Harbor Freight Slide Hammer: A Powerful Tool

The harbor freight slide hammer is a powerful tool that can be used to accomplish many different tasks. It is an amazing tool because it is so versatile and very affordable. This makes them perfect for things like removing old nails or loosening tight bolts. They come in various sizes and shapes, which make them easy to use on any project you may have going around your house! This blog post will cover all features of this harbor freight slide hammer so that you know what to look for when purchasing one for yourself!

Why Harbor Freight?

Harbor Freight Tools has a lot of great reasons why you should buy from them. First, they have some of the best deals on power equipment nationwide! They sell drills, saws, and any kind of tool at lower prices than other places. Second -and this might be their most popular selling point- is that all products come with an unconditional guarantee so if something goes wrong while using one of these tools there’ll be no hassle involved whatsoever; they’ll fix it like new before giving it back to you free-of-charge minus shipping charges.

What is Slide Hammer?

A slide hammer is a device that can be used to repair or adjust items such as brake levers and pedals. It works by using the weight of its head, which slides on a rod fixed onto an adjustable metal arm. The tool has two parts: one part holds pressure against whatever you are trying to move (for example your car’s brakes), while another pulls it in the opposite direction with equal force but less contact area since this piece doesn’t need direct pressure.

  • Slide hammers are used to break up concrete, brick, and stone
  • They can also be used for demolition projects
  • The slide hammer is a very powerful tool that can cause serious injury if not handled correctly
  • To use this tool safely, you should always wear eye protection and protective clothing such as gloves or safety shoes
  • When using the slide hammer, make sure the surface you’re working on is stable before swinging it at your target
  • If the surface isn’t stable enough to take your weight or swing of the hammer, don’t work on it until it’s safe to do so

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Axle Puller

The Harbor Freight axle puller is a tool used in automotive work that applies force between two or more surfaces and pulls them apart by sliding one of those surfaces relative to another. In an automobile, it serves as a means for removing axles with broken splines from hub carriers, bearing caps, etc. It can also separate suspension parts locked together due to rust. This helps prevent damage caused when trying to pry part off using other methods.

  • Save time and get your axle unstuck quick
  • Eliminate a lot of frustration when you know what’s wrong with the axle
  • Top-quality and unbeatable price
  • Get your wheel back on without having to call a tow truck or spend hours waiting for a tow.
  • Pull off the brake drums and driveshaft from an axle
  • Works on both left-hand and right-hand threaded axles
  • Left-hand thread: turn puller handle to the right, counterclockwise
  • Right-hand thread: turn puller handle to the left, clockwise

harbor freight slide hammer and puller set

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer and Bearing Puller Set

Slide hammer and bearing puller set are tools used to remove bearings from motors, transmissions, or other machinery. The slide hammer is a long bar with different attachments at the end that look like horseshoes of various sizes. A piece called an adapter fits into one side of the tool on which you can put whatever size ball joint socket your project requires; then there’s a T-handle attached perpendicularly to it so you can turn it easily without burning yourself in tight places where another handle would be too bulky for use.

To make this process more efficient, we’ll also need some kind of plate against which we will push our attachment while turning—that’s what makes up the rest part of these sets: plates upon which any assortment of motor parts (bearings, pulleys, gears) can be placed so that you’re not spending your whole day chasing them around. Slide hammers and bearing puller sets are commonly used by mechanics in the automotive industry for rebuilding engines or transmissions at their workstations.

Available Varieties of Slide hammers and bearing puller sets

Slide hammers and bearing puller sets are often sold as a set with plates at the bottom, but if you’re looking for just the tools themselves (or don’t need to remove bearings), it’s best to buy them individually. Slide hammer and bearing puller sets can be bought in many different varieties, from cheap knock-offs that will do little more than frustrate you with their unsteadiness or flimsiness—allowing your ball joint socket attachments to slip out of place while applying pressure on an engine block—to higher-end models made by reputable companies like Matco Tools who have precision ground slides for better handling.

Where to find them?

Slide hammers and bearing puller sets can be found online at many popular retailers, but auto supply stores will have them as well–and their staff usually knows enough about what they’re selling (as well as any work being done on-site) so there are fewer questions to answer than with online purchases. Finding slide hammer and bearing puller sets in brick-and-mortar shops also means you don’t need to wait several days before receiving your purchase; instead, you’ll receive it within hours of buying!

HF Slide Hammer and Bearing Puller Set

The Slide Hammer and Bearing Puller Set from harbor freight is a great value for the money. It comes with both slide hammers (with three different heads) as well as bearing pullers which are perfect for many automotive repairs that you may need to do on your car or truck without having to take it into a shop. The kit also includes five sockets in different sizes, so no matter what size bolt head, nut or other component needs removed this will always work perfectly just like when new! The best part of all however is not only does it come with everything mentioned above but there’s no better price around than here at Harbor Freight Tools, so you can’t go wrong with this Slide Hammer and Bearing Puller Set from the harbor freight.

  • Harbor Freight Slide hammer: great for removing large bearings without destroying them in the process
  • Three different head choices (slotted, hexed, and tabbed)
  • Five sockets included: 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm, 25 mm – All items come with a 90-day warranty at harbor freight.

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Adaptor

Slide hammer adaptors are hydraulic devices that attach to the threaded end of a car’s shock absorber and allow for its easy removal. These tools come in different sizes, so you have to buy an appropriate slide hammer adaptor depending on your vehicle’s make and model. A slide hammer adaptor is a simple tool that keeps the shock absorber in place as you remove it from your vehicle.

The Harbor Freight slide hammer adapter comes with an adjustable rod and can be used on vehicles up to 11,500 pounds. It has a large cushion grip handle for maximum comfort during operation while its high-quality steel construction ensures durability. This slide hammer adapter is designed for use on vehicles with shock absorbers that have a large diameter. It has an impact-resistant handle and can be used to remove shocks in as little as three minutes. A harbor freight slide hammer adaptor should always be the first tool you reach for when working on your vehicle because it makes removing damaged or broken shock absorbers much easier than doing it manually!

harbor freight slide hammer bearing puller

harbor freight slide hammer bearing puller set

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Bead Breaker

A slide hammer bead breaker is a tool used to break the beads of a tire. It’s usually placed on top of the wheel and then you push down with your foot or apply pressure (whichever one works best) and it will use force against the rim which in turn breaks off the bead from around all four sides so that they can slide right back towards each other for easy removal.

A harbor freight slide hammer bead breaker is available on harbor freight online store with a low price and fast shipping. This harbor freight snap-on slide hammer bead breaker will help you easily change the tire of your car or truck when dealing with stubborn tires. It is a high-quality product that you can always rely on. It’s a snap-on type slide hammer with a streamlined shape and is lightweight, easy for carrying. The harbor freight slide hammer bead breakers are made of the highest grade steel to meet or exceed ANSI/ASME standards. The use of this tool takes place in an ideal way – it helps remove tire beads without damaging wheel studs, bearings, brake disks, and other surrounding components thanks to its unique design which allows applying greater pressure at all times while simultaneously protecting the surface being worked upon.

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Dent Puller

Slide hammer dent pullers allow you to quickly and easily remove dents from your car. The slide hammer has a heavy metal head that is connected by a long rod of varying stiffness, reaching into the deepest recesses of your door panel or bumper cover’s crevices. This allows for quick removal without having to repaint afterward! A slide hammer dent puller can be purchased for under $20.

The Harbor Freight slide hammer dent puller is an extremely handy tool that you can use at home to remove dents on your car. The two parts of the kit are a slide hammer and pry bar, which work together seamlessly. It also comes with six metal rods in various diameters so it’s easy to find one just right for removing all kinds of different types of dents from cars or walls! You will be very pleased if you buy this product because it works really well for all kinds of denting works.

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Extension

The slide hammer dent puller extension is a great tool that can be used to remove dents from your car, truck, or SUV. It works by pushing the metal back into place while at the same time pulling it out which gets rid of any ripples in your vehicle’s exterior. The kit comes with all you need for use including an adjustable head and handle piece so it fits on different sized vehicles since no two are exactly alike!

The Harbor Freight slide hammer extension makes removing engine components much easier. For example, using this product to remove an auto’s stuck or seized piston allows one to avoid potentially damage-inducing techniques such as dropping heavy objects onto its side (such as with a sledgehammer). This specific item works by extending your standard 1/2 inch drive breaker bar into the combustion chamber and applying force sideways against either end of the cylinder wall until free movement occurs; at which point release pressure slightly to allow crankshaft rotation initiating self-removal from bore opening.

How to use Harbor Freight Slide Hammer?

A Harbor Freight Slide Hammer can help you remove really tough nuts and bolts without having to spend more than $20 on tools, which makes it easy to add this useful device into your home workshop or garage inventory of must-have items! This clever little gadget hooks onto the head of any wrench that fits around its neck, giving you two hands-free with which to turn the nut loose from whatever bolt it may be attached—or stuck in place by rust–to.

There are a number of reasons why harbor freight Slide Hammer can be a great asset to your toolbox, in addition to how handy it is when working on vehicles and home appliances. For example, you can also use it to remove metal bushings from door hinges, tighten the vice when it starts to get loose, or if you have an old wringer washing machine that keeps getting stuck in one position when you spin the dials around.

Another thing harbor freight Slide hammer is good for entirely depends on using its neck as a fulcrum for leverage–just attach whatever’s stuck to the neck of the slide hammer by tightening down its head–and pull! This works especially well with items like bearings, where pulling straight out results in their not coming loose or being replaced by a great deal of dirt and debris.

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Hub Puller

If you have a stubborn wheel hub on your truck, sometimes the best way to get it off is with a slide hammer. Just make sure that this tool has been designed specifically for pulling hubs and not some other job because there are many different sizes of wheels out there! If you do happen to use one meant for another task then be prepared as these can cause damage if used incorrectly under pressure. Some people recommend using a hydraulic press instead but they cost more money meaning that most will stick with what works cheaper in their case which would obviously mean going down the slide-hammer route at least until now.

The Harbor Freight Hub Puller is an amazing product. It’s so easy to use and will save you a ton of time, frustration, and money on your automotive projects that require axle removal or replacement! you can use it for everything from cars (trucks) all the way up to semi-trailer trucks with no problems whatsoever. If you’re not using these tools in your shop then you should be because they make life much easier when working as a mechanic or even just doing regular maintenance like changing brake pads, shocks, etc.

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Log Splitter

This Harbor Freight Slide Hammer log splitter is an amazing tool that can easily free up your chainsaw in just seconds. The high-strength steel construction makes this product durable and strong enough to break apart even the largest of logs with ease, while still being lightweight for easy transport when needed elsewhere on the job site. Each purchase comes complete with a safety lock pin which will help ensure no one gets injured during operation or storage, as well as two long rubber grips designed specifically for increased comfort when used over extended periods of time without gloves!

Harbor Freight 2-lb Slide Hammer

The Harbor Freight 2-lb Slide Hammer is a great tool to have in your garage. It has two pounds of impact force that allows it to break free rusted or seized bolts, nuts, and more with very little effort on the user’s part. Another useful application for this hammer would be removing stuck bearings out of an engine block without having to take apart the entire thing which can save you money as well!

There are also several other features that you will love about this slide hammer such as its heavy-duty construction meaning it will last longer than others available on Amazon at half price. The molded neoprene grip is also a handy feature as you won’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hand and flying across the room to injure someone or damage something.

The only downside of this 2-lb slide hammer is that it comes with one size bolt adapter which limits its applications, somehow!

Harbor Freight 10-lb Slide Hammer

Harbor Freight’s 10-lb slide hammer is made of durable materials, making it a versatile and affordable option for woodworkers. The sliding head can be used in place of the traditional claw on hammers to easily remove nails from lumber or other surfaces without causing damage that would require costly repairs. It also comes with two side handles which provide added support while removing stubborn objects such as stuck bolts and chains pulling items out of hard-to-reach places like under cars, trucks, etc.

This 10-lb slide hammer is also a great way to pull, push or straighten metal objects that are in hard-to-reach places. It can help when removing bearings from engines and pulleys from transmissions. Simply attach the hook end of the tool around your workpiece, which could be anything you want to extract such as bolts or screws on car parts for example; add weight by sliding up weights onto it until it starts pulling down towards the desired direction with enough force without slipping off object being pulled out—then use leverage!

Harbor Freight Maddox Slide Hammer

Harbor Freight’s Maddox Slide Hammer is a sturdy tool that can be used in many different ways. It weighs just over 3 pounds and it has an overall length of 16 inches so you’ll have no problem storing this on your workbench or cabinet top when not being actively used for repair jobs around the house. The head, which slides back to create up-and-down impact forces, measures 4″ x 5″, while its handle only extends 6″. With all these measurements combined with its alloy steel construction design, Harbor Freight promises quality craftsmanship at one of their best prices yet!

Harbor Freight Mini Slide Hammer

Harbor Freight’s Mini Slide Hammer is a must-have tool for your garage. It features two different chisels to help you remove bearings and seals on cars, trucks, motorcycles, or bikes with ease! The small tack hammer at the end of this slide hammer makes it easy to pop out pins from anything that needs some extra tension released such as stuck shift forks in transmissions among many other uses around the house too.

The Harbor Freight Mini Slide Hammer helps to remove stuck bolts with ease. The slide hammer comes in two pieces: A T-handle (equivalent to an everyday wrench) and a hook on top where you can attach different heads depending on what kind of socket or head your bolt has. Once it’s attached all you need do is pull down hard while rotating counterclockwise; this will help loosen stubborn bolts without breaking them off inside the object they were once screwed into!

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Nail Puller

The Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Nail Puller is an effective tool for pulling nails with little force. The slide hammer design allows you to pull out most types of nailed items, like doors and shutters with ease by sliding the bar back and forth over the nail head. This saves time when making home improvements or changing your mind about where that new mirror belongs in your house!

Harbor Freight offers this slide hammer nail puller for a great price, making it affordable to use with most projects.

This Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Nail Puller comes with two different heads: one is straight with 2 sides of teeth, the other has teeth on its side so you can pull nails out of difficult angles. This Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Nail Puller kit comes with a claw hammer and a rubberized handle for comfort. Harbor Freight tools are built to last.

Harbor Freight 14 Piece Slide Hammer

Harbor Freight’s 14 Piece Slide Hammer might be one of the best tools you never knew existed until now. The set comes with a slide hammer, an adapter for pulling nails and studs (which doubles as a drift pin), eight different puller heads in various sizes to fit almost any job, along with two nuts that act like washers when using the head on steel plates(these are great if your wall is thicker than normal). These can really come in handy no matter what kind or size project you’re working on at home!

Harbor Freight Stud Welder Slide Hammer

The Harbor Freight Stud Welder is a tool you should have in your garage. It’s an easy-to-use, affordable stud welder that makes it simple for anyone to buy the do-it-yourselfer get into welding metal objects together or pulling them apart without having any special training or skills required! The slide hammer gives this set even more functionality by allowing commercial and industrial tasks like removing stubborn bolts from machinery parts, pulling nails out of boards with ease, etc., all while saving time money making repairs quickly.

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Thread

Harbor Freight’s thread-on puller is ideal for the do-it-yourself mechanic. Harbor Freight tools are known to be made with high-quality materials and at a low price point, making them perfect for those on a budget. The slide hammer features an easy-grip handle which makes use simple even when wearing gloves or working in cold weather conditions unlike many other wrenches available today that feature rubber grips that become slippery during winter months. It cost only $5-10 depending on where you buy it.

Harbor Freight Tire Slide Hammer

Harbor Freight’s Tire Slide Hammer is a cost-friendly replacement for lug wrenches. The slide hammer has an easy-to-use design that reduces the risk of slippage or damage when removing tires from vehicles. It can be adjusted for different-sized bolts, and it comes with two rubber jaw covers in case one breaks during usage.

The Harbor Freight tire slide hammer works as advertised on websites like Amazon, but some users warn against buying this product due to its lackluster performance compared to more expensive tools available online. This tool does not include any warranties, which could make replacing defective parts difficult if something goes wrong after purchase. Overall though, this product makes changing your vehicle’s tires faster than having multiple people do it by hand.

Harbor Freight Slide Hammer Review

A HarborFreight slide hammer is a useful tool when you are in need of removing bearings, bushings or other small parts. It can be used to take apart slotted rotors and drums which have become stuck together after being stored for too long without use. The installation process is simple but there are some things I should warn about before using this product on your own vehicle’s system if the part has been removed from that car previously – it may not fit back into its original location perfectly! This means that any time spent trying to get rid of camber issues might just end up with broken bolts because they’re either stripped out themselves or simply won’t line up correctly again once installed due to warping over time.



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