8 Popular Pep Boys Preventative Maintenance Services

As an owner, you must be very careful about the preventive maintenance services of your vehicle. Regular maintenance services for your vehicle is similar to getting regular doctor check-up for yourself. It will not only keep your car healthy but give technicians an opportunity to discover all these small problems in your car. Pep Boys Preventative maintenance services include regular inspections, repairs to avoid possible problems, such as necessary adjustments, lubrication, gleanings testings, and replacement of damaged parts.

Pep Boys’ Popular Automotive Services

The Pep Boys offers a variety of Automotive services including preventive maintenance services, tire services, repair services, and above all aftermarket and performance services. Below are their popular services:

1. Preventive Maintenance Services

  • Oil Change Service
  • Car Battery Service
  • Windshield Wiper Blades Service
  • State Inspection Service
  • Summer Prep Package
  • Filter Replacement Service
  • Headlight Service
  • Fuel System Cleaning Service
  • Free Services
  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service
  • Fuel Exchange Services
  • Scheduled Maintenance Services

2. Tire Services

  • Wheel Alignment Service
  • Flat Tire Repair Service
  • TPMS/Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service
  • Tire Rotation
  • Tire Balancing

3. Repair Services

  • Heating & Cooling System Service
  • Brakes Services
  • Steering & Suspension Services
  • Belts & Hoses Services
  • Diagnostic Systems & Evaluations
  • Clutch Installation Services

4. After Market & Performance Services

  • Performance Exhaust Service
  • Performance Suspension and Ride Control Service
  • Speed Shop Service
  • Performance Tuning Services

Preventative Maintenance Services at Pep Boys

When vehicles move on the road, there is always a possibility of their breakdown, since, they are machines after all, and machines have faults and needs repairs. But the question is how you can avoid expensive automotive repairs to protect your wallet and your investment.

Regular preventive maintenance service in short the longevity of your engine. Pep Boys ASE-Certified professionals have training on all the required preventive maintenance services, measures, and everything in between.

You can trust the reliable Pep Boys services for your upcoming filter replacement, oil change, starting and charging system evaluation, fuel exchange, fuel system cleaning, state inspection, and other services. The company has a large experience (about a century) in the automotive industry.

Therefore, they are experienced and committed to excellence, they have the knowledge to offer you the right solutions for your Automotive needs. You will indeed have an outclass experience on your every visit to Pep Boys. The company also offers you the facility of an online appointment, or you can just visit your nearest Pep Boys location yourself.

How to Make an Appointment at Pep Boys?

Scheduling a service appointment at Pep Boys is always fast and simple at pepboys.com. You have to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit pepboys.com and tap the “Make an Appointment” button.
  • Choose your preferred store, then select or add your vehicle.
  • Check the services you would like performed, and add any important details in the box provided.
  • Select your preferred date and time, and then provide your contact information.
  • Make sure to select whether you would like to receive updates by email or text message.
  • Finally, tap to schedule your appointment.
  • After your appointment request is received and confirmed, you will receive a confirmation text or email.

Online Appointment Scheduling at pepboys.com is fast, simple, and safe. The company is doing its best to satisfy their valued customers.

1. Pep Boys Oil Change Service

Signs You Car Needs an Oil Change

Pep Boys offer a wide variety of oil change services done by very professional ASE certified technicians. They will suggest you the most suitable package on the basis of your vehicle manufacturers recommendation.

You have a large range of oil change packages at the Pep Boys including conventional mode, high mileage motor oil, add synthetic motor oil. Moreover, Pep Boys make sure that you get the best oil brand for your vehicle. That’s why they only use premium brands such as Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Mobil 1.

You will not find it just an oil change, it’s really more than that. With each oil change at the Pep Boys, you will receive free oil filter replacement and courtesy vehicle inspection. Now, the company also offer you the facility of online appointment for the oil change.

2. Pep Boys Car Battery Service

pep boys car battery service

The battery is the heart of your vehicle. Without a battery, you cannot imagine driving your car or any other electronic accessories. Everything gets the power from the battery. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a good battery for pleasant driving experience and to have peace of mind.

Pep Boys offers excellent battery services and have thousands of satisfied customers. You feel satisfied to know that all the vehicle work is handled by extremely trained professionals. therefore, visit your nearest Pep Boys service center location today and have your battery examined or replaced on the basis of valuable advice from the Pep Boys battery expert team. Pep Boys will never leave you disappointed. Pep Boys offer the following two battery services:

  • Car Battery Installation Service
  • Car Battery Protection Service

a. Car Battery Installation Service

pep boys car battery installation service

It is necessary for your car battery and other electrical components to work without any fault. Because even a small fault in your electrical system will do not allow your car to move or even start. If do you do any reason, you have got a problem with your battery or electrical system, it must be addressed immediately.

Pep Boys offer car battery installation service, which is performed by very expert technicians. They have all the necessary training to service complex charging and starting systems. Pep Boys battery installation service includes:

  • Removal of the old battery.
  • Recycling of your previous battery.
  • Visual examination of cable terminal ends and car battery tray.
  • Use of efficient memory saver device to retain settings of the clock, radio, seats, etc.
  • Complete evaluation of charging and starting system.
  • Installation of car battery of your choice.

Pep Boys have the following choice of batteries:

  • Bosch car batteries – starting at $116.99
  • Champion car batteries – beginning at $117.99
  • Bosch AGM car batteries – starting at $118.99
  • Champion AGM car batteries – beginning at $139.99
  • Optima car batteries – starting at $232.99

b. Pep Boys Car Battery Protection Service – Starts at $9.99

pep boys Car Battery Protection Service

There is no doubting the fact that extremely cold temperatures and winters affect your battery. If not taken good care, it can even reduce the life of your battery. The most damaging effect of extreme temperature is corrosion on the battery terminals. Pep Boys car battery Protection Service can help you to maintain a corrosion-free battery throughout every season. Pep Boys Battery Protection Service includes:

  • Complete cleaning of the battery tray and battery cable terminals using chemicals.
  • Using terminal bolt washers to install acid-neutralization.
  • Washing of car battery terminals with anti-corrosion sealant.

Is Battery installation free at the pep boys?

Normally Pep Boys offer free battery installation with battery purchase for most of the vehicles. However, the following conditions are applicable:

  • Electric and hybrid vehicles with high voltage primary batteries installation.
  • $10 will be charged per 10th of an hour for all those batteries which require more than 30 minutes installation.
  • Cars that demand the battery to be electronically reset to the vehicle network.
  • Some batteries may not be available for some vehicles.
  • Pep Boys will charge an additional Shop Supply fee of 9.99% up to $35, except in CA & NY.
  • Eagles Pacific one order will decide any other applicable shop supply cost.

Does Pep Boys check the car battery for free?

Yes, Pep Boys check the car battery for FREE. This battery check includes battery terminal inspection, cleaning of all the deposits from the battery terminals, and battery fluid level inspection. Moreover, you can also enjoy free battery installation service from the Pep Boys only by buying the battery from the Pep Boys store. However, if your vehicle requires installation longer than 30 minutes, it will be charged $10 per tenth of an hour required.

How much is the Bosch Premium battery at the Pep Boys?

The price of the Bosch premium battery at the Pep Boys is $159.99. This premium battery from Bosch is maintenance-free, have 36 months of replacement warranty, provide strong starting power weather conditions, and provide maximum cold-cranking amps to meet your vehicle OE specifications.

How to check bosch warranty on battery Pep Boys?

The bosch battery from the Pep Boys has a warranty stamp mark at the top of the battery or on the battery terminals. The stamp mark will have six digits; the first two numbers show the month of manufacturing and the last to signify the year of manufacturing. For example, if you observe 081998 on the Bosch battery, it means July 1998, and if you witness 0108, this means January 2008. Be careful! Always use gloves and other precautionary measures before accessing your car battery.

Can Pep Boys replace the BMW battery?

Yes, Pep Boys replace BMW batteries. As always, the BMW battery replacement at the Pep Boys is performed by ASE certified technicians. If the new battery has different specifications (CCA, CA, Ah, battery type) then the old battery, the technician program, and registers it to tell your BMW knows that a new battery is installed in the car. On the other hand, if the new battery has the same specifications as the old battery, no programming is performed. BMW battery installation at the Pep Boys takes not more than 30 minutes, which means it is a free installation with battery purchase at the Pep Boys.

3. Pep Boys Summer Preparation Service Package

pep boys summer prep package

Summer heat and bring a lot of challenges for your car, starting from warm air blow in your cabin to a dead car battery. It will also be a significant test for your tires. Therefore, a smart approach is to get your vehicle for the summer road trip and defeat all the heat-related issues.

Visit your nearest Pep Boys today and avail the Summer Prep package for a tension-free summer season ahead. Get your car ready to withstand the extreme summer heat. In the summer prep package, Pep Boys expert technicians will perform a thorough check for the most essential systems in your vehicle.

Pep Boys will inspect your tires, wheel alignment, air conditioning, brakes, car battery, and cooling system. They also replace your worn-out windshield wiper blades and fill your engine with a single-step fuel system cleaner. With the Pep Boys summer Prep package, you will be back on the road with confidence and equipped for the summer heat time.

a. Inspection of the Air-Conditioning System

Pep Boys AC system Inspection

The only thing you want to work perfectly well during summer is your vehicle air conditioning system. You want to have the maximum cold air from your automotive AC without any interruption. This is the reason the Pep Boys will perform air conditioning system examination to keep you cool in the summer heat. It is worth noting here that the air conditioning service at the Pep Boys is not available in California and Puerto Rico

b. Cooling System Inspection

One of the most important summer preparation tests is the coolant system test. Your vehicle’s cooling system must be strong enough to withstand the excessive heat of Summer. Therefore, the Pep Boys will perform cooling system inspection including the radiator, hoses, belts, caps, and more. The company will fix any problem if required and make you ready for the summer weather.

c. Brake System Examination

The Pep Boys will make sure that your vehicle brake system is decent enough to handle all the pressure of summer driving. Normally, if you don’t have a good braking system, you might face a lot of risky problems in the summer heat. Therefore a good braking system is mandatory.

d. Vehicle Battery Test

In this test, the Pep Boys inspect your car battery to make sure it is charging. They check the battery terminals, remove all the deposits from the terminals, and check your battery fluid level if you have a lead-acid battery.

e. Tire Pressure Adjustment & Inspection

pep boys tire services

Appropriate tire inflation will increase the life of your tires. It will also help you in driving, increase vehicle handling, driver safety, and fuel economy. Therefore, the Pep Boys will perform tire pressure inspection and adjustment as a part of the summer preparation package for your vehicle.

f. Tire Rotation Test

This test is important for you to have a longer tired life, particularly the life of your tire’s tread. Tire rotation tests will help you in achieving optimum fuel economy. That’s why the Pep Boys will perform tire rotation tests to ensure your safety on the road particularly in the summer season.

g. Wheel Alignment Test

The Pep Boys perform the wheel alignment test to ensure you have the optimum driver control, best fuel economy. Proper wheel alignment also increases your tire life.

h. Windshield Wiper Replacement

Usually, the summer season has long rainy days. Therefore, it is very important for your vehicle to have proper windshield wipers. Most of the time, your windshield wipers are damaged by extreme weather conditions or ultraviolet sun radiations. So have them replaced to have a peaceful drive on the road on rainy days.

i. Pep Boys Special 1-Step Fuel Cleaning Service

Your vehicle should have a clean and properly working fuel system. This is essential for you to have a good fuel economy and a peaceful drive on the road. For this reason, the Pep boys will lubricate, clean, and restore your engine ensuring ab improved fuel economy.

What is the Pep Boys Platinum Maintenance Tune-Up Package?

The price of the Pep Boys Platinum Maintenance Tune-Up Package is $104.99, excluding shop supply charges. This package includes replacing or cleaning spark plugs, replacing air filters, performing computer diagnostics, inspecting the condition fuel filter, spark plug wires, distributor caps, and rotors, and other basic engine components. It also includes replacement of the oxygen sensor, PCV valve, and replacement of platinum spark plugs, if required.

4. Air Filter Replacement Services

pep boys air filter replacement services

The first thing which comes to your mind when you think of car maintenance is the engine air filter. Actually the engine air filter works like lungs to your car, your engine made clear and transparent filters to breathe smoothly. However, when the filter degrades, your engine performance will be compromised.

Importance of Vehicle Filters

A clear and transparent Engine air filter is essential for a smooth drive. The following three aspects of air filter show their importance:

  • Air filter blocks all the dirt particles and other contaminants to enter your air conditioning system, fuel system, or any other part of your car engine.
  • All your engine filters including fuel, air, cabin, and transmission filters must be clean and dirt-free as possible.
  • If your filters are blocked or polluted, your car’s engine performance will be compromised.

The Pep Boys offer the following filter replacement filter service packages:

  1. Air Filter Installation
  2. Cabin Air Filter Installation
  3. Cabin Air Filter Installation
  4. Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement with Complete Oil Change

a. Air Filter Installation

The duty of air filter is to keep your engine free from harmful airborne contaminants and dirt particles. These harmful contaminants can adversely influence the engine’s performance such as in decreased horsepower.

b. Cabin Air Filter Installation

pep boys cabin air filter replacement service

Passenger cabin air filter has the following duties:

  • To protect passengers and drivers from smoke, pollens, smog danger, mildew, fungus, dust, airborne allergens, spores, and other pollutants when they are in their vehicle.
  • A general perception is that you should inspect your passenger cabin air filter at least a year or after every 12,000 miles.
  • When you think your passenger air cabin filter needs replacement, a Pep Boys expert technician will perform it for you.
  • It is essential that you change your passenger air cabin filter regularly. This can secure you from a lot of contaminants while you are driving.

c. Fuel Filter Replacement Installation

pep boys fuel filter replacement service

Fuel filters are located exterior to the gas tank and prevent contaminants and pollutants from reaching the important parts of your engine. But the question is what happens if my fuel filter gets clogged?

Dust and pollution can stop the gas from reaching the engine, resulting in decreased performance and were gas economy.  At all the Pep Boys service center, a team of expert technicians will perform a thorough checkup of your fuel system. They will replace the fuel filter, if required, for an optimum fuel economy.

d. Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement with Complete Oil Change

The lubrication of your vehicle’s transmission system is performed by transmission fluid. It ensures that your vehicle gets the necessary power from the transmission for a smooth drive.

pep boys Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement

Why is it necessary to change my transmission filter?

Your transmission filters catch all the possibly damaging contaminants and ensure an appropriate fluid flow to your transmission system. This enables your vehicle to have maximum efficiency and longevity of your engine. It is normally recommended to replace your transmission filter as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

At the Pep Boys, ASE certified technicians will perform your transmission fluid examination and will guide you to replace it, if required. They will make so that you have the optimum results every time. Every automatic transmission filter replacement package includes fluid exchange. The price of automatic transmission filter replacement may change depending on the model and make of your vehicle. You should check with your nearest Pep Boys stores for the latest pricing.

5. Pep Boys Air Conditioning Services

Pep Boys AC system repair service

The Pep Boys offer the following air conditioning services:

  1. Pep Boys Free A/C Quick Check.
  2. A/C System Leak Evaluation.
  3. Pep Boys A/C System Evaluation.
  4. Deluxe A/C Recharge Service Package.
  5. Deluxe A/C Recharge Service Package with Leak Test.
  6. Pep Boys MiST In-Car Air Quality Service Package.

a. Pep Boys Free A/C Quick Check

On an intense summer day when it is sunny and 97 degrees Fahrenheit, you will feel extreme heat when you open your car’s door, a minimum of 25 degrees hotter than the exterior. At that time the only thing you want is a massive amount of cool air from your air conditioner. But you will be hugely disappointed if you find your air conditioner cranked and blowing warm air instead of cool air. It would never be able to cool the interior cabin of your car.

pep boys AC system repair serviec

Pep Boys ASE certified technicians will perform a thorough check to diagnose any with your air conditioning system. They have extensive training to repair AC condenser, compressor, relays, blower motor, cooling fans, or anything else. On the very first stage, the Pep Boys will perform a free AC Quick Check service to determine quickly if any additional AC diagnostic services are required or not. Otherwise, they will simply charge the refrigerant and send you back to the road with a properly working air conditioner system. This service is not available in California though.

Free Pep Boys A/C Quick Check includes:

  • Professional Pep Boys technicians perform a visual examination of air conditioning components.
  • Cooling performance analysis using the outlet temperature technique.
  • System pressure readings analysis.
  • Evaluation and recommendation of appropriate diagnostic services to troubleshoot any faulty areas. (you may have to pay additional charges for further diagnosis)
  • The customer may have to pay additional charges for additional problems solution.
  • The Pep Boys quick AC check service is not available in California.

b. A/C System Leak Evaluation

It is not an easy task to detect any leakage in your air conditioning system. Your car’s air conditioner system is much complicated than any other engine system. The mechanic has to do a lot more work to find AC leakage than any other Automotive fluid. The reason is that the air conditioner refrigerant fluid evaporates as soon as it make the contact with air making the visual inspection of liquid almost impossible. Usually, air conditioner League evaluations should be performed when your AC system experience low refrigerant pressure.

pep boys ac leakage test

The Pep Boys offer an extensive AC system leak evaluation package. It is designed perfectly to address all your vehicle’s possible leakage problems and provide a smart solution to keep your vehicle interior cool. This package includes:

  • Excellent AC leakage service offered by professional Pep Boys technicians.
  • Cooling performance inspection by Outlet temperature.
  • Examination of system pressure.
  • Visible examination of AC components.
  • Application of 5 ounces refrigerant injection to the AC system.
  • Performance of blacklight inspection.
  • Leakage free AC system guarantee.
  • Introduction of ultraviolet dye.
  • Enough pressure realization through refrigerant injection to your AC system in order to detect any leakage points.
  • At times require 5oz refrigerant for the test (not included in the price).
  • AC services are not available in California.

c. Pep Boys A/C System Evaluation

When your AC system is not working correctly, you need to have a thorough examination to evaluate all the possible faults. That’s why the Pep Boys air condition system evaluation service offers in-depth the evaluation of your air conditioning system with complete recommendations on how to repair them.

Pep Boys A/C System Evaluation

The customer has to pay separately for the AC system evaluation along with the cost of AC system repair. You can rely on the Pep Boys call your air conditioning system repair and provide you the best cooling you ever want. The air conditioning system of elevation at the Pep Boys includes:

  • Top-class services offered by ASE certified professional technicians.
  • System pressure reading inquiries.
  • Visible examination of the air conditioner systems such as connections, belts, and hoses.
  • Cooling performance study using Outlet temperature.
  • Recommendations and evaluations to rectify the system in order to restore your air conditioning system performance.
  • The customer has to pay the cost of air conditioning system evaluation along with AC system repair service.

d. Pep Boys Deluxe A/C Recharge Service Package

This package at the Pep Boys is particularly designed to get you the leakage-free air conditioning system at its best performance. Deluxe air conditioning recharge package is a perfect choice for systems that need a boost. The service package uses environmental safe recovery and recharges to ensure properly working air conditioning system at its top specifications. There is no doubt in the fact that no one can keep you as cool as the Pep Boys. Deluxe air conditioning recharge service package at Pep Boys include:

Pep Boys Deluxe AC Recharge Service Package

  • Wonderful service offered by top-class Pep Boys technicians.
  • Evaluation of air conditioning performance.
  • Environment-friendly and safe evacuation.
  • Replacement of old refrigerant.
  • Application of coolant refrigerant to appropriate specifications.
  • Examination and adjustment of drive belt stress.
  • Cleansing of condenser fins from dirt and debris.
  • Cooling performance analysis using Outlet temperature.
  • Inspection for appropriate operations of blower motor, controls, and engine cooling fan.
  • The price of refrigerant is not included in the package.
  • The air conditioning service is not available at a Pep Boys in the state of California.

e. Pep Boys Deluxe A/C Recharge Service Package with Leak Test

The refrigerant level plays a vital role in the performance of your car’s air conditioning system. There can be a possibility of moisture and contaminant entrance to your cooling system if you lose refrigerant volume. Removal of dirt and moisture particles can increase the life and performance efficiency of your air conditioning system.

This package is specifically designed to retrieve an improperly-working air conditioning system back to the fundamental performance. Deluxe air conditioning recharge service used fluid evacuation recovery and recharging system to guarantee a properly working air conditioning system. This package includes:

Deluxe A/C Recharge Service Package with Leak Test

  • Top-class air conditioning services performed by a team of expert Pep Boys technicians.
  • Inspection and evaluation of air conditioning performance.
  • Save and environment-friendly evacuation.
  • Replacement of old refrigerant.
  • Refilling of new coolant refrigerant to a specified level.
  • Examination of a drive belt stress and adjustment.
  • Removal of all dirt and debris is from condenser fins.
  • Coolant temperature performance using output temperature method.
  • Review for the satisfactory operation of engine cooling fan, blower motor, and necessary controls.
  • Application of 5 oz refrigerant to your AC system.
  • Employment of ultraviolet dye.
  • Performing a black light inspection.
  • Detection of all leakage points to guarantee a leakage-free system.
  • The refrigerant will be charged separately.
  • The air conditioning service is not available in California state.

f. Pep Boys MiST In-Car Air Quality Service Package

You need to have a spotless car in order to keep the quality of air nice and decent to breathe. However, today a big hindrance to this process— the dirt and pollution in your ventilation system. There are certain small invisible organisms who love to survive in cold and damp places such as bacteria, mold, mildew, and other allergens. They can enter your vehicle ventilation and breed there to multiply their population. The result is that when you turn on your fan, these microorganisms are blown into the passenger cabin along with the cool air for you to breathe, which is obviously dangerous for your health.

Pep Boys MiST In-Car Air Quality Service Package

Therefore, it is essential to clean your interior surfaces regularly and should change your cabin filters after some time. If there is any way you could see what you breathe, you would MiST immediately. The MiST In-Car Air Quality Service Package at the Pep Boys offers fast-service to defeat all the microorganisms including bacteria, mildew, and mold, and everything else that is hiding in your ventilation system. This package includes:

  • Top-notch air condition service from expert Pep Boys technician.
  • Treatment of the entire ventilation system using microdroplet.
  • Cleaning of the complete ventilation system including heater core, evaporator, passenger cabin surfaces, and air ducts.
  • Efficient treatment of bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • Removal of vehicle smell using odor elimination technology to ensure cabin freshness.
  • Award-winning solution for improvement of cabin air quality—MiST.
  • Fast and straightforward service.
  • Serving you and your family to breathe fresh and easy.

6. Pep Boys Headlight Services

pep boys headlight service

It is a normal practice that you often motor vehicle headlights during your regular vehicle maintenance services. However, as soon as the weather changes, you have to get your vehicle lights serviced. You should change your headlight bulbs regularly, and the better idea is to change them in pairs. If you’re feeling that the clarity of your headlight is compromised, you should retrieve them by clearing all hazy clouded headlights to crystal clear again. Prevent all the safety hazards and get your headlights cleaned at the Pep Boys using their 3M headlight restoration service package.

The Pep Boys offer before giving headlight services:

  • Headlight Restoration Service Package.
  • Small Bulb Installation Service Package.

a. Headlight Restoration Service Package

There’s always a big risk involved in the nighttime driving, particularly if your headlights are not clear. In that case, you must go for the headlights restoration process to guarantee that your headlights are luminous and bright enough to ensure safe driving. There should be no compromise on the on-road light from your vehicle. The headlight restoration not only guarantees your safety but also change their appearance from blurry to clear in no time.

pep boys Headlight Restoration Service Package

With the passage of time, your headlight gets thick coatings of contaminants and stains, are the result is that the turn yellow. This can be caused by multiple sources such as ultraviolet rays, salt, and humidity turning them into dark and dull headlights. Undoubtedly you can perform the headlight restoration yourself, but you might prefer to have the service done by trained professionals. The headlight restoration process takes time and demands a lot of patience. One also has to be much careful because a little mistake can scratch your vehicle. This package includes:

  • Splendid service performed by ASE approved technicians.
  • Ensure your vehicle body protection by the application of protective tape around the headlights.
  • Buffing the Exterior cover of the headlight.
  • Guarantees minor scratch removal and intensive cleaning.
  • Achievement of ultimate shine by applying polish.
  • Removal of all swirl marks.
  • Eradication of all stains and oxidized coatings.
  • Restoration of crystal clarity to the headlights.
  • The headlight restoration service package at the Pep Boys starts at $49.99.

b. Small Bulb Installation Service Package

We often don’t realize that the headlights of our vehicle are malfunctioning because it’s hard to mention. An easy approach to know that your headlights are malfunctioning is to go on a test drive with all your vehicle lights on. In that way, you can easily notice that either your headlights, fog lights, brake lights, or high beam lights are not working properly and you should get them replaced immediately. If you noticed that you don’t get enough on-road light, the best approach is to get headlight restoration done. So this will help you to retrieve your yellowed, dull, and cloudy headlights.

pep boys Small Bulb Installation Service Package

The Pep Boys service center offers complete headlight services including both replacement and new high-performance bulb installations. Small bulb installation package at Pep Boys include:

  • Fast and handy services by an expert team of professional technicians.
  • Accurate installation of your purchased bulbs.
  • The small bulb installation package at the Pep Boys starts at $9.99.
  • The headlight installation service package at the Pep Boys starts at $20.

How much to install headlights at Pep Boys?

The headlights installation service at the Pep Boys is $20.00 while the headlight small bulb installation service is $9.99. These prices do not include the cost of replacement bulbs. So, you need to purchase the LED bulbs and Pep Boys will install your purchased bulbs. In the same way, the headlight restoration service at the Pep Boys is $49.99, which includes the application of protective tapes on your headlights, minor scratch removals, and buffing the exterior surface of the headlight lens.

Can Pep Boys replace 2008 Saab headlights?

Yes, the Pep Boys offer Saab 2008 headlights replacement service performed by the expert ASE-technicians. They will replace your blown Saab Xenon HID headlight bulbs with new ones.  Normally, this will cost you between $25.99 to $30.99, where the replacement bulbs cost around $15.99 to $20.99 while the Pep Boys’ headlight bulb installation labor cost is $9.99. You can select for different color Xenon LED headlights at the Pep Boys stores.

Does pep boys change headlight bulbs?

Yes, the Pep Boys offer satisfactory headlight service which includes headlight restoration, headlight small bulb installation, and headlight installation services. The headlight restoration will help you to get enough light on the road to ensure your driving safety and is $49.9. The headlight small bulb installation service is $9.99 and the headlight installation service is $20, includes the installation of your purchased bulbs.

Does Pep Boys install headlights for free?

Yes, the Pep Boys install the headlights for free only if you purchase the headlights from the Pep Boys stores. Otherwise, you will have to pay the headlight installation or headlight bulb installation labor charges, which are $20 and $9.99 respectively.  Furthermore, you have to bear the Pep Boys shop supply charge of 9.99% of your total invoice, up to 35%, except for California and New York.

7. Pep Boys Free Services

Get yourself registered with the Pep Boys reward program to get several free services or at a very reduced price. If you become a Reward Member with the Pep Boys you will get the following free services:

pep boys free services

  • Free car battery tests.
  • Discounted brakes checks.
  • Free windshield wiper installation service.
  • Free tire alignment checks.
  • Discounted towing.
  • Discounted Flat Repair.
  • Reduced Tire Rotation.

You may find out that any of the above parts may need major renovation in your vehicle. Therefore, you should have your vehicle inspected at least once every six months. There is a lot more for Pep Boys reward members including discounts, coupons, and many more. Sign up today.

How to Sign-Up with the Pep Boys?

If you are new to the Pep Boys you can create a free account in six simple steps. Signing up with the Pep Boys is established, comfortable, and easy-to-navigate. You just have to follow the following steps who sign up today with the Pep Boys:

  • Your personal information.
  • Your Repair preferences (you do all your car repairs yourself, you always go to professional for repair, you do smaller jobs yourself and go to be professional for larger jobs)
  • Provide your service reminders (include all the products and services for which you like to receive and the Pep Boys discount offers)
  • Your vehicle information.
  • Nearest Pep Boys stores to your residence.

You should also know the advantageous Pep Boys price match policy terms to get the most out of their discount offers.

Pep Boys Rewards

pep boys rewards

  • Easily monitor your ever-building reward balance.
  • Keep an eye on how many points you need for your next reward.
  • Quickly print and view your reward certificate.
  • Manage and view your rewards information.
  • Instantly adds purchases online when you forget to add them at the store.
  • That maximum benefit of your rewards before they expire.
  • Immediately sign up today online or in-store.
  • Gift of 50 bonus points online signup.
  • Immediately win 50 bonus points by online registering already issued cards.
  • You can also keep track of all your rewards by online registration your card.
  • The easiest way is to visit your local Pep Boys store and sign up today or ask the help from any company associate for your free membership card.

What services are free at Pep Boys?

The Pep Boys reward members will enjoy several FREE services; including free car battery tests, free windshield wiper installation service, free tire alignment checks, discounted towing, discounted Flat Repair, reduced Lifetime Tire Rotation, and FREE lifetime wheel balancing service.

How much does Pep Boys tow service cost?

The Pep Boys tow Service costs $49.99 for the CarLife reward members, where is it is $74.99 for non-reward members. The company will charge $5.99 each mile after reaching a 10miles mark. This Plane price does not include medium-duty vehicles (those having 10,000 pounds GVWR) and trucks with dual rear wheels. Furthermore, light-duty vehicles (having less than 10000 GVWR) will be additionally charged $199.99, if they require extra equipment due to any exterior body damage. The price for the first 10 miles is $6.99 for each mile after achieving the first 10 miles.

8. Pep Boys Fluid Exchange Services

pep boys fluid exchange service

Are you aware of the fact that your vehicle required a number of fluids to work smoothly? Gasoline is not the only fluid necessary for your vehicle to drive, however, there are other essential fluids for your engine to operate such as engine fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. You should keep an eye on these fluid levels and fluid quality as recommended by your manufacturer.

All vehicle oils degrade after some time and need replacement. If you don’t replace your oils on time, your engine will not be able to cool yourself, and the ultimate result will be engine overheating. If your engine got overheat due to any reason, there is a high possibility that it will damage many other important engine components which will give you costly repairs. Therefore, always change your oil on time.

That’s why Pep Boys offer various fluid packages are designed specifically to improve the fluid flow in your vehicle engine. You must read your vehicle manual you know the specific duration of your fluid changes. You can also keep a record of your vehicle fluid changes on the Pep Boys page. Pep Boys off of the following seven fluid exchange services at almost all its locations:

  1. Pep Boys Fluid Leak Evaluation.
  2. Premium Engine Flush Service Package.
  3. Automatic Transmission Fluid Change Service Package.
  4. Automatic Transmission Complete Fluid Exchange Service Package with New Filter.
  5. Pep Boys Brake Fluid Exchange Service Package.
  6. Antifreeze/Coolant Drain and Fill Service Package.
  7. Power Steering Flush Service Package


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