Pep Boys Performance & Aftermarket Services

There are some special automotive services that demand extra automotive knowledge and special machinery. It is impossible for a nonprofessional who performed these jobs in a good manner. It is the responsibility of performance exhaust in your vehicle to give you a nice exhaust sound. Whereas ride control and Performance Suspension help you in lifting, lowering, or leveling your suspension system. Performance tuning services are also important to maintain an optimum air intake into your engine, manifolds, ignition system to get the best performance, speed, and appearance out of your car.

Why the Pep Boys?

At the Pep Boys, you will find:

  • Knowledgeable, expert, and ASE-certified technicians.
  • Premium equipment.
  • Courtesy White Glove treatment with every performance engine system package.
  • State-of-the-art resources.
  • Extensive Network of more than 9000 service locations.
  • Spread over 35 US States and Puerto Rico.
  • Offering a handsome Motorist Assurance Program.

How to Make an Appointment at the Pep Boys?

Pep Boys Aftermarket & Performance Services

The Pep Boys company offers plenty of performance services and aftermarket electronic installation services at selected stores. You can get the help of the Pep Boys speed shop expert to choose the best performance & auto body parts. In order to give your car the best sound, you should shop from the Pep Boys huge selection of the speaker and car stereos and then let them install them for you.

  • Performance Exhaust Service
  • Performance Suspension and Ride Control Service
  • Speed Shop Service
  • Performance Tuning Services

1. Pep Boys Performance Exhaust Service

The Pep Boys has the perfect aftermarket exhaust system that will give your vehicle improved efficiency and extraordinary style. This aftermarket exhaust system will offer your dream sound and generates excellent torque gains and engine horsepower much better than limited factory exhaust systems. Visit your nearest Pep Boys Store today and give your vehicle the latest Improvement by letting the ASE certified export technicians install the aftermarket exhaust system to your vehicle. The Pep Boys offer the following two performance exhaust service packages:

  1. Performance Headers Installation Package.
  2. Exhaust System and Headers package.

a. Pep Boys Performance Headers Installation Package

Aftermarket headers installation will increase the capability of your vehicle exhaust system. This special exhaust system from Japan boys is much improved and less restrictive than the original factory’s exhaust manifold. The aftermarket headers comprise of unique exhaust tubes chlorine cylinder having regular curves to increase the airflow. At the Pep Boys aftermarket store, the performance headers are available in various finishings for you to choose the header of your choice to give your vehicle a decent appearance. This installation service package includes:

  • Top Class automotive service from experienced ASE certified Pep Boys technicians.
  • Removal of the factory exhaust manifold.
  • Installation of new quality performance header.
  • White glove treatment for your vehicle based on your engine performance system to give your car complete latest product demonstrations after fitting.

b. Pep Boys  Exhaust System and Headers Service Package

Give a new appearance to your exhaust system while achieving improved torque and engine horsepower with the latest performance exhaust system. At the Pep Boys, you will find a complete solution with the cat-back exhaust system equipped with all required fixtures to place the new exhaust quickly with your vehicle.

Performance headers are also capable of optimizing the efficiency of your exhaust system. The performance headers available at the Pep Boys aftermarket stores have very efficient unique exhaust tubes for each cylinder to enhance the airflow. Moreover, performance headers are available in multiple textures and finish to increase your purchasing choices. The Pep Boys performance exhaust system and header installation service package includes:

  • Premium quality from an experienced team of Pep Boys professional technicians.
  • Removal of your exhaust tips and factory muffler.
  • Installation of quality header and upgraded exhaust system.
  • Complimentary White Glove treatment to your vehicle so that you have the perfect finish with the new product after installation.

2. Pep Boys Performance Suspension Service

Are you interested in lifting leveling or lowering your suspension system? The Pep Boys are at your service for all the suspension works you want. The company has special car suspension shops that are equipped with the latest machinery, top-class products, and dozens of professional technicians providing expert suspension services. The Pep Boys offer the following suspension services:

  1. Lifting Service.
  2. Lowering Service.
  3. Leveling Service.
  4. Shock & Strut Replacement Package.

a. Pep Boys Lifting Service Package

If you feel that your car doesn’t have enough ground clearance, you should avail the Pep boys lifting service package to lift your vehicle to ensure satisfactory ground clearance. This will also enable you to have a bigger wheel and tire sizes of your choice. The Pep Boys lifting service package includes:

  • Top class car lifting service from a team of experienced Pep Boys technicians.
  • Elevating your suspension to the required amount.
  • Pep Boys courtesy white-glove treatment to ensure your vehicle gives perfect finish after new product installation.

b. Pep Boys Lowering Service Package

Want your vehicle to have a more dynamic appearance? You should get benefit from the Pep Boys lowering service. Lowering your vehicle not only eliminates the rough factory wheel gap but also increase your vehicle handling and drive characteristics. The Pep Boys lowering service package includes:

  • Predominant lowering service from a team of expert Pep Boys professional technicians.
  • Lowering your suspension to the required amount.
  • Pep Boys courtesy white-glove treatment with every performance engine system package to ensure the decent finish after new product installation.

c. Pep Boys Leveling Service Package

Leveling is useful for several applications and solutions. Mostly, the pickup trucks have factory forward pitch features making them more aerodynamic and when carrying a payload, should level.

At the Pep Boys, front leveling kits are available adjustable or fixed height to level a vehicle. However, adjustable air bag suspension is available for trucks that transport heavy loads or have snow plows. The adjustable airbag suspension enables you to customize your vehicle suspension to current load situations. The Pep Boys leveling package includes:

  • Top class leveling service from expert Pep Boys technicians.
  • Leveling your vehicle suspension to the required amount.
  • Courtesy Pep Boys white-glove treatment free with every performance engine system package to give your vehicle the perfect finish after the new product installation.


Shock & Strut Replacement Package

3. Pep Boys Performance Tuning Services

Sometimes it is desirable to have more options than Factory standards. That’s why the Pep Boys offer various tuning options to give your vehicle that something special. The Pep Boys technicians have knowledge and experience to fulfill all your needs for speed. The Pep Boys offer the following performance Engine Tuning services:

  1. Air intake system service.
  2. Carburetors service.
  3. Manifolds service.
  4. Heads service.
  5. Ignition service.
  6. Distributors service.

(i) Air Intake System Service

Increase the performance of your engine by removing the limiting factory air box and installing the latest performance intake system.

How to Customize a Universal Cold Air Intake Filter System?

(ii) Carburetors Service

Install the new replacement carburetor to get long-lasting peace of mind. This new replacement carburetor system will make sure to deliver the proper amount of fuel efficiently. This will not only increase the fuel mileage but also increase your engine longevity and enable the engine to generate increase horsepower.

(iii) Manifolds Service

There are two basic categories of manifolds; single and dual plane.

  • The single-plane manifolds intake system provides excellent mid-range and upper RPM limits up to 8000-8500 RPM and higher. However, the single-plane manifold intake system reduces low-end torque vehicles.
  • The dual-plane manifolds intake system provides excellent low-end torque. It is mostly found on the streetcars and typically produce a peak at around 5000 RPM.

(iv) Heads Service

The head service offered at the Pep Boys guarantees improved performance throughout the complete RPM span. Moreover, it offers premium top-end horsepower and produces great throttle.

(v) Ignition Service

The Pep Boys offers three performance ignition systems; the wires, coils, and boxes.

Performance ignition wires offered at a Pep Boys have the lowest ohms and highest suppression properties. The low ohm characteristics help in transporting the high-voltage to the spark plugs generated by the ignition coil. While are you at the suppression characteristics ensures minimum RFI.

The responsibility of ignition coils is to convert the battery voltage into a small discharge of high energy. This is performed by transmitting voltage through a number of windings around an iron bar. This mechanism actually works like a transformer and step-up the voltage with each 20 gauge wire of 100 to 150 turns.

The ignition boxes in your engine perform multiple essential tasks enabling your engine to run efficiently. They provide a smoother idle, better throttle response, and improved overall performance. Some modern state-of-the-art ignition boxes use digital microprocessors that have a higher resistance to heat and are more accurate and faster. Rev limiter is also tractable by using dip switches and dial switches.

(vi) Distributors Service

The distributors in your engine are driven by the camshaft having gear on the bottom which is connected to a rotor and a shaft. This mechanism works such that the cam rotates the distributor gear which in turn twists the rotor inside distributor caps. At the same time, the coil wire transfers energy into the center terminal of the cap and then into the rotor generating a spark which in turn fire the cylinders.

Engine Spark Timing

The timing of the spark is very important. If the spark is generated too early, it will cause knocking or pre-ignition. On the other hand, if the spark is generated too late, the engine will start making pinging noise. The timing of the spark can be fixed by executing a timing-light at the harmonic balancer and turning the distributor housing.

It is essential that you keep your spark timings within your manufacturer specifications. Similar to any other component in the ignition system, the distributor systems are also available in different configurations and choices.

4. Pep Boys Speed Shop

The Pep Boys speed shop invites the speed and performance enthusiasts who love to make their car faster, look cooler. What’s great about the speed shop is when someone comes in and see the variety of products in the speed shop for the first time in their locality, they are like, “wow somebody finally brought a speed shop back into my local area”.

The Pep Boys speed shop has the professionals, who know all essential details about all products. You can easily talk to the experts and discuss your interests. They have speed shop managers that are specialists and mostly race car enthusiasts, themselves. They understand the mindset of other car enthusiasts. Also, Pep Boys speed shops have tuner specialists who are the best professionals in their domain.

The Pep Boys auto stores now have one department dedicated to just speed and performance parts, contain everything you need whether it’s a fastener or fittings or air intakes exhaust mandrel bent pipes. The company is trying to make the speed shop a destination where the customers just come in and not only find their required performance parts but also talk to other fellow car guys and girls, hang out with the speed shop managers and just talk cars. That’s really what this is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Pep Boys Speed Shop

What is the Pep Boys shop fee?

The Pep Boys shop supply fee is 9.99% up to $35, will be an additional charge to each customer. The exact amount of shop will be decided by your individual work order. You may also be charged for “shop supply” prices. Pep Boys Vehicle storage fee is $10 at all the Pep Boys stores and speed shops.

Is Pep Boys a good shop?

Pep Boys can be an ideal place for you to shop for all your vehicle replacement parts and get it serviced by the expert ASE certified technicians. The Pep Boys do a great job for very reasonable prices, compared with their competitors, strictly following their price match policy.

What Payment Methods does Pep Boys accept?

Pep Boys accept online and in-store payments with MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express, or Discover card. Payments done through PayPal or cheques are not accepted at the Pep Boys. Similarly, Pep Boys gift cards cannot be used for online purchases, it is replaceable with anyone else.

What is Pep Boys Shipping Method?

Normally the Pep boys deliver all the online orders through FedEx. The estimated delivery time is 5 to 7 working days. Sometimes in the Pep boys use the USPS delivery method for online shipment. USPS delivery time is 1 to 3 business days. The customer may have to pay additional charges depending on the weight and size of your online order. However, you have the option to choose the faster delivery method with an additional price. You can check the Pep Boys website for more information.

What are Pep Boys Return Policies?

The customer can return his purchase as an in-store credit, given that the item is not damaged or opened. The customer will have to generate the original received or otherwise will require to show a form of ID to finish the return.

Which credit card pays cashback for shopping at pep boys?

Will pep boys tow my car from another shop?

The Pep Boys car towing service is $49.99 for the CarLife reward members, for the first 10 miles. While it is $74.99 for non-reward members, they will also be charged $5.99 per mile for each mile achieving the 10-mile mark. This price does not include medium-duty vehicles, those having 10000 pounds GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating), and trucks with dual rear wheels. Also, light-duty vehicles, those having less than 10000 pounds GVWR, but require additional equipment due to exterior body damage or additional external machinery will be charged $199.99 the first 10 miles additional price of $6.99 per mile after completing the first and miles.

Can pep boys tow your vehicle to their shop?

Yes, Pep Boys can tow your vehicle to their shop by using their roadside assistant service. The customers can enjoy free 24/7 Pep Boys roadside assistance service by only purchasing ad installing tires from the Pep Boys. These free roadside services include lockout services, towing services, flat tire change services, fuel delivery services, and battery jump-start services. The only thing you have to do is to register yourself with your tires purchase at the Pep Boys and then enjoy free Roadside Assistance Services.

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