Pep Boys Oil Change Service

Picking the right oil change agency for your vehicle nowadays is quite a difficult task. Since there are plenty of oil change and auto repair options available in the market. But you have to narrow down your choices to just a few in order to make your task simpler. Pep Boys oil change service is indeed one wise selection for your regular oil changes due to plenty of reasons as discussed in this article.

Who are Pep Boys?

The Pep Boys is an American company which deals in Automotive aftermarket retail and provides a variety of vehicle maintenance services. Pep Boys are commonly referred to as ” founders of Automotive aftermarket parts”.

The previous name of the company was the Pep Auto Supply Company, which was established by Manny, Moe, Jack, and Moe Radavitz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the year 1921. Today the company headquarters located in Philadelphia and has a network of more than 930 locations in 35 US States and Puerto Rico.

Pep Boys Difference

  • Trusted auto solutions company since 1921.
  • More than 9000 service bays in approximately 1,000 locations.
  • Situated in 35 US states and Puerto Rico.
  • Offer an attractive motorist Assurance program.
  • ASE-Certified technicians nationwide.

Pep Boys Oil Change Service

Regular oil changes are important for the longevity of your car’s engine. With the passage of time engine oil degrades making it less useful as lubricating fluid for your vehicle’s engine. It also cannot transport heat as before. You should know the warning signs your car needs an oil change. 

Pep Boys offer a range of oil change services at almost all their locations. The company has ASE certified technicians who can guide you to pick up the best package for your vehicle.

Pep Boys use superior quality oil brands such as Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Mobil 1. Moreover, each oil service includes a complimentary new oil filter and thorough vehicle inspection. Always choose from a variety of options available at the Pep Boys. You also have the opportunity to schedule an online appointment for the oil change at your nearest Pep Boys today.

What is Engine oil?

Engine oil is a viscous fluid that is responsible for providing cooling and lubrication to your vehicle’s engine. Oil is like blood to your vehicle, therefore, no gasoline or diesel engine can work without engine oil. However, engine oil requirements change from engine to engine, some engine requires thick oil while others need less viscous oil. It also depends upon your vehicle model/make and year of manufacturing.

How to Make an Appointment at Pep Boys?

Pep Boys Courtesy Vehicle Inspection

pep boys oil change with courtesy vehicle inspection

Each oil change includes up to five quarts of oil, a new air filter. It also contains a courtesy vehicle examination which includes:

  • Fluid Level Examination for coolant, Engine oil, brakes, washer solvent, power steering & automatic transmission.
  • Filters inspection including engine air filter, cabin filter.
  • Underhood vehicle visual examination for battery level, hoses, belts, lift support, and exhaust.
  • Brake system visual inspection for brake pads and brake shoes.
  • Visual inspection for suspension components and steering such as suspension components, steering components, boots and joints, drivetrain mounts, shocks, and CV axles.
  • Light system examination for parking lights, headlights, turn signals, license plate light, reverse lights, brake lights, and other vehicle lights.
  • Inspection of the engine light and other dashboard lights.
  • Check for state inspection expiration date, if applicable.

Pep Boys Oil Change Packages

Pep Boys oil change service offers several packages for its valued customers. The company offers conventional, synthetic, and high mileage oil It is worth noting here that Pep Boys will only apply that oil to your vehicle if it is recommended by your manufacturer. Therefore, check your owner’s manual to know the recommended oil type.

Following are the most popular oil change packages at the Pep Boys:

a. Conventional Engine Oil Change Package

pep boys conventional quaker state oil change package

Pep Boys offer the superior quality Quaker State Conventional oil. This oil will help in increasing the life of your engine. Conventional motor oil is famous for giving good security against degrees and contamination build-up and most importantly the viscosity breakdown. This Package Includes:

  • Five Quarts of Quaker State Conventional Engine Oil.
  • Replacement of oil filter.
  • Free tire rotation.
  • Tyre pressure and tread depth inspection.
  • Pep Boys Courtesy vehicle inspection.

b. Pep Boys High Mileage Engine Oil Change Package

Semi-synthetic or High-mileage engine oil is good for vehicles with a mileage of 75,000 or above. Pennzoil is known for its anti-wear bonus factors and contains additives which help in the reduction of friction in a used car with older engines.

Pep Boys Pennzoil High Mileage Engine Oil Change Package

pep boys high mileage pennzoil oil change package

High mileage engine oil change package at the Pep Boys include:

  • Up to five quarts pure semi-synthetic motor oil or Pennzoil motor oil.
  • Replacement of old oil filter.
  • Complimentary tire rotation.
  • Examination of tread depth and tire pressure.
  • Pep Boys famous courtesy vehicle inspection.

c. Pep Boys Synthetic Engine Oil Change Packages

i. Mobil 1 Synthetic Package

mobil 1 synthetic motor oil

Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil perfect overall wear safety to your engine and increase its lifetime. It is equally useful for vehicles with all ages, and all engine conditions, whether old or new. Mobil 1 will safeguard deposit and sludge build-up, reduce overall engine wear, and control oil breakdown. It is perfect for extreme weather conditions, particularly winters. This package includes:

  • Up to five quarts of Mobil advanced full synthetic engine oil.
  • Complimentary oil filter replacement.
  • Courtesy tire rotation. Checking of tread depth and tire pressure,
  • Courtesy vehicle inspection by Pep Boys.

ii. Shell Rotella® T4 Triple Protection

shell rotella synthetic motor oil

Shell Rotella T4 triple protection is a perfect design for hard-working protection. It adjusts nicely to your driving conditions and protects your engine under severe conditions. Good choice for old hard-working diesel engines and modern low emission engines. Shell has the honor of getting approvals from leading Global engine makers because it offers a large number of specifications. It is an outstanding choice for the general haul, construction, agriculture, on-highway fleets, diesel pickup trucks, and public transports. It was equally well with high power vehicles where extreme resistance to stress and heat it is mandatory. Shell Rotella is known for the following:

  • Excellent protection against wear for or engine longevity.
  • Perfect engine cleanliness for a nice clean engine throughout the oil drain period.
  • Improve protection against oxidation for an effective population.
  • Decent oil pressure and greater viscosity control due to increased shear stability.
  • Very good emission control system reliability.
  • Used oil aeration.

Shell Rotella T4 Synthetic oil package at the Pep Bays includes:

  • Five quarts of pure Shell Rotella oil.
  • Complimentary tire rotation.
  • Courtesy replacement of oil filter.
  • Inspection of tire pressure and tread depth.
  • Pep Bays famous courtesy vehicle inspection.

iii. Pennzoil Synthetic or High Mileage Synthetic Package

pep boys high mileage pennzoil oil change package

Vehicle manufacturers mostly recommend synthetic motor oil for new vehicles. Pep Boys offer two packages using Pennzoil products; Pennzoil high mileage synthetic engine oil and Pennzoil synthetic engine oil. DC motor oils are particularly important for vehicles with more than 75000 miles. This package includes:

  • Five quarts of Pennzoil synthetic motor oil or Pennzoil Platinum synthetic oil.
  • Complementary all filter replacement.
  • Courtesy type pressure check.
  • Inspection of tire tread depth.
  • Supplementary vehicle examination.

d. Pep Boys Conventional & Premium Conventional Oil Change

Frequently Asked Questions About Pep Boys Oil Change

What is the price of an oil change at the Pep Boys?

Oil change prices at the Pep Boys range between $31.99 to $74.99. The price is highly dependent on your choice of oil type, and your resident state. Five quarts of conventional motor oil are about $30 to $40, high mileage motor oil is about $40 to $60, and synthetic motor oil change ranges between $60 to &74.99. This price also includes oil filter replacement and courtesy vehicle inspection.

How do I know which motor oil is best for my vehicle?

The best solution is to consult your owner’s manual to check which motor oil is best for your light truck, car, or SUV. You can also get help from oil change experts at all the Pep Boys locations. A general perception is that new vehicles mostly require full synthetic motor oil, but that’s not the case always. Some new cars household demand for conventional motor oil or semi-synthetic motor oil for full protection. However, vehicles with mileage of 75000 above should benefit from high mileage motor oil.

What is the difference between full-synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oil?

Full synthetic motor oil is completely artificial, whereas semi-synthetic engine oil is a blend of mineral and synthetic engine oil. Semi-synthetic motor oil has better engine protection properties than mineral oil but not complete advantages of full synthetic oil. While full synthetic motor oil changes are pretty expensive than mineral or semi-synthetic oil changes.

What will happen if I don’t change my oil regularly?

Longer gaps between oil changes than your vehicle manufacturers’ recommendation will shorten your engine’s life. Complete ignorance of all changes may even need to complete Indian breakdown since engine components will rust without the lubrication and heat transfer properties of the oil. Therefore, you must can your vehicle oil at regular intervals as directed by the owner’s manual. Pep Boys can be your choice for your next oil change, you have the facility to get an online appointment before you visit.

Why should I change my oil filter and how often it needs replacement?

Gaps between conceptual changes can vary by manufacturer. The best idea is that which type your owner’s manual to check the frequency of oil and filter change. You can rely on the Pep Boys oil change service because they will never apply any oil that contradicts your manufacturer’s recommendations. You can enter your vehicle details in your account on the Pep Boys website.

Does Pep Boys oil change refill fluids?

The Pep Boys oil change service only includes window washer fluid top-off but not any other engine fluid. However, the Pep Boys oil change service includes courtesy vehicle check, the ASE certified technicians will check the levels of all the essential fluids such as engine oil level, transmission fluid level, brake fluid level, coolant level, and power steering fluid.

How much is Pep Boys Pennzoil Synthetic or Synthetic High-Mileage oil change service?

Pennzoil Synthetic Oil change service at the Pep Boys is $74.99, Pennzoil Synthetic High-Mileage Oil change service is $84.99, and Pennzoil conventional oil change is $67.99 (all package are inclusive of oil price and oil filter price) where oil change labor price is $40 to $50 and the remaining is the price of five quarts oil and oil filter. Five quarts of Pennzoil Conventional Oil is $17.99, five quarts of Pennzoil Synthetic Oil is $24.99, and five quarts of Pennzoil Synthetic High-Mileage Oil is $34.99. The customer may have to pay the additional shop supply fee which is 9.99% of your total invoice, up to $35.

The Pennzoil Oil change prices are summarized in the table below:

[table id=6 /]

How much is a synthetic oil change at Pep Boys?

A synthetic oil change at the Pep Boys is approximately $45, high-mileage/synthetic blend oil change service is approx. $80, and conventional oil change service is about $35. These oil change prices include the oil filter and courtesy vehicle inspection. The oil change price may vary by your selected oil brand and your vehicle make. For example, Mobil-1 synthetic oil change at Pep Boys is $79.99 while Pennzoil synthetic oil change is $74.99.

How to Change Your Engine Oil yourself?

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