Pep Boys Service Guarantee – Price Match Policy

The only objective of the Pep Boys service guarantee or price match policy is to make sure that they provide on-choice and on-demand automotive solutions to their valued customers. Pep boys always try to all for the best services available to all their customers.

Pep Boys Service Guarantee Guidelines

1. Retail

The Pep Boys will ensure that they match the everyday or advertised prices with any of the local computers. The company will also guarantee comparable prices with any local merchandise. Pep Boys have active stock in their stores normally within 30 days of buying with the original voucher.

2. Tires

The Pep boys will guarantee comparable everyday or advertised prices with any local competitor on comparable Tire products within 90 days of purchase with original receipt.

3. Service

The Pep Boys guarantee comparable prices (advertised or daily) on similar automotive Services utilization similar commodities.

Pep Boys Service Guarantee Redemption

In order to avail the Pep Boys service guarantee or price match policy, the customer has to produce proof of local competitors prevailing publication, price listing, advertisement, invoice, or estimate on a smartphone, tablet or paper. He has to present this data to the Pep Boys partner. At this stage, the Pep Boys will do a partial refund on the same tender as the original acquisition.

Pep Boys Service Guarantee Exclusions

  • Price match policy or service warranty at the Pep Boys they are applicable if combined with any other discounts or coupons.
  • The term local competitor means that it is located within the same market or area. It should also be located within a fair distance from the Pep Boys situation.
  • The local competitor will be determined by the manager on duty at the Pep Boys store.
  • Advertised quantity limitation will decide the quantities of merchandise for which a competitor test price can be matched.

Pep Boys Exclusions for Tire Sale

  • The term comparable tires mean they are of the same size and similar brand.
  • They must also have the same mileage, within 5,000 miles, warranties, and speed ratings.
  • If the competitor price package is on installment tires, purchase with the Pep Boys must also be done with a similar installation package.
  • The complete list of comparable tires is always available to the customer located at each Pep Boys store.

Pep Boys Overall Price Match Policy Exclusions

The Pep Boys Service Guarantee does not cover the following:

  • Exceptional orders.
  • Exterior purchases.
  • Competitor special packages such as limited quantities, rebates, or free with purchase offers.
  • Funding bonds.
  • Errors with typography.
  • Wholesale, online auctions other online sale purchase stores.
  • Fleet or commercial sales

Pep Boys Car Life Rewards

All the participants of Pep Boys for the car life reward program are subject to the company terms and conditions for participation. All the specific terms and conditions will be determined only by The Pep Boys company.

Pep Boys Car Life Privacy Charter

  • The participants who are interested to participate in this program should complete the application process online.
  • The members may also participate by visiting the Pep Boys locations.
  • The third method is to call customer service at 1-888-418-2298.
  • All the participants need to pee official residence of the United States including Puerto Rico.
  • Only 16 years or older citizens are allowed to participate.
  • You are not required to make any purchases to participate in this program.
  • The company doesn’t allow Pep Boys commercial account holders to participate.
  • The company has the power to restrict the number of partners or locations at any time without any notice.

Pep Boys Car Life Points Earning Policy

  • The members are given one point for every net dollar spent.
  • This does not include taxes, reward certificate redemptions, retail discounts, deposits, gift card redemptions, and certain fees.
  • For instance, 8 points will be given for a total purchase of $8 to $8.99.

Pep Boys Car Life Membership Rewards

  • Once a person reaches the specific level determined by the Pep Boys company, the member’s account balance will automatically be debited by the points, and the member will get a reward.
  • The reward card will be sent through USPS.
  • It can also be emailed to members within 60 to 75 days of earning these rewards.
  • The reward values are automatically credited to the customer reward account.
  • These reward values can be used in any transaction on customer request.
  • The reward values must be used before their expiration date.
  • Such reward values can be purchased only at the participating Pep Boys stores on eligible services and products.
  • Reward cards are not returnable 4 gift card cash or credit.
  • They have no cash value and they cannot be used for payments to any account.
  • If any member sells or exchanges a reward card for cash or any other valuable item, the Pep Boys company will not accept such reward cards.
  • You must keep a check on the regular update of rewards and points in the program.
  • Therefore, you should keep on visiting the program website Pep Boys rewards for the most updated account balance.

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