Harbor Freight Trailer Lights: Reviews, Pricing and More

Harbor Freight sells trailer lights that are perfect for just about any type of vehicle. Whether you have a boat, an ATV, or a car with a trailer hitch, harbor freight has the perfect set of lights to get your vehicle seen on the road. These harbor freight lights are affordable and deliver bright light! Shop now to find out more about harbor freight’s great selection of trailer lights and other products!

Why Harbor Freight?

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Everything about Trailer Lights

What are Trailer Lights?

What are Trailer Lights?

Trailer lights are the small-sized but powerful lights that you attach to your trailer. These versatile and compact bulbs can be used for a range of applications, from providing illumination in work areas or during camping excursions to working as safety markers when backing up at night time!

Trailer Lights are made with high-quality materials so they won’t break easily even if accidentally dropped on concrete surfaces. Trailer lights have flexible wiring cords which will not twist around corners and snap off as other wires might do. This makes them ideal, especially when compared against inferior products manufactured by companies who pay little attention to their product’s design details (which means low overall quality).

What lights should be on a trailer?

To ensure a trailer is fully compliant with road safety regulations, there are several lights that must be present. These include two red sidelights and stop lamps on the back; an illuminated number plate in the front of the vehicle; at least one triangular reflector to show brake light signals from behind as well as amber indicators designed to flash between 60-120 times per minute. If they exceed 1.3m widths, trailers should also have a fog lamp that flashes red.

Can I put LED lights on my trailer?

Many people choose to put LED lights on their boat trailers, but they should be careful not to mix them with incandescent light fixtures. Since LEDs use less amperage than conventional bulbs do, there’s a chance that the current from an incandescent fixture might flow into and damage the LED bulb or cause it to catch fire.

Why do you need a boat trailer light?

The government requires boat trailer lights to be equipped with any tow vehicle traveling on a road. This is because it increases the safety of both parties, in case an accident happens or they need to stop suddenly due to bad weather conditions. Driving your towed watercraft without proper lighting can lead you and others into accidents that could cause property damage or serious injuries that will affect everyone involved for years after the event occurs.

Are boat trailer lights water-resistant or waterproof?

Not all boat trailer lights are created equal. Some brands have been built with waterproof capsules to ensure the product’s durability no matter what, while other models may not provide any protection at all against water damage and corrosion from saltwater or marine environments. To ensure that your light is performing optimally under submersion, you should be looking for a rating of IP65 or higher on either the packaging or reviews about the model itself; otherwise, it might go out after its first dip in seawater!

How to install and use trailer lights?

Boat trailer lights all have different installation processes. However, most boat trailers follow a similar process for their install. They can be easily installed by even people who don’t know much about electricity and it only takes an hour or less to get them up on the road!

How to clean and care trailer lights?

Before you can clean your trailer lights, make sure they are turned off so that the electricity is not flowing through them. You will want to use a different cloth for each of these steps depending on how dirty the lens gets and what material it’s made out of.

  • Soapy water with strong detergent – For easy dirt or stains.
  • Alcohol-based cleaner – If there’s grease.
  • Mineral spirits (paint thinner in some parts), acetone, or Goo Gone – for stubborn adhesive.
  • Water-based cleaners such as Windex.
  • Use boiled linseed oil if necessary

The top of the trailer light should be cleaned with a mild detergent in warm water using a soft cloth as well as wiping down all wiring connections under the hood and completely dry them off afterward. Then use some dielectric grease to keep it enough moistured. However, do not make electrical connections unless they are conductive.

Harbor Freight Trailer Lights: Reviews, Pricing, and More!!

Why Harbor Freight Trailer Lights?

Harbor Freight Snap Ring Pliers

Harbor Freight Trailer Lights are great for those who want to light up their trailers without breaking the bank. These lights provide a higher quality of illumination than most other low-cost options, and they’re available in many different configurations that will meet almost any need you might have when lighting your trailer.

  • The Harbor Freight Trailer Lights will help make your trailer stand out on the road
  • They are easy to install and can be easily removed when not in use
  • These lights come with a lifetime warranty which is great for peace of mind
  • There are many different color options available so you can choose what best suits your tastes
  • You don’t have to worry about these lights interfering with any other electrical devices as they are designed specifically for trailers, no matter where you live or drive them!

Important Considerations before buying Harbor Freight Trailer Lights

Before you go purchase some Harbor Freight Trailer Lights, there are a couple of things that we should take into account. First is the warranty on these lights and second is how long they will last before needing to be replaced again. This part isn’t as simple because, like many products from this company, their trailer lights have not been tested for durability or longevity by any outside organizations so it’s hard to tell if your money has gone down the drain due to malfunctioning parts in just 3 months after buying them or longer than expected use out of one set up LED light bulbs!

Following are the Important Considerations before buying Harbor Freight Trailer Lights:

1. Which lights do you need?

Important Considerations before buying HF Trailer Lights

To determine which lights your trailer requires, you can measure them. Trailers that are under 80 inches wide must have stoplights and tail lights as well as side marker and reflector headlights on the sides of their trailers while those over 80 inches in width require all this plus clearance lighting at both ends along with three red identification lamps on one end.

2. How strong are the lights?

A trailer light can deal with anything thrown it’s way. If the road is a little bumpy, it’s not going to be enough for you to worry about lense breakage or other damage that could happen from rocks and grime on the ground. The lights need to withstand constant vibrations and occasional contact (if you ever back up into fence posts, curbs).

3. How hard are the trailer lights to install?

Doing your own boat work will cause some troubles of their own including everything from dealing with water hazards like a thermal shock when hot lights hit cold water in scenarios where there have been leakages such as flooding caused by storms or heavy waves hitting boats near coasts due to high winds.

Two things you should consider before installing a trailer lighting kit are its complexity and whether or not it can be added to an existing system. Not extremely difficult, the installation requires moderate wiring skills which may require more effort than expected if being installed from scratch. If adding onto an already established system will work best for your needs then that is certainly possible but keep in mind any clean install of such appliances tends to decrease future problems with them as well.

4. Are these lights waterproof?

Some trailer lights guard against moisture, but if you plan on using your lights for a boat or other submersible activity like fishing, choose waterproof lighting. Sealed LED systems provide the best protection from rust and corrosion that exposure to water can cause after prolonged use.

5. LED or Incandescent light for the Trailer?

Where incandescent light bulbs used to be the standard, these are rapidly giving way to LED bulbs for a variety of reasons. For example, LEDs last longer — they can have an up to 50-year lifespan whereas most incandescents burn out within two years. LEDs are more durable and safe than old-fashioned lighting with their sealed design that protects against moisture and heat damage; They also tend to light faster and brighter so they’re great safety advantages.

6. Wiring Considerations

When buying a boat trailer light kit, make sure the wiring length is quite enough to wire all of it. If there’s not sufficient wiring for your heavy-duty truck with over 80″ width, you will need additional wires that might cost extra money before you can be on road.

In order to avoid any inconvenience and find yourself spending more than necessary when purchasing lights for your new or existing boat trailer simply check if the lighting package has adequate cordage as some kits have insufficient cords which may not fit in larger sized vehicles such as trucks whose height exceed eighty inches (2m).

7. Trailer Light Shape & Type

There are a variety of trailer lights and different types have their own specific purposes. Some kits contain multiple lights, while others only include one light or two to make them more efficient.

a. Shape

There are many different shapes of trailer lights, but rectangular ones tend to be more practical as they can fit into the shape better. Low-profile lights also help avoid obstructions that might scrape against them such as curbs and signposts.

b. Type

There are many different types of trailer lights that one may come across. There can be the tail, turn signal and stop lights which often appear in separate modules or built-in all together as a set on premium brands like the ones discussed above. Other models have additional features such as license plate lights, clearance lights, backup warning signals amongst other light varieties for your convenience while driving around with caravans attached to the tow vehicle’s hitch point.

Top Selling Habor Freight Trailer Lights

The Harbor Freight trailer lights are the perfect addition to any cargo hauler. The LEDs of these high-quality lamps will get you noticed by other motorists in busy traffic situations, and they come at an affordable price that is far below competitors’. This product comes with side marker lighting for added safety when on a tight turn or cornering as well as tail lamp illumination so drivers can see your back end while waiting behind during rush-hour conditions.

1. Harbor Freight Kenway Submersible LED Trailer Light – Left & Right Side

arbor Freight Kenway Submersible LED Trailer Light - Left & Right Side

This submersible trailer light provides all-weather protection for launching watercraft or off-road water crossings. The impact-resistant housing protects bulbs from rust and corrosion, making it a great accessory to have with you when camping in the wilds during unpredictable weather conditions! This unit is compatible with both a tail light, stoplight, and turn signal that gives your vehicle maximum visibility on the road at any time of day. Not only does this product come equipped with mounting hardware but also includes an installation manual so even if you’re not mechanically inclined yourself then there’s no need to worry about hiring someone else.

  • All-weather protection for watercraft launches and off-road crossings
  • Impact-resistant housing to protect bulbs
  • Submersible, functions as a tail light, stop light and turn signal
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Helps avoid a costly boat launch
  • Easy set up for quick installation
  • Keeps you visible on and off the road
  • Lasts through harsh conditions

2. Harbor Freight KENWAY Red Oval Stick-On Reflectors, 2 Pk.

Harbor Freight KENWAY Red Oval Stick-On Reflectors, 2 Pk.

Instantly add safety and visibility to your vehicles, mailboxes, posts with these stick-on red reflectors. The instantly adhesive backing attaches securely to any clean surface. These prismatic reflective stickers can be seen from up to 100ft away as they light up when hit by a car’s headlights or flashlights at night/darkness in the dark for added security measures while you are out camping overnight during biking trails etc.

  • Instantly add safety and visibility to your vehicles, mailboxes, posts, motorcycles, and more
  • 100 ft. lights up automatically with a single attachment
  • Red stick on portion is able to be seen in all weather conditions
  • Don’t wait for something bad to happen before you buy the safe side of luck
  • Fits most trailers
  • Easy to mount, inexpensive, highly durable

3. Harbor Freight KENWAY 12 Volt LED Trailer Light Kit

Harbor Freight KENWAY 12 Volt LED Trailer Light Kit


LED trailer lights are a cost-effective and time-saving alternative for heavy-duty trailers. The LED kit comes with two combination stops, tail and turns signals, two amber side marker lights, a license plate light, and a split Y-style harness that is 22 feet long to cover the distance between your truck’s bumper or wiring system upfront of the vehicle.

Lasting 30 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs at 40 hours per set instead of just 1 hour, these LEDs require less power while providing visibility in dark conditions. They also have corrosion-resistant housing making them durable even when exposed to harsh weather elements such as rainstorms.

  • Durable LED lights to last 30-40 times longer
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant housing
  • Variety of colors and combinations
  • Includes two combination stop, tail, and turn signals
  • Save money and time with these cost-effective LEDs
  • These products are built to last
  • They come in different colors and sizes so you can find what you need.
  • One of the best values on the market

4. Harbor Freight KENWAY 12v Submersible Trailer Lights, 2 Pc.

Harbor Freight KENWAY 12v Submersible Trailer Lights, 2 Pc.

These Harbor Freight 12v Submersible Trailer Lights are designed to take on the harshest weather conditions and water crossings as they feature impact-resistant housings with LED bulbs that can withstand shock and vibration. They also function as tail lights, stop signals and turn signals so you will be able to keep your boat or off-road vehicle protected at all times throughout its journey!

  • Vibration-resistant
  • Durable LED bulbs
  • Wide range of trailer sizes
  • These lights provide all-weather protection for launching watercraft or off-road water crossings.
  • The impact-resistant housing and LED bulbs withstand shock and vibration while providing bright, clean light.
  • These submersible trailer lights function as tail lights, stop and turn signals.
  • They are great for trailers up to 80 inches wide with 18 individual LEDs that are visible from 2 miles away on the road or in the harbor/ocean.

5. Harbor Freight KENWAY 12v Magnetic LED Towing Light Kit

Harbor Freight KENWAY 12v Magnetic LED Towing Light Kit

This magnetic towing light kit from Harbor Freight makes it easy for you to install a tow bar and get on the road. The red brake lights have super-bright LEDs, are impact-resistant, and take away all of that hassle when installing your own set of LED bulbs. They easily mount onto any vehicle being towed so you can be up at running as soon as possible—they even have scratch-resistant bases! The best yet is they’re ideal for applications up 80 inches wide with 40 bright LEDs per bulb.

  • Instantly available brake lights on any vehicle being towed
  • Scratch-resistant magnetic base with a 40 LED capacity per light
  • Bright, impact-resistant LEDs
  • For towing applications up to 80 in. wide
  • Red brake lights
  • Magnetic base for easy install
  • Mounts in seconds to any vehicle being towed

6. Harbor Freight KENWAY LED Universal Rectangular 6 Function Tail Signal Light

HF KENWAY LED Universal Rectangular 6 Function Tail Signal Light

This universal tail light provides all-weather use. The submersible sonic welded lens makes this ideal for boat trailers, and the three-stud mount installation using a universal mounting plate can attach to most types of trailers. It has six functions: stop, tail, turn, rear reflex, and back up as well as license illumination which includes 38 ultra-bright LEDs that last 100000 hours or more making it long-lasting too!

  • Sold to over 30 countries and it is UL listed
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and corrosion resistant
  • 50% brighter than the competition with 38 LEDs per light
  • No need for batteries or power source – many different mounting options including universal brackets
  • 12v DC lights last 100 hours or more
  • The sonic welded lens makes light submersible as well
  • Can be used for stop, tail, turn, and rear blinker
  • Get all the benefits of a 6 Function Trailer light for your boat trailer
  • Sonic welded lens assembly – 100% watertight
  • Universal mounting plate attaches to most trailers

7.  Harbor Freight KENWAY 6 inch Submersible LED Stop/Turn Trailer Tail Light

HF KENWAY 6 inch Submersible LED Stop/Turn Trailer Tail Light

This 6-inch lens submersible trailer light features LED lamps that can withstand shock and vibration. It’s perfect for launching watercraft or making off-road water crossings due to its corrosion-resistant housing and all-weather protection capabilities. This is a tail, stop, turn signal which provides bright illumination with 12 volts of power at up to 80 inches wide trailers!

  • All-weather protection
  • Impact-resistant housing
  • 12v with LED lamps
  • Corrosion-resistant housing
  • LED lamps withstand shock and vibration
  • Easy to install
  • Large 6-inch lenses

8. Harbor Freight KENWAY 4 in. Submersible LED Stop/Turn Trailer Tail Light

Harbor Freight KENWAY 4 in. Submersible LED Stop/Turn Trailer Tail Light

This KENWAY® submersible LED trailer light is the perfect solution for boat trailers. It provides exceptional visibility with stop, tail, and turns signal functions as well as a reflective lens that allows it to function when parked or not in use. The rust-resistant aluminum body fits most utility, snowmobile, camping, and motorcycle trailers while being fully submersible makes it ideal for boats.

  • A submersible tail light that is perfect for your boat trailer
  • Works as a tail, stop and turn signal
  • Great for utility trailers, snowmobile trailers, camping, motorcycle, and boat
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Includes gasket and plug
  • Great visibility when parked or submersible submerged in water
  • fully submersible- perfect for boats or hitchhikers under bridges
  • 4 high quality LED lights to maximize visibility in all conditions
  • Does not require an external power source
  • Can be used for different purposes

9. Harbor Freight KENWAY Amber Clearance Marker Lamps, 2 Pc.

Harbor Freight KENWAY Amber Clearance Marker Lamps, 2 Pc.

Quickly and easily mount these Harbor Freight KENWAY Amber Clearance Marker Lamps to most trailers for additional lighting. The amber-colored lens provides a brilliant, yet efficient illumination in any weather condition while the heavy-duty construction ensures that this lamp won’t give out on you when you need it the most. This product fits many types of utility or camping trailers making them perfect for use around your home or at work!

  • Fits many varieties of utility/camping trailer
  • Made of heavy-duty materials and resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Fits most trailers- from the utility, snowmobile, camping, or motorcycle trailer
  • Durable lenses with a flush-mount design for two lamps
  • Works as a marker light to indicate clearance
  • Includes gasket and mounting hardware
  • Have a hidden backup light
  • Clearance lights provide safety and awareness to other drivers

10. Harbor Freight KENWAY 2 in. Round Amber Marker Trailer Tail Light

Harbor Freight KENWAY 2 in. Round Amber Marker Trailer Tail Light

This bright amber marker light will give your boat, motorcycle, or snowmobile trailer the height of visibility. The weather-resistant design and rubber gasket ensure that this piece stays in tip-top shape no matter what you throw at it! It is approved by the International Association of Professional Snowmobile Enthusiasts. The 9 LEDs provide a moisture-proof sealed design and include rubber grommet installation materials.

  • Provides easy installation with mounting hardware
  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Perfect for any trailer
  • Protect your trailer from rust and corrosion
  • Keep your tail lights visible day or night
  • This light is water-resistant so no moisture will get inside
  • Includes gasket for easy installation

11. Harbor Freight KENWAY 2 inch Round Red Marker Trailer Tail Light

Harbor Freight KENWAY 2 inch Round Red Marker Trailer Tail Light

This 2 in. Round Red Marker Trailer Tail Light is an ideal fit for most utility, snowmobile, and boat trailers because it features a moisture-proof sealed design and nine LEDs that make installation easy. The marker light also has rust-resistant properties with includes gasket materials as well as mounting hardware to keep the tail lights secured tightly against your trailer so they can function properly at all times.

  • Great light for utility, snowmobile, camping, motorcycle, and boat trailers
  • The sealed design makes it moisture-proof
  • Included lead wire is 6 in. long
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Built to last long
  • Provide safety from oncoming traffic
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Innovative design with 9 LEDs
  • Flush mount rubber grommet for easy installation
  • Sleek, compact design
  • Durable construction
  • Low energy usage
  • Costs less than other comparable lights on the market

12. Harbor Freight KENWAY Amber Running Board Light Kit, 12 Pc.

Harbor Freight KENWAY Amber Running Board Light Kit, 12 Pc.

KENWAY Amber Running Board Lights make it easier and safer to get in and out of large vehicle cabs. They improve visibility when entering or exiting the cab, making them ideal for use as general-purpose side markers. The lights include all hardware needed for installation on rocker panels, ensuring quick set-up that doesn’t take away from other projects you might have gone home!

  • Clearance Lights: provide better visibility for safe driving on the road
  • Improved Visibility: to make sure drivers are able to see you when they’re exiting and entering your large vehicle, increasing safety.
  • Easy Installation Process: with all included mounting hardware, the installation process is quick and painless.
  • Durable Materials: KENWAY running board lights use sturdy plastic material that can withstand tough conditions such as rain or snow.
  • Includes all hardware needed to install this product

Popular Harbor Freight Trailer Light Categories

1. Harbor Freight Submersible Led Trailer Lights

Harbor Freight’s submersible trailer lights are a great way to see what is in front of you when night driving. These LED-powered light bars feature two adjustable, waterproof fixtures that can be submerged up to three feet deep and easily installed onto your vehicle with the included screws/bolts or zip ties. They come equipped with 20 super-bright LEDs for outstanding illumination.

Boat owners know that waterproof trailer lights are key to safe boat launching, as they protect the internal circuits from getting wet. A boat’s trailer lights need to be waterproof and submersible, if a taillight is considered submersible that means the internal circuits are protected for when backing into water. Like any marine product, a set of taillights should be resistant to corrosion.

Following are the submersible LED trailer lights available at the Harbor Freight:

  • HF Kenway Submersible LED Trailer Light – Left & Right Side
  • Harbor Freight KENWAY 6 in. Submersible LED Stop/Turn Trailer Tail Light
  • HF KENWAY 12v Submersible Trailer Lights, 2 Pc.

2. Harbor Freight LED Marker Trailer Lights

Harbor Freight’s Marker Lights are a simple and effective method of enhancing vehicle safety at night or in rainy, foggy weather situations, as well as during dawn/dusk hours when sunshine isn’t strong enough but shadows across the roadways impede vision from cars with headlights arriving. Having these bright amber indicator markers on your car will guarantee that everyone is safe and secure while driving.

The harbor freight side marker trailer lamps are small but mighty safety devices. These lights help prevent accidents by alerting other drivers to the presence and movement of large trucks and trailers, preventing over 100,000 nighttime crashes every year with a $350 million annual reduction in property damage costs. If your side markers get dim or burnt out from time to time it’s important that you replace them immediately as they may result in some serious consequences such as loss of money/time or even life! There is an easy way for you to ensure maximum visibility at all times: simply install bright LED light bulbs.

Following are the LED Marker Trailer Lights at the harbor freight stores:

  • HF KENWAY 2 inch Round Amber Marker Trailer Tail Light
  • HF KENWAY 2 inch Round Red Marker Trailer Tail Light
  • Harbor Freight KENWAY Amber Clearance Marker Lamps, 2 Pc.

3. Harbor Freight Wireless Magnetic Trailer Lights

These lights work with a magnetic connection, so you don’t have to drill any holes in your car. They come on when they sense motion within 10-15 feet and can even be seen through fog or rain. The magnets are strong enough that the light will stay attached if hit by another vehicle at highway speeds; however, it is possible for them to fall off during normal driving conditions (for example: going over speed bumps). There’s an LED indicator letting you know if there isn’t sufficient battery power left to keep the unit lit up after dark!

The wireless tow lights are easy to install, ready-to-use car accessories. The magnetic bars behind the light make it firm and easily attachable; within minutes you can be on your way with a wireless tow light. There’s no need for cables because these lamps come charged from the factory so all you have to do is stick them onto any steel body of your trailer or any other equipment in order to get moving immediately! Wireless Magnetic Tow Lights system comes fully equipped with a rechargeable battery that will keep it going strong even if you’re stranded somewhere remote where there is no power outlet nearby. Harbor Freight offer Kenway 12v Magnetic LED Towing Light Kit which is

4. Harbor Freight Portable Trailer Lights

The Harbor Freight Portable Trailer Lights are a great way to decorate your home or business at night. There is nothing like the warm glow of lights, and this set has six white LED lamps that can plug into any standard outlet for fast installation without hard wiring! The trailer light kit includes; two 20-foot extension cords with 3 prongs each; an on/off switch box (with mounting brackets); six high output 1Wo LEDs; eight zip ties; twelve wire nuts. This durable plastic casing uses ten bright green fuses in case one blows out so you don’t have to replace them all – just swap it out instead!

Portable Trailer Lights offer extra visibility by utilizing LED bulbs with existing connections; the kit includes wiring and hardware for installation. When utilizing a portable trailer light in locations near highways, you must pay close attention to the regulations that prevent residents anywhere near busy roads from putting such equipment on their property without stringent limitations.

5. Harbor Freight Trailer Running Lights

Daylight running lights are located on the front of a vehicle that stays on whenever the engine is running. Unlike headlights, daylight running lights are fairly dim and don’t illuminate your surroundings ahead. The purpose of these daytime driving lights is to increase visibility so other drivers can see you clearly while traveling down roadways at night time or during inclement weather conditions where it’s harder for them to spot pedestrians such as runners in dark clothing jogging alongside roads without streetlights nearby.

Harbor freight has a wide variety of running lights for trailers. These are very useful if you plan on driving your trailer at night because they add more visibility and make it easier to see what is around the next corner or bend in the road. The harbor freight trailer running lights include wiring, but there is no need to use them since step-by-step instructions may be found online that will assist you through this procedure, which takes less than an hour depending on how good/bad your trailer’s current electrical system is.

Harbor Freight KENWAY Amber Running Board Light Kit is an absolute masterpiece available at the harbor freight.

6. Harbor Freight Utility Trailer Lights

Harbor Freight Utility Trailer Lights

The Harbor Freight Utility Trailer is a good trailer to use if you’re looking for something cheap but reliable. With an LED light set, it’s easy and affordable to make your trailer much safer at night or when the weather gets bad. The lights are very bright in low lighting conditions which also makes them ideal for camping trips!

If you don’t know the dimensions of your utility trailer, measuring it is necessary to find out if any additional lighting or reflectors are needed. Your trailer must have a stop light, tail lights and turn signals as well as side marker lamps that meet these guidelines:

  • Utility trailers with two axles need at least 4 red lamp lenses on each side.
  • Those with three axles need at least 6 such lens in addition to 2 amber ones.
  • Utility Trailers 80″ wide or wider require an emblem indicating “wide load”.

Harbor Freight Trailer Light Accessories

HF Trailer Light Adapter

hf trailer light adaptor

This Harbor Freight trailer light adapter will allow you to attach your trailer’s lights onto a vehicle that would normally not support it. This is especially useful if the wiring on one of your vehicles has been damaged or destroyed, and thus needs replacement immediately in order for you to continue being able to tow things with it (or perhaps even use a different area altogether). The Adapter works by simply plugging into the back end of each housing that contains an individual light bulb. Doing so should make them appear as though they were installed directly from the factory when creating any given configuration.

  • A harbor freight trailer light adapter is a universal, easy-to-install solution that makes it easier than ever to keep your trailer lights in working order
  • The kit includes the wiring adapters and an instruction manual for quick installation
  • Compare with other brands: you’ll find Harbor Freight’s prices are up to 40% less
  • Allows for an easy way to transition from your old lights to new
  • Easy switch with three-prong cord
  • Designed with a durable ABS connector that will not break or wear down over time
  • Includes wiring diagram and instructions

HF Trailer Light Bracket

The Harbor Freight Trailer Light is a really great tool for anyone who uses trailers to move things around. You would also probably find the light bracket while looking at your local Harbor Freight store. It will be only 3 dollars and it had so many possibilities! The best thing about the bracket is that you can mount it on any trailer, boat, or car without drilling holes in your precious metal framework of whatever craft you are using it with. Just use two screws and attach anywhere there’s space available which makes transportation easy when moving from one location to another as well as saving time since no tools are needed; just pop out the lights whenever they need replacing due to damage (which also reduces costs).

  • Can be mounted to the back of any flat surface
  • Easily attaches to a trailer, cargo rack, wall, or ceiling with simple installation
  • Lightweight and easy to install bracket is designed for more convenient mounting and features adjustable arms that can be pointed in any direction
  • The bracket includes 4 LED lights on each side and has an internal wiring system that eliminates hard-wiring

HF Trailer Light Bulbs

Harbor Freight trailer light bulbs are the best option for replacing your old and burnt-out lights. These trailers have a long lifespan, which means they will save you money over time on replacement costs. They also fit all standard sockets so it is easy to find replacements when needed!

Harbor Freight Trailer Light Bulbs are an amazing product that allows customers to get their lighting needs to be met in one place at low prices with high-quality products as well!! It has been said by many people who use this product already or plan on using them soon that these “Lightbulbs” last longer than any other similar type of bulb before going bad- meaning less cost spent per bulb making each purchase go farther & saving more.

HF Trailer Light Connector

The Harbor Freight Trailer Light Connector is a wire that allows you to hook up your boat or trailer lights. It has two prongs on one end and four holes on the other for connecting wires in kind of an upside-down T shape, where all six are connected by screws.

Harbor freight connector light The harbor freight trailer connector is a wire which will allow you to connect boats or trailers with lights. It had had two plunges at the head side and 4 holes at backside for the connection cable.

HF Trailer Light Kit Wiring Diagram

Harbor Freight Trailer Light Kit Wiring Diagram

A Harbor Freight trailer light kit wiring diagram is as follows:

The 12V power started at the battery and went to fuse 1, ignition wire (green), then up through switch 2. From there it powered on/off switch 3 by going into a ground stud which also contained another fused line that ran back down towards the tail lights.

Two more wires were able to be run from this circuit over to each set of running lamps where they are grounded before connecting with their respective bulbs soldered in place inside an LED housing cover.

The last two lines completed a full circle formation when they connected between both sides while being fed off of starter relay 4’s secondary output via add-a-circuit 6 & 7 using butt connectors 8 & 9 respectively.

HF Trailer Light Extension

Harbor Freight has a decent selection of trailer lights that you can purchase for cheap prices. These LED light extensions are the way to go if you’re looking for brighter and longer-lasting tail lights on your car, bike, or boat trailers. The Harbor freight extension cables come in two different lengths (8ft & 16 ft) so it’s important to match them up with what length wire is required by law where ever they will be used as well as want extra long distance between their connection point at either end.

This product can be used in two different ways; by plugging into the 7-way connector on most trailers’ rear bumpers or directly into an outlet inside if you want brighter light for further lengths of time (or brightness).

HF Trailer Light Wiring Harness

hf ytrailer light harness

Harbor Freight Trailer Light wiring harness is an adapter that allows you to attach a trailer light connector to your vehicle. It comes with alligator clips and plugs so it’s easy to install in most vehicles without requiring any cutting or splicing of the factory wire, which makes this kit ideal for both do-it-yourselfers who are looking for convenience as well as professional mechanics needing something quick and simple.

Harbor Freight Trailer Lights are a great product, especially for the price. They work well and have never failed me yet. One thing I would change is that they’re not very bright compared to other lights on cars or trailers with larger head-lights but it’s good enough in my opinion if you just need some extra lighting at night time driving through trails or somewhere where there isn’t much light around anyway so all you really want is something as an emergency backup in case your normal headlights die out while traveling down these paths then this will do nicely until you get home again once your regular headlights are fixed.

HF Trailer Hitch Light

The Harbor Freight Trailer hitch light is an LED red marker lamp that lights up whenever you turn on the brake. It’s cheap and easy to install, but it doesn’t look too great when lit.

The Harbor Freight trailer hitch light is a low-cost and simple way for safety. It is important for anyone with a vehicle equipped with one of these hitches’ LEDs to add extra safety features at night or in bad weather conditions. The hitch light provides safety by illuminating their car’s brake lamps while simultaneously acting as another visual signal warning other drivers behind them about any potential hazards they may have such as intersections, particularly where visibility isn’t very good. It might be a safety measure if there are obstructions blocking lines of sight directly ahead which might not otherwise be noticed until it’s too late without this type of added safety measure.

HF Trailer Light Plug

The harbor freight trailer light plug can be used to replace a bad trailer light connection, or it is also compatible with several other applications. It attaches easily and works great! This replacement part plugs into the back of many trailers lights allowing you to use them again in your vehicle.

Its quick and simple installation makes this product worth buying for any driver who wants their car or truck up-to-date on safety features. Simply unplug one end from behind your vehicles’ tail-lights attach both ends together then insert each individual (male/female) connector into its respective location inside two separate lighting fixtures, tighten down screws so they don’t come loose over time.

HF Trailer Light Tester

The harbor freight trailer light testers can help you test the wiring in your tow vehicle or trailer. There are different types of testers having varying capabilities and prices, so read up on what each one does before purchasing to figure out which would be best for your situation. You could use a simple working bulb as an easy tester with no need to buy anything extra; if there is exposed wiring from the tow vehicle then this will work just fine! Or, you could measure the voltage at both ends using a voltmeter – any type of testing kit has adapters designed for specific setups so make sure it’ll fit yours before buying one.

Harbor Freight Trailer Light Replacement

Trailer lights are very important to the use of a trailer. They need regular replacement when they wear out or break because it is unsafe for other drivers to be behind you if your taillights aren’t working properly, and dangerous for those in front as well since they won’t know how close you might be getting while backing up either.

Replacement trailer lights are a great investment for any vehicle owner. They can be found at most stores that offer auto parts and accessories, like AutoZone or Advance Autoparts. These replacement trailers come with all of the components you need to make your old broken light look brand new again! You just have to find what type of base it is (round/square), place the bulb in its designated spot inside of this compartment, screw on the lens cover tightly by hand until fully secured into position.

Harbor Freight Trailer Light Coupons

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Conclusion paragraph: It’s not always easy to find the best trailer lights, but we can help you make a decision that is right for your needs. The Harbor Freight Trailer Lights have been designed with quality and durability in mind. You’ll be able to find some of their top selling products on Amazon or Home Depot if you want more information before making a purchase. Just because they are inexpensive doesn’t mean they lack value! We hope this post has helped you learn about what makes these trailer lights so popular among customers, as well as important considerations before buying them.


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