast drilling speeds
  • Built-in 6 inch diameter auger bit with 31 inches of length

3. Harbor Freight PREDATOR 6 in. Diameter Auger Bit

Harbor Freight PREDATOR 6 in. Diameter Auger Bit

The DURABLE 6″ Auger Bit is designed for use with the Predator 2 HP Gasoline Earth Auger. This durable cast steel auger bit features a tungsten carbide cutting tip to provide you with long-lasting performance and a sleek design perfect for any outdoor project! Whether it’s planting trees or setting up your garden, this powerful tool will get the job done in no time at all – drilling through tough soil as deep as 22 inches away from each other without causing damage thanks to its unique design featuring round drive shafts that are universally compatible across multiple gas-powered earth augers.

  • Durable cast steel auger bit
  • Tungsten carbide cutting tip for long life
  • Universal 7/8 inch round driveshaft
  • Good for planting trees and installing fence posts
  • Works up to 280 RPM for maximum productivity
  • Drill up to 22 inches deep
  • Works for a variety of tasks
  • Knurled end for easy grip
  • What else can this drill do?
    -Tree planting

4. Harbor Freight PREDATOR 8 in. Diameter Auger Bit

Harbor Freight PREDATOR 8 in. Diameter Auger Bit

The DURABLE 6″ Auger Bit is designed for use with the Predator 2 HP Gasoline Earth Auger. This durable cast steel auger bit features a tungsten carbide cutting tip to provide you with long-lasting performance and a sleek design perfect for any outdoor project! Whether it’s planting trees or setting up your garden, this powerful tool will get the job done in no time at all – drilling through tough soil as deep as 22 inches away from each other without causing damage thanks to its unique design featuring round drive shafts that are universally compatible across multiple gas-powered earth augers.

  • Designed for those tough post hole drilling jobs
  • Heavy-duty cast steel metal with tungsten carbide cutting tip
  • Universal 7/8 in. round driveshaft lengths
  • Drills up to 31 inches deep
  • Universal 7/8th round drive shaft with a length of 50.87

5. Harbor Freight PREDATOR2 in. Auger Pilot Bit

Harbor Freight PREDATOR2 in. Auger Pilot Bit

The PREDATOR™ 2 HP Gasoline Auger Powerhead is a powerful tool for drilling in hard-to-reach areas. The durable cast steel auger bit with tungsten carbide cutting tip, designed to fit on the universal 7/8 inch round drive shaft of this powerhead can drill down up to 36 inches deep into the earth and other tough materials like concrete or metals.

  • A hardened cutting tip that will drill up to 36 inches
  • Shafts are universal 7/8 inch round drive, which means they’ll fit auger powerheads from different brands
  • Casting steel ensures durability and longevity
  • Ideal for planting trees and installing fence posts
  • Durable cast steel pilot bit with tungsten carbide cutting tip
  • Designed to work up to 320 RPM
  • Universal 7/8 in. round driveshaft

6. Harbor Freight PREDATOR 21 In. Auger Extension Shaft

Harbor Freight PREDATOR 21 In. Auger Extension Shaft


Whether you’re in search of a few more inches or an entirely new depth, the PREDATOR™ Auger Extension Shaft is here to lend its help. These extension shafts will extend augers by 21″ and can withstand tough conditions with rust-resistant durability. With a 7/8 inch powerhead connection size for easy installation, this durable tool has it all—even when your hunt takes place on some gnarly terrain!

  • Extend your auger’s reach by 21 inches
  • Make deeper holes for improved drainage, sanitation, and more
  • Durable steel construction is rust-resistant
  • Easy installation with 7/8 powerhead and auger connection
  • Out of reach areas are now within grasp
  • Keep your hole digging tools close at hand

Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger Reviews

Many people have mixed feelings when it comes to harbor freight post-hole diggers. It receives a lot of negative reviews. Some people say that it is too light to handle heavy jobs and others claim the blade on one side broke off after only a few hours’ use, but there are some reports from satisfied customers who have used this tool for years without any issues with longevity or functionality.

However, most customers think that the Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger is a great buy for those looking to save money and do some post hole digging on their own. The working depth of this digger ranges from 10 inches up to 2 feet, so you’ll be able to get the job done no matter how deep your holes are! This tool does not weigh very much either – only 8 pounds- which makes it perfect as an all-day worker if needed. Best yet, there’s free shipping with orders over $75 making this purchase even more convenient than ever before!

So what’re you waiting for? Go ahead and give it a try today!

Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger Warranty & Return Policy

The Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger offers a lifetime warranty for your digging needs. The benefits of its lifetime warranty are many but one such benefit includes getting replacements for products with defects free-of-charge if anything goes wrong. It’s made with steel, which is built to last longer and won’t bend or break during use! The handle has an ergonomic design that fits into the palm of any hand comfortably while you’re using it. This tool will allow you to dig up holes without straining yourself at all because it makes light work out of even the toughest ground conditions.

Moreover, the Harbor Freight post-hole digger has a great return policy! If you don’t like the product or it doesn’t work well for your needs, then you can bring it back within 30 days and get either store credit in-store or a refund. In order to claim your 30 days return, please contact at this number 1-800-444-3353.

Harbor Freight Post Hole Digger Coupons

Harbor Freights is your go-to place if you’re looking for low-cost tools. The harbor freight post hole digger is one of the most affordable and durable tools on the market. With their frequent coupon codes, you can get discounts up to 50%. The post hole digger at the harbor freight comes with a free coupon code worth $10 off any order larger than $25 – it’s like getting an extra 50% off anything else in stock!!

A coupon code provides a percentage-off of an item with no minimum purchase required, for example, enjoy 10% off on any order over $75+ coupon code (Coupon Code HFFZR7). These coupons are a great way to save money on various harbor freight products. They can be found in newspapers, store advertisements, and even through online shopping sites like kouponskeeper! These handy little harbor freight coupons come with some pretty sweet deals too; you will find offers for free items or discounts that make your purchase more affordable than it would have been without the coupon.


Have you been on the hunt for a post-hole digger? We hope that this overview of some popular Harbor Freight Post Hole Diggers, their reviews and prices has helped. If not, we’ve also got plenty more information to help your decision get easier. For instance, did you know there are three different types of post hole diggers available from Harbor Freight? Or what about how much they cost or how durable they might be with regular use? No matter where you are in the process – whether it’s done researching or just beginning – one thing is certain; if you want to have a harbor freight post hole digger then visit amazon!

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