Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers: The Ultimate Tool

Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers are the ultimate tool for anyone who has ever had a stuck snap ring. The harbor freight snap ring pliers come equipped with two different jaw sizes to fit any sized snap ring, and the jaws also have slotted tips so they can be used as pry bars or screwdrivers. These harbor freight tools will never let you down! In this post, we’ll go over what harbor freight snap ring pliers do, why you need them, how often you should change them out, and two harbor freight models that are worth buying!

Why Harbor Freight?

You know how when you’re working on a project, you need to get the supplies. And sometimes it is hard to find the exact tool that will help you complete your work. Harbor Freight has over 7,000 tools and accessories in stock at all times so that no matter what kind of job you are doing, they can equip you with everything that you need!

That’s why Harbor Freight Tools has been America’s trusted source for tools since 1977. They pride themselves on providing our customers with high-quality products at affordable prices. So whether or not this is your first time shopping here or if this is just another visit to one of our 400+ locations nationwide, remember, “There’s always a deal at Harbor Freight.”

  • More than 400 locations across America.
  • America’s most trusted tools brand.
  • Over 7000 tools and accessories are in stock every time.
  • Durable and long-lasting products.
  • Inexpensive products.
  • Offers a lifetime warranty on most items.

Why Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers?

The harbor freight Snap Ring Pliers are the most incredible tools ever. The quality of these pliers is superb and far exceeds any other tool that you’ve used, including snap ring pliers from more expensive brands like Craftsman or Stanley.

The Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers are a must-have for anyone with an automotive hobby! They’re so easy to use because they come in such a small size but don’t let their petite stature fool you – they work well on bigger projects too! Plus there’s nothing quite as satisfying as getting into tight spaces where some hand strength would normally be required while using conventional snap ring plier models (which often lack this ability).

  • Easily remove and replace snap rings
  • Accurate measurements for the perfect fit in every application
  • Durable construction to handle any job
  • Be confident that you’re getting the right tool

Everything about the Snap Ring Pliers

What are snap ring pliers?

Snap Ring Pliers are the most important tool any mechanic should have in their arsenal. They make it easy to remove and install snap rings that hold parts of transmission together, among other things.

Snap ring pliers can be used for all sorts of tasks around your garage or shop like removing broken bolts from motorcycle chains or even tightening down spark plug wires by gripping them with one end of the plier’s jaws while turning them with an adjustable wrench on another side.

Why do you need Snap Ring Pliers?

You need Snap Ring Pliers because they’re essential to any mechanic or person who’s looking for a way to fasten different types of parts. Snap ring pliers are one-of-a-kind tools that allow you the ability to tighten, open, and close snap rings which are useful in all sorts of mechanics use such as installing new brake rotors on your car’s wheels!

Snap Ring Pliers have been around since 1958 when they were patented by Arie Ghezwalter who was living in Rotterdam at the time (though he may not even remember making them because this invention happened during one sleepless night).

Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers: The Ultimate Tool

What is Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers?

Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers

Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers are specifically designed pliers to remove tight snap rings, which often have a thick band and small opening. They can be used in many different scenarios where regular pliers might not fit well or grip too hard for comfort; they come with 16-inch handles that provide plenty of leverage when pulling the ring back out once it has been loosened.

Snap ring plier is a tool made especially for removing tough snaps on things like car doors, hinges etcetera. It’s got long rubberized grips so you won’t hurt your hands as much if there isn’t enough space between what needs tightening and the part itself – this also lets you get more torque behind whatever necessary tugging requires due to its length!

How much is the price of Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers?

The Harbor Freight snap ring pliers are truly inexpensive; single pair for $10.99 each or two pairs for only $19.98 !!! The company is primarily known for its inexpensive deals on all kinds of home hardware tools and equipment. Harbor Freight’s snap ring pliers help remove the metal rings that hold parts together in tight spaces like fuel injectors – no need for expensive specialty tools!

Where to buy harbor freight Snap Ring Pliers?

Searching for the right Snap Ring Pliers can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure what to search for. Here’s a list of some places where you might find them: Harbor Freight Tools, Amazon, Home Depot, and eBay. If you want to purchase them from the Harbor freight site then follow the following steps;

  • Go to harbor freight online store and click on the “store locator” tab at the top of their homepage.
  • Enter your zip code or city name into the search box under the ‘Search Stores’ button and hit enter/submit button.
  • Enter “Snap Ring Pliers” in the search bar and you will find all the store locations and their availability of the stock.

What are the different sizes of Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers?

different sizes of Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers

A snap ring’s diameter refers to the width of the shaft, dowel, or bore designed to encircle or slot into. Internal retaining rings are measured by their outer diameter, while external rings are measured by their inner diameter. The wide range of sizes for these types of fasteners means you’ll generally find a similar variety in pliers on store shelves – but it is important to know which gauges and diameters match up with your needs before purchasing any specific pair so as not to waste money unnecessarily!

The Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers have two sizes available, that is;

1. Harbor Freight Large Size Snap Ring Pliers

A large snap ring plier is a tool designed for the installation of retaining rings up to about 500mm, or 20″. However, more specialized tools can be used for larger snaps. A few models are able to accommodate snap rings with diameters up to 1000 mm (40″) and these have straight tips but some come with bent tips which may make them better suited in certain situations where access points exist that would otherwise prevent their use.

2. Harbor Freight Small Snap Ring Pliers

Every mechanic needs specialty tools for every occasion. Sometimes tiny snap ring pliers are needed, sometimes referred to as miniature snap ring pliers. These small instruments can be used for a variety of purposes including the removal and installation of small-sized rings with an outside diameter from 0.5mm to 0.02″. Some manufacturers offer even more finely detailed options if necessary such as straight or bent tips which tend to come in fewer numbers but are no less available than their larger counterparts on-site at your local automotive supply store!

Things to Consider Before Buying  Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers

Things to Consider Before Buying  Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers

1. Convertibility or Versatility

The Harbor Freight Snap ring pliers come in two modes: internal and external. A good pair of circlip pliers should be easy to change between the two modes which means they are versatile, but if you want versatility then it is best that your snap ring set comes with both an external as well as a type of inner tool for added convenience.

2. Size

When choosing a snap ring pliers set, you should pay attention to the shaft or bore size specifications. This is what tells you the snap-ring sizes that are designed for with this tool. For internal snaps, measure and note down the inner diameter of your bore while external snaps will be measured by their outside circumference on each side. Remember that it’s crucial that these measurements fall within ranges noted in order for your tools to work well – if not they’re useless! To make sure everything goes smoothly also take into account how wide around individual pins look like so as long as their width matches up then there’ll be no problem whatsoever when fitting them inside bores (or vice versa).

3. Ease of Operation

The Harbor Freight Snap ring pliers are designed for use with one hand and as such, should be easier to operate. Some of the things you’ll want to pay close attention to include how smoothly they open and close, type of handles on them (some come in different colors), ease changing modes from opening a snap ring or installing it onto something like an axle nut cap. Since these types of tools often need fine-tuning depending upon what task is being done at that moment; having an easy-to-operate tool can help make your work go much more quickly!

4. Strength of the tip of the pliers

A good set of circlip pliers will come with forged tips. This helps for the pressure that is placed on them when removing retaining rings off apart, but it also needs to be durable enough not to deform or break in your hands while doing this job.

5. Warranty

A warranty on a tool is like insurance. It suggests that the manufacturer believes their product will deliver and be worth it for you as well! I personally love warranties because they are an assurance of quality, but not all tools have them so make sure to read reviews before purchasing one without any protection at all. However, luckily the harbor freight ring pliers include a lifetime warranty & a 30 days return policy.

6. Price of the Pliers

The last thing to consider when buying a snap ring plier set is the price. You’ll want something in your budget, but don’t go too cheap or else you might find yourself wishing that there was just one more tool included with the kit! If you’re an occasional user, then it won’t be worth spending money on such expensive tools for long-term use only. Instead of trying to decide whether this specific product’s features are right for what I need and how much they cost versus their competitors’, I recommend looking at online reviews by other users who have tried out each harbor freight snap pliers model extensively before deciding which brands will suit my needs best based on quality and value offered per dollar spent.”

Tips to use Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers

Tips to use Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers

The harbor freight snap ring pliers are not just for fixing and assembling things. They can also be used in the kitchen to make treats! With a set of snap ring pliers, you will have an easy time getting snaps open when they break or get stuck on clothing that was left hanging too long with food particles inside it (yuck!).

To choose the best tool for your needs, first, determine what size retaining rings you’re working with. Next, decide if there are internal or external snap rings as well as whether they require bending or straightening out at various points throughout their life cycle.

Internal Snap Ring Installation and Removal

Snap ring installation and removal can be a difficult task without the appropriate tools such as the harbor freight snap ring pliers.

  1. Insert the snap ring pliers into the lug holes of your desired position on a retaining ring diameter; just to make sure you are only applying enough force for insertion or removal.
  2. Squeeze with one hand while holding steady, using another if installing in an opening (like a shaft), until it has securely seated itself – don’t release too early!
  3. Make sure you apply the appropriate amount of force when dealing with a snap ring (too much can break or damage it).
  4. To install a snap ring, place the snap ring inside the groove where it will be installed. Hold one side of pliers steady with one hand and use the other to pull out on the opposite side until part of jaws closing together into opposition is covered by outside jaws.
  5. When you’re removing a snap ring, it’s important to hold the pliers firmly while releasing the pressure on both ends of this metal piece.
  6. When doing so, make sure that they are properly seated and have not become loose before attempting any other maneuvers with them

External Snap Rings Installation & Removal

Installing and removing external snap rings is a difficult job. The harbor freight snap ring pliers make it quicker and responsive.

  1. Put the tips of snap ring pliers into the opening in each of the lugs.
  2. To use the pliers, you extend them by squeezing the handles apart until they reach the size of the retaining ring.
  3. Apply a small amount of pressure to insert the retaining ring or you’ll risk damaging it.
  4. To insert a snap ring, grasp the pliers evenly and firmly. The pliers will close on itself as soon as it’s inserted properly into the groove. To remove one, make sure to make it big enough so you can just grab them and twist without exerting any unnecessary pressure
  5. Once the snap ring is securely in position, release the pliers.

Types of Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers

Snap ring pliers are the ideal tool for any job that requires removing or installing snap rings. These tools come in two main varieties: internal and external snap ring pliers. Internal snap rings require an inner, curved blade to compress the spring inward onto itself while releasing it from its position on top of another surface (usually metal). External Snap Rings can be removed by using outer blades with handles crossing over each other at their points of contact so as not to touch either side’s material during the removal process which may cause wear and tear due to friction.

Furthermore, specific snap ring pliers are able to work with both pushes and release types of snap rings. There are 2 models of Harbor Freight snap ring pliers. Straight and bent tip versions come with interchangeable blades that provide a variety of options for use in different circumstances. The best type of plier to use will depend on your most common installation and access conditions.

1. Outer Snap Ring Pliers

outer snap ring pliers

The harbor freight external snap rings are usually positioned in a slot around the outside of shafts or dowels, exerting their spring force inward toward the center as a means for providing grip. They must be opened up when being installed using external snap ring pliers to allow them to expand and fit over any size rod. The handles on these types of tools have two parts that come together at one point where squeezing will cause it open outward (or squeeze), which causes the tips at either end to widen apart enough so that they can slip over rods without damaging anything.

2. Inner Snap Ring Pliers

Inner Snap Ring Pliers

An internal snap ring is installed inside a hollow, cylindrical housing. To keep it in place and maintain the size of the opening to fit other parts on or off this part from staying open too wide for safe usage, an external spring pushes against its walls so that there’s enough tension between them.

An inner snap plier works oppositely; when squeezed together with handles they go away from each other making sure that any captured piece remains stationary while being pried loose and replaced through natural use-and-tear as well as accidental drops resulting in less damage done by metal pieces flying out past their openings which could have lead to injury if not careful!

3. Long Nose snap ring Pliers

Long Nose snap ring Pliers

Longnose snap ring pliers are one of the most versatile tools in a mechanic’s toolbox. They can be used to insert and remove long shafts or hard-to-reach places, like deep bores. A more common use for these pliers is removing internal snaps rings because they typically require less force than external ones do when inserted into deeper parts of an engine bay.

4. Heavy-Duty snap ring Pliers

Heavy-Duty snap ring Pliers

Heavy-duty snap ring pliers are the perfect tool for individuals who want to handle extremely large and heavy rings. Industrial types of these pliers are often used by engineers, mechanics, or other specialists during assembly and repairs on larger machinery. The blades typically need to be much more durable than those found in a typical set of household snips because they’re designed not only to cut through thicker materials but also withstand heavier impacts from time to time before needing replacement as well.

They can even include additional features that may help you work with such a difficult task like ratchet locking mechanisms which will provide better control over your grip when working against higher gauge snaps without fear of them slipping free at any moment!

Most Selling Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers

1. Harbor Freight QUINN Snap Ring Pliers with Reversible Action

Harbor Freight QUINN Snap Ring Pliers with Reversible Action

 snap ring pliers set will help you remove and install both external AND internal rings. The reversible action is perfect for the job, especially because interchangeable tips mean that there’s a head to fit any size of snap ring or circlip! Durable drop-forged steel construction means these tools are up for anything—give them some love with comfortable vinyl grip handles and straight OR 90° heads in various sizes color-coded by their measurement. And don’t forget the storage pouch which holds not only your tooltips but also comes equipped with a handy hex wrench too so everything you need is right at hand when it counts most – this one covers all bases (literally).

  • Reversible action ensures perfect control.
  • Tips stay tight and will not slip off the snap ring when in use.
  • Comfortable grip handles make it easier to work with longer periods of time.
  • Variety of different heads for various situations.
  • Quick and easy installation.

2. Harbor Freight PITTSBURGH Snap Ring Pliers with Interchangeable Heads

PITTSBURGH Snap Ring Pliers with Interchangeable Heads

The Snap Ring Pliers are designed to remove and install the most commonly used types of circlips and snap rings. The high carbon steel jaws, which feature a black industrial finish, provide durability for these pliers that can be used on 3/8 inch internal as well as 2-inch external snap rings with interchangeable straight heads at 45º or 90° angles. Furthermore, this product has comfortable vinyl grips handles in order to make handling easier while also ensuring longevity due to its lifetime warranty!

  • Professional grade quality.
  • Durability.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Perfect for automotive, plumbing, and electrical work.
  • Can be used on all external snap rings from 3/8 in. to 2 in.
  • High carbon steel jaws last long.
  • Comfortable grip handle.

3. Harbor Freight ICON Precision Snap Ring Pliers, 8 Pc.

ICON Precision Snap Ring Pliers, 8 Pc.

ICON® delivers professional quality to snap ring removal. These precision pliers are perfect for snapping on and off common size rings with 8 different sizes included in the set for easy access no matter what style is required. Made of rugged drop forged steel, these high-quality tools have a riveted joint which means smooth operation without any wobbling or vibration whatsoever! A comfortable non-slip grip ensures you won’t lose your balance during use while staying comfortable all day long – order ICON today so that there’s never another problem when it comes to removing pesky rings from tight spaces again!

  • Professional Grade Tools.
  • Durable Construction.
  • Convenient Size.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Provides a quality product that makes any job easier.
  • This set of 8 pliers has an ergonomic design.

Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers Coupons

A Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers discount coupon code is a fantastic way to save money on your purchase from a trusted hardware store. These pliers are so versatile that you’ll find yourself using them in any toolbox, no matter what type of work or projects you’re doing around the house! So don’t waste your hard-earned money on expensive pliers when Harbor Freight has some of the best tools for under $10! Be sure to use their coupon code “HSR” in order to get 35% off on all items. Similarly, try this coupon code, “10off” to get your new snap pliers only for $6.

Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers Reviews

Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers are a must-have for any mechanic. With these pliers, the user can remove stubborn snap rings on everything from an old lawnmower to your family’s boat engine with ease! The manufacturer claims that this is because it has been “designed and constructed of premium quality materials”. What does this mean? It means there will be no bending or breaking like those cheap steel wrenches you find at other stores for less than half the price.

Nevertheless, some customers report getting snapped off when using them so make sure not to put as much pressure onto each side handles otherwise they might break off in pieces too small really do anything useful anymore.” Also, with the many reviews on Harbor Freight’s website, it is easy to see that this product has pros and cons depending on who you ask. Some people say they work great at what they do while others express dissatisfaction with them breaking easily or not fitting in tight spaces.”


Conclusion paragraph: Harbor Freight is a large discount chain store that sells everything from tools to furniture. One of the most popular items they sell is Snap ring pliers, which come in all shapes and sizes. But what’s the difference between these snap ring pliers and other brands? Some customers have found better deals on Amazon for their specific needs (like different types of snap ring pliers). However, if you need an inexpensive set of general-purpose tools then you can find it at your local harbor freight store or online here! In order to make sure your new tools last as long as possible, be sure to read our blog posts about how to clean them and use them properly before using them.


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